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Nintendo Is Shutting Down Wii Karaoke U

No doubt because of the Switch’s release, Wii Karaoke U is officially shutting down on March 31st. JOYSOUND’s Karaoke will be removed from the Nintendo eShop and become inaccessible to any players who already downloaded the software. Any unused tickets will also become invalid, so make sure to use them before the end of March. This news comes from a melancholy Miiverse post by the game’s developers. Check out their post below.




23 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Shutting Down Wii Karaoke U”

    1. Never heard of it, I probably would bought it had I known. I really only use my Wii u for local multiplayer when friends/family come over.

      On a somewhat related note. I think they should repurpose the “Wii” branding as a family friendly stamp on games. So in the eshop you can browse those games.

      Also “games” like Wii fit, going forward should be free to start apps. You can download a demo, and then buy DLC packs as you go.

    1. You don’t buy this game. It’s free. You play it by buying timed tickets. Released in Europe and Japan. Not releaced in North & South America, Asia, Oceania.

  1. Wow, Nintendo definitely wants all of those ACTIVE Wii KARAOKE U-PLAYERS to join the Switch-fellowship! Now it’s definitely gonna skyrocket!!!

    Honeslty after looking for something like Singstar I & my gf were looking forward to that but after trying it out I just felt kinda embarrassed. Maybe it can catch up with a common karaoke machine, but for modern consoles standards, ‘underwhelming’ would be the nicest way to put it. So, please Nintendo, just never forget what you did there and never go there again.

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