The E3 2017 Floor Plans Are Up

It may only be February but E3 will be kicking off again this June with the major publishers showing off their latest and greatest games that they hope will win over consumers in the months to come. NeoGAF Member Rösti has obtained the floor plans for this year’s event and it would seem as those Nintendo has a sizeable booth yet again in the West Hall where it will show off Super Mario Odyssey and a number of other high profile games. You can check these out below.

Nintendo of America

In West Hall

4822 (100 ft x 200 ft, 20000 sq ft)
5244 (110 ft x 90 ft, 9900 sq ft)
5644 (30 ft x 70 ft, 2100 sq ft)

32000 sq ft total.

It’s likely Nintendo has reserved the theatre as well.



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  1. Microsoft has no exclusives worth talking about. They cancelled their big one, Scalebound. They can’t compete with Zero Horizon Dawn or whatever it’s called, and Breath of the wild.

    It’s a 3rd party box, which is fine, except when you don’t want to look like an ass at E3, then it’s like, well, maybe you should do something exciting?

    I am going to start the new Mass Effect Trilogy on the X1 in a week, and have several other games I love playing on it, but they have both to bring to the table this year for E3, unless they have a surprise up their sleeve.

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