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Breath Of The Wild May Be Smoother In Handheld Mode

Those previewing Breath of the Wild at certain events have complained of the game’s lacklustre frame rate and occasional stuttering. However, GameXplain may have just discovered the secret. Their comparison video suggests that Breath of the Wild actually runs more smoothly in the Switch’s handheld mode. This could be because the docked game runs at 900p, compared to handheld mode’s 720p. Check out the video below.


  1. I don’t understand the mentality behind people paying $300-400 to play this on a switch when they own a wii u

    1. It’s likely not just for this game.
      Speaking for myself, I’m buying the Switch for all the other games coming this year, as well as BOTW. And considering this seems to be the better version of BOTW, it’s a nice bonus.

      Nintendo is notorious for their stocking issues, so securing a console day one means I don’t have to worry about finding one when those other games come out.

    2. Because this is a game to start the New console Life instent of buy this in a console that is about to die.
      This is the general opinion but for me i have a better one option like i will sell my wii u with Smash-Splatoon-Xenoblade-Pro controller for around 240euro and these money will balance to buy the new switch with some games on it and little by little seen the switch grows up with more. the wii u is like full dead for 2016 so let me be like you with your logic. Why people haven’t sell the wii u and add more money to buy the Switch a more powerfull console and also handled? and keeping the worst console ever made with almost ALL the games on it worse than any other console games? That is one of the reassons also wii u failed because had not good games on it + Bad marketing+Not powerfull enough so the non-nintendo funs will get it+ The usless librari it have miserably failed on his competitor

    3. It’s quite straightforward really. Might as well get the optimum version of this game now, rather than buy a sub-optimal version and then buy a Switch later anyway to get Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey (among everything else that’s coming).

    4. Oh, that’s super duper easy, pinwheel: Because the Switch is a whole new gaming platform with X minus 1 games where X is all the games that will eventually be released for it that are not “Breath of the Wild”, about 100 of which are already in development before the thing even launches.

      The $360 we’re spending, then, is not in order to play “Breath of the Wild” per se, but rather, it’s to unlock not only that whole swath of games coming to the system that we’d not have access to otherwise, unless they’re also available on some other system that we just so happen to already own, but also just to gain access to the most novel “consotableportable” gaming platform EVER made -PERIOD….

      ……and this super novel, never-before-attempted system, among many, many, MANY other things just so happens to also include Breath of the Wild – which besides just the portability, also has the added benefit of having respectably better graphics than the WiiU version, AND the mystique of being a launch title to an all new system, a fantastically warm introduction to [whether successful or not] an all new paradigm in gaming.

      Sure, there is a certain charm to having a final game of a system as well, which, at least among 1st party games is exactly what Breath of the Wild will be for the old
      system. But that’s a more sad affair. That’s goodbye, rather than hello where the Switch version is a resounding helllo, and among the first projects to introduce us to this amazing new machine. It’s a sun rising vs a sun setting, and ai’d much rather be with the one on the rise!

      So, we’re not really paying $360 for “Breath of the Wild” at all are we? Instead, we’re paying $360 for all that other stuff -PLUS- “Breath of the Wild”. And as a matter of fact, the amount of money we’re paying for “Breath of the Wild” is actually $60 – THE —–EXACT—– same amount of money you are, only you don’t get all the other bennies that we do for that price. So while whether the actual final value proposition vector between the two versions is dramatic or insignificant, either way, the Switch version owners come out on the winning end of that value proposition vector, and the WiiU version owners come out on the losing end.

      No, the only way your objection would work at all is if either a) the Switch only ever played Breath of the Wild and no other games ever came out for it – if the Switch only ever existed as merely a dedicate Breath of the Wild conveyance mechanism in other words, or b) someone used it as such, only buying the system and the game, and never buying/using anything else for it, or c) that Breath of the Wild was the only game to ever come out for it over the course of its whole entire lifespan that’d be worth playing. Now we know already that it’s not the first one – that’s empirical fact. The third is a bit subjective, and in my mind already invalidated before the thing even launches, but still, with the first party Nintendo IPs on-board, it’s virtually impossible that that will be the final opinion of anything greater that 0.01% of all people to touch a Switch. The second one is theoretically possible, I suppose, and will undoubtedly be the precise case for at least one person out of the 6-7 billion people in the world. But that group will be so small, and so fringe, and so insignificant as to be a complete “statistical anomaly”, and hardly anything worth using as grounds to level this kind of indictment against the system universally……

      …….but for everyone/everything else, your complaint holds absolutely no water, like -whatsoever-.

      Now, to be fair, I do still have and love my WiiU. In fact, I have special reasons for cherishing it as much as I do as I got it on precisely the 20th anniversary to the very day of getting the SNES (12/25/1992-12/25/2012). And just as I have Twilight Princess on both the Game Cube and the Wii, so is it -VERY- likely that later on, after the prices go way down, I’ll probably still get the WiiU version, and maybe use it as the means by which i experience an eventual “second playthrough”.

      But in terms of Launch window? For me? Switch all the way, baby! By FAR the better long-term-view choice and yes, value proposition.


    5. ||You should shave for once, it covers your thoughts, how primitive they might be…||

  2. I don’t understand the nonsense with all this comparison stuff – the game looks gorgeous! but you can’t compare a camera capture with an HDMI thru capture device. . .yawn

    1. It’s very silent on the WiiU front.
      I don’t think Nintendo wants anyone talking about it. They can’t afford to have people buy the Switch’s flagship launch title on WiiU.

      I’ll find out soon when my preorder arrives.

      1. That’s because the Wii U is a completely and utterly failed product no matter what they did in the past or could do further so they decided to release that version anyway to throw owners who don’t want a Switch yet a bone but heavily advertise the Switch version to the public instead since that system is actually exciting people.

        But that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

        1. LOL will now that the switch is finally being released Nintendo fans and trolls can finally agree on what the Wii U is. xD

          With the exception of the year and a half software drought which pretty much killed the system I actually am a huge fan of the Wii U and I love having a second screen!

          1. I liked the idea too but as sales proved no one else did in good enough numbers. Also, even though it started to drip feed, at least Nintendo’s first party developers or other devs using first party IP still supported the thing till the bitter end. Sony in a similar situation with Vita dropped the thing like a fucking rock after only like two years.

          2. Nop ! every nintendo fun knows the wii u is a failed console and MUCH worse than the others in terms of games that doesn’t mean nintendo funs wont buy the fail console because on this fail console you can play games like splatoon, Xenoblade,MK8,Smash.Bayo, and nother games no need to mention them all
            but even with these games the people love the console like me. that doesn;’t mean the console is good it was failed. Like your son you love him but hes is a failure what to do..he is still your son for example
            And by failed i dont mean graphics or sales im talking about Games. Wii u had no Core Nintendo games like the competitors

      2. Look on the bright side though. The Wii U version could gain a bit of value someday like the GameCube version of TP :)

        1. I think the only way it will be worth anything is if Nintendo left any of the GamePad functionality in the game at all… anything.

        2. And speaking of TP, the Wii U does have Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD. I never finished WW HD and didn’t even get TP HD and it’s almost guaranteed they aren’t coming to the Switch. FML.

      3. Nintendo already did hype it up for the Wii U before the Switch was revealed. Pretty much everyone who owns a Wii U knows about it by now. So it’ll do fine on there. And they’re not really getting anyone new to buy a Wii U anyways, so it’s probably a waste of time to keep focusing on that version instead of Switch.

  3. Are you all guys happy with the graphics quality? I’m not that much happy with those textures and that HDR in the way. I know that I risk to get lapidated but…

    And can we swing the sword with the Joy-Cons like in TP? Or is it just classic controller all the way?

    1. The game was designed to be played on the gamepad. The switch doesn’t have one, and since Zelda was not developed for the switch originally, there isn’t time to add / redevelop the game. they were lucky to get it ported from WiiU to switch in time for launch.

      It has no special game play features. they were all allegedly removed. So I’m afraid you’ll just have to be happy Switch got the game at all Mr Agato! :)

      And your earlier question on graphics…. You have to understand… this was a WiiU game, developed specifically for the WiiU from the ground up. it got delayed a year to port it to the Switch and tweak some shit. Also, Nintendo doesn’t care about graphics. so there is no way to know what the Next Zelda will look like.

      It may be realistic, it may look like a cartoon, we just never know. As long as it keeps that Zelda feel, that’s mostly what people are happy with. :)

      1. But the Wii U is a powerful console, it’s like an Xbox 360, even more powerful. And that one was running this:

        By contrast Mario Kart is graphically very appealing, Mario Odissey is cool. This is a 300 man game, at least very good textures should be expected. And that lightining does appear to be invasive.
        Maybe they can’t do an open world game with all the whistles and bells. (?)

        1. This is a kick-ass open-world game that has amazing graphics on the Wii U take a look. It’s called Xenoblade Chronicles X and it’s exclusive to the Wii U for now it’s another reason I could never sell my Wii U. I love this game and I still have a lot to do! So I don’t think it’s that it’s too difficult it’s just not Nintendo style I guess but an open world game with great looking Graphics is possible. And if it’s possible on the Wii U you can be damn sure it’s possible on this which also ;D

          1. That’s cool graphically.

            At least BotW has something second to none, and they are the animations. No game has better animations than BotW.
            Though they could have done more on the rest textures, world models, etc..

            P.S.: We gotta have Xeno 2 this year. *This* year.

            1. I don’t mind the Zelda graphics at all. Last time I complained about Zelda Graphics I had to eat my words because Wind Waker was so much fun XD

              And yes, the Xenoblade Chronicles sequal does come out on the switch! :)

          2. Amazing game. I’ll never sell my Wii U, as it’s the way I play my Wii games as well – and I don’t see EVERY title getting ported to the Switch.

            That said. I’m as excited for compelling new hardware as I am for BotW. 7 days!!!

          3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

            If XCX was directly connected to the original Xenoblade, I would feel some kind of loss in selling my Wii U since I never played XCX. Maybe it’s a good thing it wasn’t connected to the original after all. Least that’s one silver lining in XCX being a standalone entry in Xenoblade Chronicles.

            1. Good point! And one silver lining that I’m not buying a switch anytime soon. I won’t be missing a direct sequel. ;)

  4. Shit… Well that sucks. I’m not interested in the handheld mode. Maybe should’ve got it on my wii u instead? What good is a hybrid product if shit doesn’t run good on the machine?

  5. I wish they took more time to really polish the game for both the wiiu and switch. Nintendo is no better than every other devs out there with messed up games on day one.

  6. So the Switch cant even run Nintendo AAA, nevermind 3rd party AAA where the graphics are far superior and much more demanding. Guess this isn’t the greatest news for those that can only afford Nintendo.

      1. Lol. I’m not sure if I am or not. I get asked this quite a lot. If positive, what I say is not, I get called from troll to bot. If positive I say is true, then I am not a troll to you.

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