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Pokémon GO: Research Shows That 77% Of 13-33 Year-Olds Were Pokémon Fans Growing Up

Data firm YPulse have conducted some research on Pokémon GO which suggests that the vast majority of those in the 13-33 year-old age bracket were Pokémon fans when they were growing up. Of course, the mobile game has appealed to people all all-ages and proved to be a massive success when it launched in the summer.


  1. I was 20 when I first became a Pokemon fan. And even then, I wasn’t hardcore. I was only a fan of the anime for many years (I have every classic season on DVD) . My first Pokemon GAME was Diamond. Which I thoroughly loved. But then I got sick of it all. The games just doesn’t have enough to hold my attention or interest for very long. All they are is one psychotic Pokemon trainer after the other coming at you. Over and over again.

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