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The Nintendo Switch Is Now Available Worldwide

The next generation of Nintendo consoles is now. As of this article’s writing the Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the NX, has launched. Coincidentally, the console’s release day arrives just two weeks from the two-year anniversary of Nintendo’s announcement of the console. Nintendo had announced the console’s existence on March 17th, 2015. For 19 months, it was only known by the NX, its codename. It wasn’t until October 20th of last year that the console was officially unveiled as the Nintendo Switch. The console comes with 12 launch titles releasing worldwide, with a few bonus launch titles releasing in certain regions first.



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    1. Kallum..
      unfortunately for you, the xbox brand is here to stay..
      I have a question for you:
      is Darknova3529 another of your sock accounts?

      1. ||The Xbots don’t have the intelligence to take over entire galaxies, they can barely hold against the Sonyans in their own homeworld…||

    2. were gonna need more antidotes… my neck of the woods is in short supply. luckily ive got mine. but there were a lot this morning that weren’t so lucky.

          1. Here’s where I think your theory falls apart.
            Commander said he was not getting Switch day one. Which is normal for him, He usually allows for a break-in period before purchasing new hardware.

            Nova is getting one today, he preordered.

            It can’t be the same guy. Try again! :)

            1. again, the clergy of the church of sasori exposed the hipocrisy of nintendrones.
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          1. Now i am pretty sure that this “church of sasori” idiot is pokemonnerd, somebody exposed his sock account on youtube…the irony is that he did it to troll certain followers of a channel and he said in the past (while the classic mnn obinna saga) that he doesn’t support trolling.

            Did you get your Nintendo Switch Commie?

            1. ||It will arrive later this year once the warriors have secured a solid defence…||

                  1. Come on commie, we’ve shared classified information with you!!!

                    Don’t tell me that we are not high rank spies for the First Order.

    1. Yea, that blows. Sometimes it’s better to not preorder stuff online. Preorder in store that way you know you’ll get it on launch day. There are a lot of factors at play when you order something online. A lot of things can go wrong.

      1. ||It depends on where you order it from, there are quite a few loyal online stores at least from my HQ where I always get my products delivered on time and in perfect condition…||

  2. I got it! It’s the definitive console!
    I really was uncertain about Zelda but it’s just ‘wow’!
    I haven’t had a single episode of de-syncing in a couple of hours.
    I do play now with the Joy-Con separated and they are so COMFORTABLE this way. I did wait to play like this for years and now finally I can. I don’t need any Pro controller and the Grip for me it’s useless.
    Graphically is very good, on the TV it’s just perfect.
    The operating system it’s a gem, switch accounts is a breeze (you can start your games with the account you like) and everything is simple and really fast.

    I’m really sorry for those who invested in Zelda for the Wii U because the Switch is pure joy and they will miss it.

    I’m so happy. Didn’t experienced this kind of happiness from Nintendo 64’s time. Finally a worthy successor. And this one looks better. Switching is a joy.

    Console’s speakers are very good.

    I haven’t tested online.

    My only con… display is made of plastic. I hoped for glass. But anyway it should be less heavy this way.

    I can’t think of a console beautiful like this one.

    1. I’m happy you like it!!
      (But don’t feel sorry for Us WiiU owners, you skipped the WiiU, so you don’t know what it was like to get to this point. haha)

      Can’t wait to hear more about your time with the console!

      1. Wii U is certainly good in its own way, but this Switch is really perfect. It’s silent, can play the way you like, it’s cool, and the two most thing I like are playing with they Joy-Con separated (like having two weapons in two hands, instead of a joypad) and the OS that’s sleek and fast. Also the output on the TV screen is in high resolution and vibration is cool.
        Certainly Wii U has some cool games on it, but I’m happy really to have this thing to play instead, it feels futuristic.

  3. Merry Switchmas everyone! After a pretty harsh 2016 for Nintendo fans, let’s look forward to a new era and hope the best for our new Nintendo console ! This is our Christmas… This is our true New Year!

    I stayed up really late last night and up really early today so forgive my state of wackiness ;)

    Commander is that a new look for you? Lookin nice !

    1. 2017 is the year of Nintendo, unfortunately many will miss it because of prejudices but with the Switch console gaming is back to the top.

      1. Yeah this thing feels pretty special. Something was missing with Wii U at launch though I couldn’t quite pin point what it was…. I still grew to love my Wii U and it had some of the best games in my opinion.

        Switch feels special from the start and gives off a great feeling. Looking at the list of upcoming games we are in for a real treat with amazing games that only Nintendo can deliver .

        1. The Joy-Con are the key in my opinion, they are just comfortable and give you option. Then there is the portability, the whole ‘switching thing’ is special. And this OS is truly sleek.
          It’s cool looking, it’s perfect. Games are priced properly. It must dominate the market, there aren’t excuses. The other consoles do look boring in comparison.

          1. I’ll admit, I’ve got the all mighty PS4 and while I admit the console itself is quite a piece of hardware… The games are pretty status quo. Nothing to innovative or impressive other than great graphics. Great graphics don’t equal great games though…

            1. Ps4 is PC gaming with a joypad. There are a few nice exclusives but it’s a right-hand man for the PC by now (both software and hardware wise). True console gaming died with the PS2 in Sony’s land, only Nintendo today can represent true console gaming with their peculiar games and genius (both hardware and software). I already own a PC so I ditched all current generation. I don’t need a mockup. But the Switch was unexpected, and a pleasant surprise. I abandoned Nintendo after the N64 (->PS2->Xbox-X360. Barely touched the underwhelming GC, Wii and Wii U) but now I’m back.
              Graphics on the new consoles aren’t that great also. It’s all ‘plasticky’ like with the PC. I don’t see the wonder of many people. Maybe they can’t go much further and are adding just shiny shaders and absurd light effects.

                1. Bloodborne is a PS3 game graphic wise, sorted out 2 years after the launch and it looks even worse than Ryse (that’s a decent game anyway). It’s a mediocre game, but I understand people’s excitement since the horror setting makes everything beautiful in most people eyes. If you have paid 600 euros for that, well… I’m sorry for you. I spent 389 for a Switch plus Zelda.
                  And yes Horizon is very good but certainly it’s still overrated, it’s not a gem like Zelda. It’s a very good game like Skyrim, probably even less (since that was immense in many ways).
                  Still it’s a very good game. But I wasn’t saying PS4 has nothing, I said it’s a custom PC. And yes, with the PC you can still play with a joypad and your Ryse game.

                  1. You must be stoned out of your mind or something. PS3 games look like shit. Bloodbourne even today is probably the best looking game on the PS4. It’s a literal masterpiece. A perfect game, and only below Mario 64, OoT, and BotW. I’m trying to think of a game that can top Bloodbourne in the last ten years but I can’t… Mario Galaxy Maybe? But I think that was 2006, so thats 11 years… Yea, besides BotW, Bloodbourne is the best game in the last ten years.

                    1. Are we talking about the same game?
                      This is what can’t be done by a PS3? -_-
                      It’s the best looking game of the PS4?
                      Are you talking seriously?
                      It’s seriously below Horizon, even.

                      Bloodborne just hit where you like: the Castlevania setting. But while Castlevania was really cool on PS1, this is not. You just ‘like’ it.

                  2. Hell NO a PS3 can’t run Bloodbourne, are you still high or something? You need to get you something to eat and come down off the clouds. That video didn’t help your argument at all. The gothic art style is not the only element that makes the game look good. The attention to detail, animations, atmosphere, lighting, and the horrific sounds all add to the experience. And that’s what playing Bloodbourne is, an experience. Your opinion of the game does not effect the quality of the game. I’m not going to argue over it no more. The fact that you think his game can run on PS3 speaks volumes about your knowledge anyways.

                    1. Are you saying that Bloodborne is more complex than GTA V?
                      Because GTA V runs on PS3… -.-

                      But which tattention to detail… it isn’t a Zelda, it’s just a mediocre game developed by From Software!
                      Eventually PS userbase can eat anything and tell everything is a ‘lasagna’. That’s very good for you, because you can be always happy and satisfied.
                      Yes, yes… ‘my knowledge’. That’s the kind of argument that people adopt when they can’t really face a discussion. ^^

            2. If you don’t have a PC, PS4 is a pretty good console for playing all the AAA third party games. And I like some of the niche Japanese games that people don’t seem to pay attention to. Lol.

                1. If you talk about real niche, they will be on the Switch, definitely. If you are talking about Final Fantasy… that’s not niche and I think it does not deserve that name because content is just a bluff. Final Fantasy, in my opinion, is dead.

                  1. While the Switch is really nice, I’m absolutely loving it. And BotW is my new favorite game. But if Nintendo cannot keep the software coming and they have long dry spells like the Wii U had, the Switch could be a disappointment just like the Wii U was. Software sells hardware. The Wii U failed not because of its hardware but because of its lacking software. I hate to be a downer and I’ve already put 10 hours on BotW… lol . But just keep in my Nintendo really screwed up with the Wii U. I haven’t forgotten and they have a lot of making up to do imo. BotW is a good start.

                    1. I know that Wii U had its problems, and I didn’t invested in it, but I don’t understand how people can be blind with PS4. It’s not PS1 nor PS2.
                      If you ask to Wii U owners, they will tell you that its games were superior to competition. Nintendo just let it die, and the GamePad was a big ‘meh’.
                      Now those problems are solved, I’m happy to have invested in it for now, let’s see how it will look the future. But eventually Nintendo isn’t stupid and know it now need to release games steadily and a good marketing campaign. The plan illustrated by Kmishima is convincing.

                  2. Lol, Final Fantasy has become a pretty casual affair these days.. there will def be more of those niche games on Switch especially if a lot of the same type of games that the 3ds had end up on Switch. A little less Final Fantasy and a little more Fire Emblem: Tokyo Mirage Sessions or Fatal Frame. I know a lot of casual gamers pass stuff like this up but I eat it up in a heart beat 😋

        2. It’s probably the fact that the Wii U was my only gaming system that I grew to dislike it so much. I view it a little less harsh nowadays, but the experience I had with it still sticks in my head. So much frustration. I’d like to get the Switch because I’m interested in it. But not before I have plans to have something else go alongside with it. No way am I going Nintendo only again. My head would explode.

    2. ||Yes, my new head I built from scratch…||

      ||My new body is under construction…||

        1. ||I’m building a new better more powerful body with new weaponry, armor and abilites…||

  4. I preordered from Walmart. Got there before midnight and they said they were only selling their walk in stock and that the preorders were in a different spot … Said they would hand those out later in the day today… I was like F that I’ll just buy one and return my preorder later lol. Snagged a Special Edition Zelda while I was at it so I’m a happy camper :)

    1. Why the fuck would they make their preorders wait longer to get the system than just people walking in? Walmart is so fucking dumb, that’s not going to inspire future preorders. I’m sorry but I hate walmart so much and reading your post just reconfirmes that stupidity. Haha fuck Walmart.

      1. Yeah man it was so stupid… The line wasn’t long and it was 30 minutes to midnight so I started walking around.. Another dude shows up and asks the lady working if they were selling the Switch and she said yes but we have to get in line because they only had like 8-10 … So I asked what about if I preordered? She said those were in a different spot and they couldn’t get those yet…

        I was like ok then I’ll just get one tonight and return my preorder the next day. (That was a whole other issue…). Anyway I’ll share these points to add to your dislike of Walmart lol…

        At midnight they said all they had was the red and blue ones, and only -10 or so… Next day I saw 6 gray ones sitting in the shelf to sell…

        I went to return my preorder but they couldn’t find me in the system… Well they found me but it said I was inactive and that I hadn’t made any payments…

        They seemed upset that I was trying to return my preorder so it was like they were waiting on my to just go a head a buy it anyway lol..

        It took 3 associates and 2 managers to figure out how to return my 30 something dollars…

        After it was said and done the girl there said they should have just gave me my preorder the night before and that the people working that time just didn’t know what was going on… I was like “you think?” Despite this all I managed to keep cool 😋

        Sorry for that long post I just thought I’d share that lol. I knew it was going to be a memorable experience at Wally World but it was the only place left taking preorders do I but the bullet and jumped lol.

  5. I managed to get mine at the midnight launch at my local Walmart. First time ever to get a console at launch! Even though I had to get up early to go to school, I don’t regret it at all. In fact, I’m probably drooling over myself as I’m writing this. Sleepy as heck, but it’s worth it!

  6. Another milestone in video gaming. Can’t wait to see what Microsoft and Sony put out next.

    1. The same old stuff obviously, with more power. They tried to mimic Nintendo with PS Move and Kinect but they can’t just be plausible. They are going to make another custom PC in the future.

      1. No doubt Microsoft will merge their Xbox and PC division into one. But I don’t think Sony will. Sony wants to stay in the console market. The PS5 will probably not just be a more powerful system. I bet they try to do something unique to stay on top… we’ll see.

        1. And Sony will do that for good, but they payed too much for following Microsoft in its path. They should have followed a path similar to Nintendo and make a console instead of a semi-custom PC. They have placed all those consoles because there were no competition, competition was handicapped with gimmicks that raised console prices (Kinect) and somewhat mediocre games (Xbox) plus a completely wrong Wii U (campaign, name, GamePad).
          Now they face true competition in the form of the Switch. I will follow carefully future sales in Japan, it tells many things.

          It’s possible that Sony will merge PS4 and Vita too in the future if the Switch will have that much success, I hope so to see a more ‘console’ oriented Sony.
          Or maybe they will just do a PS5 (custom PC) plus a Switch contender.

          1. PlayStation just has traditional consoles because that’s what works for their fanbase. They don’t need it to be drastically different like Nintendo. It just needs to get the games they want. And I’m sure Sony does want to do something different, but it’s very risky to take that route.

            1. But a Playstation is substantially a PC. Hardware it’s barely custom, the OS is complex and slow, games need to be installed, games are mostly from PC developers, etc.
              They are just following what western developers want and are forcing it to the japanese population. Eventually the Nintendo Switch will take the protagonist role in Japan if everything will work out as expected, as happened with the Wii.

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