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Sliding The Nintendo Switch In And Out Of Dock Seems To Eventually Scratch Screen

To play the Nintendo Switch on your TV you need to place the Switch tablet into the dock. However, it seems as though doing this multiple times can scratch the screen as showcased by Glixel in the image below. They have only had their unit a week and you can see that it has obtained a number of small but nasty scratches. So it might be worth investing in a screen protector.




    1. Now, how could the dock make all these scratches at so many different angles? And how did that scratch on the left joycon end up there? Did he squeeze the thing in with the joycon attached?

  1. That seems impossible? Are they sure the dock did it? The plastic shouldn’t have enough structural hardness to be able to scratch the glass screen right? I’m a chemist, but this isn’t my area of expertise, and honestly not sure I’m thinking about it right, but can anyone confirm to me this is chemically impossible? Otherwise there would have to be some metal component in the dock that could come in contact with the switch when it goes in the dock which would be really bad design

    1. from what I’ve heard, and anyone who already has a switch can verify me on this, the screen is plastic, not glass – which would explain it.

    2. Not impossible, and not for Nintendo–the 3DS was notorious, certainly on OG models, for scratching the ‘screen’ (it isn’t actually the screen, just the lens that fits over it) when folded-up. It’s simply a case of using very cheap plastic.

  2. I think this could be fabricated the dock has felt inside it. I’m pretty sure people have had the switch for a while doing demos that no one indicated their test unit was scratched.

    1. There is no felt inside the dock unfortunately. There are 4 protruding ridges on the inside to steady the system in olace, but, unfortunately, I can verify they are made of the same plastic as the dock, even threatening to mark up the aluminum back of the console. I have a screen protector on, but until i pad those with something (never thought of the felt idea!) I refuse to use the dock :-(

        1. Nintendo replaced my 3DS upper screen 6-8 times for free. You should be safe for a year or so. If it scratches, you’ll probably just be out game time while you wait two weeks for a repair. – but warranty should cover you.

            1. Sometimes stuff just happens, man. My 3DS XL fell out of my pocket at one point even though it clearly felt like it was in there. And trust me, I treated that 3DS like it was my own child.

            2. Nintendo paid the bill for 7 repairs. do you believe Nintendo is that fucking stupid to fix everyone’s dumb as mistakes?

              I’m not prejudice against people with low IQ’s, I am totally available if you need to run any other stupid ass comments by anyone before making a jackass of yourself.

            3. Nope, he’s right. It’s a known fact that there was a production fault with the OG 3DS, the border of the bottom screen scratched on the top screen when closing it, leaving a straight scratch lines on the upper display. Happened to me too, I just had no idea Nintendo actually fixed it for free, so mine’s still got the scratch marks.

              1. Not only do they fix it for free (If you are still under warranty,) but a screen repair reset your warranty but a whole year. So I got free screen replacements FOR YEARS, because each time I sent it in, it reset the warranty, and each time I would Dona system transfer to my backup 3DS, and just keep rotating them.

                That’s when the 7 transfer limit was becoming a problem, but they ultimately removed it, so all was well.

                1. Damn, that’s some pretty good service. I was never aware of that, what a shame. But then again, I didn’t have another 3DS until 2 years later, so a system transfer wouldn’t have been possible for me before the warranty ran out, and giving up my data is out of question. Ah well.
                  But hey, I still love my OG 3DS, those scratches are just beauty marks. :^)

                  1. You wouldn’t have to give up your data you just couldn’t play your 3DS for 2 weeks the only reason I did a system you wouldn’t have to give up your data you just couldn’t play your 3DS for two weeks the only reason I did a system transfer was so that I didn’t have to stop gaming;)

                    1. Ooh, that makes sense! Just assumed your system would get wiped, as that seems to be happening often when sending in electronic devices for repair. Now I kinda feel bad I missed out on the opportunity, hah.
                      But at least I now know better for the future! Will definitely keep it in mind. q:

                  2. Sorry that response was so jumbled I’m driving home and using the auto functions on my phone and it’s just making my responses a mess x.x

        2. Nintendo repair service has always been really good to me. If there is a problem, I’d be almost certain they’d take care of you.

  3. This sucks for affected people — I’m sorry for them. I hate any kind of scratches on my devices.

    And now I wonder what type of stressing tests the Switch underwent when in development. This kind of wear is so obvious that Nintendo should have anticipated it.

    1. They missed it on the 3DS, and didn’t fix it until the N3DS, just cheaper for them to replace the screens of those affected?

      I feel sorry for those affected also, that kinda thing would drive me crazy, especially if they are using the switch reasonably.

      1. Exactly. I have kept that thin plastic shipped in the box to protect my original 3DS screen.

        I played 15 min of BoTW this morning, before coming to work. Man, the game feels pretty solid, the visuals and art style are astounding. Here and there we do have some dips in framerate, but they do not compromise the experience.

        Also, there is a day one patch for the Wii U version as well — don’t know what for, but it’s there.

      1. Back in 2013, I dropped my Nexus 5 on the sidewalk and had its Gorilla Glass broken instantaneously — and it had been used for only two days. That was a great disappointment for me, since I had waited the cell phone for almost two months (LG and Google did not properly anticipated the demand by that time leading to some shortages).

          1. Yeah… I just got over it and used the phone until the battery came to an end. But it was a great phone. My current one (an Asus Zenfone) is newer, but pretty much worse in tech and performance. I’m moving to another brand once I need more juice — my Zenfone’s battery is progressively dying.

        1. I dropped my Nexus 6P a couple of times and some tiny bits are chipped off and there’s a crack that goes across the whole screen. It’s barely visible when you’re using it though. I guess it’s screen protector along with Gorilla Glass 4 saved me… But the sound got screwed up from too many drops. Lmao.

          1. My screen became a mosaic — believe me. That pissed me off so hard, but I had to use the Nexus in that state as much as I could due to budget reasons. My Zenfone dropped once or twice, and it has already its glass broken. And I consider myself a very careful person. But, we know, sh*t happens.

    2. All they needed was the inner ridges that hold the system in place to be padded, or made of rubber instead of the same hard plastic as the rest of the dock :-( I’m happy with the build of the console, really, but that oversight is just ridiculous. It couldn’t be to cut costs because really how much would that shave off production cost?

      1. Exactly. And the fact that Nintendo is well known for their sturdy hardware makes me shocked.

        The video below brakes my heart, but it is really interesting:

  4. I don’t know if this persons dock has a bad burr on it or if his story is bs. The inside of my dock is too smooth to produce such distinct deep scratches. All I could see my dock doing is scuffing the screen cover over time…maybe. The scratches in the photo were not caused by a normal dock though.

    Now, on to the next thing. Anyone check out all the user reviews on metacritic for TLoZBotW. Seems that a bunch of people have decided to rate the game a 0. Funny thing is, when you look at the other games they’ve reviewed, the majority have reviewed PS4 games and rated each one of them a 10. Fanboys seriously need to get a life.

    1. Those reviews should be nullified. People just need to have a life out of their miserable one. I hope they will find a reason to live other than a videogame/sport team/etc.

  5. Expected something like this to happen, the screen is plastic so can get scratches easier compared to glass screen. I recommend getting a good screen protector, found a post with good switch accessories
    But yeah definitely worth getting a screen protector and a case maybe also imo, be careful folks :)

    1. Actually, the lines on the screen from the original 3DS were caused by oils that we’re trapped between the lower screen bezel and the top screen cover. The scratches in the photo above were in no way caused by a normal Switch dock.

  6. No worries. I’m sure nintendo will make a better switch and dock by the end of next year.

  7. Damn it Nintendo! How hard can it be to add some protective material to the dock?! Did you even test the damn thing?

  8. I can totallly see that the Switch can get scratched being slide into the base and after checking mine that I just got last night I saw some marks near the corners that I was able to wipe off but clearly came from the base. The fix for me was to use a USB type c connector to charge the Switch instead of putting it in the base. It totally works. So far.

  9. I hate those screen protectors because you can never get rid of the little bubbles in the stickers. I predict Nintendo will release a new type of dock that won’t scratch the screen. Then charge 30 or 40 dollars or more. Maybe even 80 dollars.

  10. It’s definitely a thing. I already have faint scratch lines where it rubs ( can buff them out now but…) and I’ve only taken it out of the dock a handful of times. I wasn’t being as carefully as I could have been but in no way was I reckless. I understand why they used plastic instead of glass for the screen but not having a layer of rubber or something on the guides is a shame.

  11. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I should give my Switch a once over to see if mine has any scratches. I think I’ll do that now while I fetch my n3DS. I want to unlock Mewtwo’s mega stones in my copy of Pokemon Moon.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Thankfully, most of the scratches were just smudges in the form of scratches. There is this one that does look like an actual scratch, almost like a tiny chip in the screen. Good thing this can be patched. Oh wait! It’s a hardware issue. 300 bucks & the thing doesn’t even offer protection out of the box & have to buy yet ANOTHER accessory. Nintendo’s quality in some areas really has taken a nose dive over the last decade. Least it’s not on the actual screen where the video is shown, though. Now I just have to be even MORE careful when docking the thing.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Not sure how to be more careful than usual but I’ll do my best. lol

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