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UK: Nintendo Says There Won’t Be Nintendo Switch Shortages Day One

Nintendo’s UK general manager Nicolas Wegnez has confirmed to MCV that there won’t be any day one shortages of the Nintendo Switch in the United Kingdom. So if you haven’t pre-ordered you should be able to pick one up from your local retailer without any issues on launch day.

“It’s true pre-orders are very strong, but we still expect Nintendo Switch to be available at some retailers on Day One,” Wegnez said. 

“We do expect shipments to steadily come. As we all know, this is not a sprint but a marathon, which is why we are so busy preparing strong plans for the months to come following the launch.”



  1. I wonder what UK people think about this kind of statement as they seem not to care about Nintendo at all.

  2. No need to have shortage, Nintendo must not have shortage. Shortage just mean that Nintendo can’t sustain the supply and can’t make the money, not that the console is ‘wanted’. Great companies don’t make any shortage, even with high demand. Look at Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung.
    Those who think there need to have shortage are just fools (or worse… ‘trolls’).

    1. Nes classic? Amiibo? Wii? Let’s not be so blind, bro. Low stock, drive hype, sell more systems. Amiibo became less popular as they become more available to the public. People fought for them. If you live in America, you should know that people go crazy for what they can’t have if it’s affordable to them, and they will do whatever they can to get it.

      Best example: Why sell 100 systems when I can sell 50, make it seem like there was a lot more and everyone brought it. Have people going crazy to buy it since it’s so “sold out” and watch the cattle rush for product and sell 200. Check out Ashen’s video on the NES classic and he discusses it.

      This is the Nintendo way, and Sony has been doing this dumb shit with the Pro. Sold out in a lot of places, when there’s legit demand because of the 4K native stuff being pushed in their games. No trolling, even people in Nintendo World around me in NY say it all the time. Nintendo gives them no stock and than will wait for more demand to build. They tell customers that it’s very hard to get and find, and that spreads the fire. People like rare stuff that isn’t too rare in the first place.

      1. Amiibo became less popular because people already bought so much of them. A trend can’t last forever.
        Sure shortage drive demand but it isn’t necessary if you have good things to offer in place. I don’t buy by impulse but if I’m interested in the thing. Casuals do so.

        1. How can people already buy amiibo if amiibo was in low stock and everyone had problems getting them? I’m sorry, but what?? Shortage drives hype, and while you don’t buy on impulse, the technology driven world that we live in tends to do so. So let’s be honest and say it at the same time: fake hype for switch?

          I think so.

        2. And lastly, casual is who the system is targeting. They even said this at press conferences and in interviews. Sounds like shortages is the plan. Notice it won’t happen in the UK? No one is gonna buy this there. Say the same thing about the US. I don’t think they or you or I can say they won’t be. Let’s see Reggie say that to fans.

          1. No, hyope is sincere. And you should know it by frequenting this place. You already see it on comments and you see news by Gamestop/Amazon saying there is high demand.
            The system is targeting everyone, Nintendo can’t lose those millions people that buy Zelda or Mario. They want casuals too.

        3. Amiibo became less popular with me because you can’t find them where I live, and the good ones are being scalped at $25-$60. There are probably lots of people who want to buy them and can’t.

            1. This is a true statement! The ones I really want, I would buy 3. 1 to use, one to display in box, and one to maybe sell one day. That’s how I used to collect Starwars figures and other shit. I’ve stopped collecting things now. Lol

  3. With the Switch having been sold out since pretty much day one in the US, it seems Nintendo should have simply re-allocated units so that it sold out everywhere with maximum day one sales.

    Obviously NA could have taken another 250k units on launch day and gobbled them up in the first two days on sale, leaving less overstock in other regions (creating the perception that it is “selling out” everywhere). Seems like poor business to me.

    NA will need at least another 500k units for April. I’m not sure Nintendo is prepared to deliver.

  4. I’m not worried at all. When/If I every get one, they won’t be hard to find.

    Nintendo was very wrong about Mario Rum’s revenue outlook, they will be wrong about Switch selling like the Wii.

    If the switch sells like the Wii, I’ll film myself sawing off my right hand and post it on YouTube. :)

  5. I’m from the UK and the preorders in my town have been pretty strong. We have two GAME stores both of which are open for midnight release and the staff I’ve spoken to are expecting it to be BUSY 👍

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