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Multiple Reports Of JoyCon Connectivity Issues

While they’re lucky to get their hands on the Switch early, a few people who are previewing Nintendo’s console have had connectivity issues. According to multiple reports, the Switch’s JoyCon controllers occasionally struggle to connect to the console. Both Polygon and Digital Chumps mentioned the problem in their preview discussion and Kotaku’s Jason Schreier even tweeted about it. There is supposedly a day-one patch coming to the console though, so hopefully this will sort the issue.

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64 thoughts on “Multiple Reports Of JoyCon Connectivity Issues”

          1. I read it and I noticed it’s from NBC. These are the same people that called the Wii U the Wii, and this is the same people who’s said the switch is the Wii U. Not the most reliable people, no?

              1. Where’s your proof? And who didn’t say that PlayStation never had day one issues? Sony had a day one patch to fix bugs. I’m not saying it didn’t have issues but I don’t hear Nintendo having a day one patch unlike the Wii u did.

          1. I’m Sony bias but have every system and think PSN is the worst network out of Xbox and sony? And think their ps4 controller sucks compared to their ps3 control? Their pro is a back step in size over their first ps4 which is better. And I think the slim is pointless. Yep, I’m a fan boy. Sounds like you’re just another damage control Nintendo idiot. I don’t need to side with one company, I’m a gamer, not a drone like yourself Nintendo fagboy

          2. I see the good and bad to everything, and sadly, Nintendo has a lot of bad right now, hence the Wii u and the switch with all the overpriced accessories, no games but Zelda, and a system that has the stupidity of online through an app. But at least it’s portable. But not enough to sell me off on it. I see the good and bad, bruh unlike stupid Xbox, Sony and Nintendo idiots who stay to the plastic and the company like salves and yourself.

          3. The clergy of the Church of Sasori would like to point at something, according to the link shared by Oddartist:
            “Sony offered in partnership with Taco Bell…”
            since you work there, that means you work for ponys
            Paidenthusiast exposed…

      1. Which one was it that kept scratching the discs? Was that the XBO? And then the other one was smoking and catching on fire Lol

        An issue like this isnt so bad, specially since the console hasnt launched.

        1. Xbox 360 has this issue, but with the fact that you shouldn’t be moving your system while the game is being played. It’s just not smart. Blu ray barely get messed up. The x1 doesn’t have this issue, nor does the Wii u. I felt Wii u disc were made really well for being only one sided blue ray

          1. This issue is also rare, so why you are you panicking about it?
            However, the PS4 Pro going up in flames and the Xbox One munching discs can’t be fixed with a software update, this on syncing issue can be fixed with an update. Just Sayin’

            1. And the Wii bricks and the Wii u just freezes after an update and never gets fixed with a software update. Stop being such a Nintendo fan boy. Every single system has issues, all I said is that this sounds like bad news and you idiots damage control it.

          2. Oh yeah I remember that with the 360.

            But I mean, when the ps4 and xbo launched in 2013, they both had issues, one with the disc grinding and the other that started to smoke. I forget which.

      2. “A few units” though? This is being reported by more than just these two journalists. Its widespread. This seems to be a manufacturing flaw, the negative press could screw up the launch.

    1. Likely to be fixed with the usual day 1 firmware update.

      No worries here. If they keep de-syncing after that, I’ll just go portable with the controllers attached.

    1. Really? The Wii controllers needed a strap after flying out of hands. Their needed that condom silicone too. The GameCube SNES controller broke in seconds. The NES was a brick and built good. Same with N64 but the stick had so many issues. The Wii u pad broke in seconds and battery was shit. The pro controller is built the best out of all controllers IMO.

      1. Wii remotes – that is a person issue. If people can’t properly maintain a grip on the controller, it is their own fault for not using the ALREADY INCLUDED wrist strap. Joy cons will also include a wrist strap – doesn’t mean everyone will use them.

        I don’t remember any GameCube SNES controller – sounds like a 3rd party controller, so that likely isn’t Nintendo.

        NES – yes this thing was a tank. Only managed to break one with massive anger caused by particular games.

        N64 – agreed there. The joystick was the weakest component.

        Wii U pad – never heard many reports of damage caused by wear and tear. Yes, the battery is shit, though.

        1. I went through more SNES controllers than any system. Wii Mote stop syncing after few drops. And cant say it’s their fault when the controller should fit in the hand, no? Don’t hear people saying their ps4 or ps3 or Xbox or Xbox 1 or even their GC controllers slipping out. The strap came 6 months after reports for Wii going into TV’s hit.

          1. So.. it didn’t fit in your hand? I never heard the Wiimote not fitting someone’s hand. They made it as basic of a controller as possible. It’s been one of the most comfortable controllers to hold IMO (didn’t say use). The silicone cover, yes. Wrist straps? Nah, that was included. The REMINDERS to use them yes and all the warnings – but not sending out actual wrist straps. I never received anything, I have a launch console, and all remotes I’ve ever had has had wrist straps.

          1. What’s a ‘small’ drop? I have definitely dropped mine a few times, but mine works like new. Did it hit tile? Did it land screen down? Small drop sounds like 2 feet or less of dropping from a height. Sounds more unlucky than anything, unless you bought the console used – which could have had more abuse than you know.

            1. I have never brought a system used, and it fell out my hand right and onto a tile. It doesn’t live through that than idk what to say. I just don’t have luck with this stuff. Same thing with my phone

            1. You mean the ps3? I don’t remember ps4 dying, but the ps3 had the stupid yellow ring of death in their systems all the time. The phat one wasn’t good. I have no bias bro, when I own every system and play everything.

      2. I think you just don’t take good are of your consoles and your controllers… i have all of my old consoles (nintendo) and they all work perfectly fine. My n64 joystick works perfect, i seriously don’t know why people kept breaking them….

        1. My Xbox controller has never broken. Nor has my NES, my N64, or my DreamCast. My PS3 and PS4 controllers are still going strong. And my Pro controller is just a tank. No drops on them though. I honestly don’t think I have good luck with controllers either way. My Dreamcast has taken the most blows though.

        2. Have you never played the original Mario Party games? It’s not that the stick breaks off or fails to function, it is more that the stick doesn’t ‘lock’ upright. If you are able to wiggle it with no resistance, that is the broken joystick. Basically put your thumb on it lightly, and you can tell very easily and quickly. It should be very stiff. If it presses easily in any direction, that one broke.

          1. Sir… i have been playing Mario party and my controllers work just fine…
            I take really good care of my consoles and everything including their controllers…
            You must be putting so much pressure on them that you break them… when me and my friends play we do so but without becoming wild xD

            1. Then you are not a very competitive Mario Partyer. :) There’s probably a number of other games that required this, or even competitive Goldeneye/Perfect Dark maybe too.

              That’s why Nintendo had to issue gloves for Mario Party – when things get competitive and heated, controllers are abused.

              1. lol oh you have no idea how competitive i am in gaming and in real life situations :P
                It’s called taking good care of your belongings :v
                But seriously though, no controller of mine nor system has ever failed me that was a Nintendo product. I had the original smash brothers as well, and all of the competitive games :P
                But i never broke any of my controllers… Only thing that stopped working was a Gamecube that i bought my little brother, but that was because i kept puttin his fingers on the laser lense… 😒

      3. You are dead wrong on this. I had no issues both on the Wiimote and on the N64 controller.
        If then someone don’t know how to use a controller its their own fault. And I played with the Wiimote without any strap or added silicon.
        Me when was a baby destroyed many (quality) joysticks on my Amiga but they were very good and it was my fault.
        After being adult never had problems. My Nintendo 64 lasted like 5 years and only God knows how much I played with that controller in my hands.

        1. My 64 is still going despite sounding like rocks are in it. The N64 controller had a bad stick and would move by itself over time. And I’m not talking about holding the stick before the game came on. The Wii mote I had issues with it syncing and it wouldn’t rumble or work after awhile. The Wii u gamepad on mine dropped from my hand and broke. All other systems besides my SNES controllers were good.

          1. Mine was ok after five years, it depends on how you stress things. I’ve never seen a stick with such good feedback anymore. Eventually they sacrificed quality for sturdiness after that, but it’s user fault.

  1. Well if a firmware update can’t fix it guess I’ll be returning my switch till it eventually does get fixed or maybe just switching out defective joycons if possible at no charge from Nintendo

  2. • Nes, snes, and 64 – despite the d-pads and joysticks wearing out sooner, these motherf**kers are made of pure nintendium, the only element stonger than a nokia.

    • PS2 – long load times and disc read errors

    • Xbox – workable, but unstable online.

    • Wii – the issue with the remote straps.

    • Xbox 360 –

    • Ps3 – major security issues and insane launch price

    Nintendo ain’t the first company to not get it right the first time…

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