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Nintendo Says The Switch Will “Expand The Video Game Population”

Nintendo’s UK’s general manager Nicolas Wegnez obviously has high hopes for the Nintendo Switch and believes that it will expand the video game population with its novelty factor and lineup of games. He also said that the Nintendo Switch will “resonate strongly” with the tech loving UK population who usually adopt new technology faster than their European counterparts.

“We will do our best to help the UK population understand and experience what makes Nintendo Switch different and unique, as we truly believe this product can help Nintendo continue on its mission to expand the video game population,” explained Wegnez.

He continued: “Having only been living and working in the UK since June, I am obviously still learning about the people in this country, but I am aware they are tech lovers who usually adopt new technology faster than their European counterparts.

“I also think people in the UK live fast-paced lives, moving around a lot, and I think Nintendo Switch’s mix of versatility with its three modes will be welcomed, offering various options for people to adapt the way they play.”

“We strongly believe that when people experience the console itself in conjunction with the games launching for the system that the proposition of what Nintendo Switch has to offer will resonate strongly,” he concluded.

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  1. They said the same when the Wii was launched; in fact, judging by 1-2-Switch, this PR talk is pretty much in line with what Nintendo is planning for the console.

    I still have hopes this time around the long time fans will be also pleased — we are not asking much. A true-to-roots Metroid title, a new, open world Star Fox installment (something like Adventures would be a given), and a new Sin and Punishment would be almost enough.

  2. Without more software, they’re not gonna expand shit. For sheep like me, that’s still OK though. But it would be nice if they would’ve a better plan for software coverage. If you wanna publish for everyone and not just one audience, then you better gotta have more content for all kinds of audiences available. Right now it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be the case too soon. And it’s puzzling me as Nintendo obviously has had enough time to prepare for this, they might have moved quite some planned WiiU titles over to the Switch and now I’m asking what’s left from all of that. I really expected at least more cancelled and moved WiiU games to be on the horizon, but there’s barely anything despite WiiU ports that are also being released on the WiiU itself.
    Damn Nintendo, you’re still the greatest, best and everything but if Sony has learned anything over the years than it is just to open a keynote with one softwaretitle after another, another and another and most of them appealing to their biggest part of the audience. Nintendo opens a keynote with …. some random thing, some stuff that’s goofy but fun (HD rumble for instance), some stuff that we already know before and in the end 1 or 2 new things.
    And I’m sure the E3 keynote will just be like that as well. 80% games we already know and 3-4 titles that are new to justify also showing new content. But yeah, hope it’s better than that, they’d need it.

  3. If Nintendo stops making portables like the 3ds and instead relies on this system to cover it’s mobile handheld system then it will sell really well. Nintendo may never sell anywhere near what they sold with the Wii and DS combo but that’s fine with me as long as they don’t specifically cater to the casual market all over again. I’m rooting for Nintendo and I will get a Switch because of Zelda and other announced titles but man I don’t want a repeat of Wii U drought and weak specs to give developers reason to skip out on the Switch. Crossing my fingers.

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