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Nintendo Aware Of Reports Of Switch Joy-Con De-Sync Issues And Will Be Investigating

Kotaku’s editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo has Tweeted some new information regarding the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con de-sync issues, where reports from reviewers advised that they were having connectivity problems whilst playing the console.

Totilo Tweeted that Nintendo’s PR team has told him that the company is aware of reports that some reviewers had Joy-Con de-sync issues, and that they are currently investigating this.

Hopefully this can be rectified by a firmware patch in time for its release next week.


17 thoughts on “Nintendo Aware Of Reports Of Switch Joy-Con De-Sync Issues And Will Be Investigating”

  1. Hope I don’t encounter this issue. I wonder what color most of the desyncing Joy-Con are, and if there’s a pattern based on that or if this is a deeper hardware problem within the Switch itself…

  2. Well, I’ll wait until this is fixed. If it’s an hardware problem that’s gonna be frustrating. If it’s software ok then. Pretty scary though.

  3. From a gameXplain video it seemed that the issues were when you fully covered the remote. I can see people fully covering their remotes now since they are so small and don’t need to be pointed at the screen like some/most Wii-mote games. Doubt this will be fixed in a firmware update, seems to be a hardware issue.

  4. I’m a computer engineer.
    From the GameXplain analysis this looks to me like they set the bluetooth signal to a too low powersetting, which makes it harder for the signal to pass through fluids (like humans) and makes it more sensitive to other signals in your home (telephones, microwaves, etc.).
    This can have multiple fixes, depending on how flexible Nintendo made their setups to be:
    1) if the power for the bluetooth adapter is negotiated with the system this will only require a small change, only in the Switch console itself.
    2) it’s not, and the JoyCons firmware needs to be upgraded. If this is the case lets hope Nintendo has an OTA update process for JoyCons in place.
    3) if the above options don’t cut it the only thing left is a trade in program. Physically replace the JoyCon with one with new firmware.

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