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Digital Foundry: Twilight Princess Frame Rate Isn’t As Stable On Wii U As GameCube Or Wii

Although The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess looks better on Wii U with its 1080p visuals and higher-resolution artwork, the original Nintendo GameCube and Wii versions of the game are superior in another way. This is according to some research done by the folks at Digital Foundry, who found out that the frame rate is more stable on the older consoles. You can check out a part of their frame-rate test in the video below:


17 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Twilight Princess Frame Rate Isn’t As Stable On Wii U As GameCube Or Wii”

  1. clickbait. It happens very little and does not affect gameplay. I’ve played PS4 games that have worse framerate drops. Nintendo didn’t handle this remaster so this isn’t an indictment on them or the Wii U. We all know this remaster is just a chance for a pretty ugly game to be somewhat improved for a new generation to experience, and to sell amiibos. While there are complete idiots out there that actually wanted Nintendo to devote resources better spent on Zelda U, to totally remake TP, the majority of us are fine with this obvious cash grab.

    1. Exactly. Some people want Nintendo to completely remake TP when they obviously can’t do that when they’re working on Zelda U. Zelda U would have been delayed again for sure if they did this… And that’s the game people want more than TP HD so really, they should be happy it wasn’t a complete remake

  2. Thats minor framedrops in one area of the game. Probably just an optimization issue. Just like a lot of PS4 and Xbone games, except they can go from 60fps to 10fps, and in many areas of the game for long periods of time, and in a lot of games. This is of no consequence.

  3. I do not give much credit for DF for obvious reasons.
    But 5 frame frame drop at 30fps every once in a while can be forgiven.

    1. remember when mario kart 8 had a one frame drop and everyone lost their minds? good times. if the frame drops rarely then i dont see the big deal, it doesnt matter if the frame drops one frame of 10, if it rarely drops then who cares?

      1. It was not a drop. It was going stable 59fps.
        But some morons take 60fps as some industry standard and holy grail.
        Only in Wind Waker I noticed some actually game performance affecting frame drops, but otherwise Nintendo games have been good in quality.

    1. Yeah, I rarely if ever see that sort of thing. You can blink and miss it and I also wonder if it is consistently the same, as in the frame rate drops at this cut scene here every time or when the boss emerges, etc.

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