Niantic Explains That Pokemon Go Exceeded Company Expectations ‘By A Ludicrous Amount’

Ed Wu, director of software engineering at Niantic, recently explained how Pokemon Go‘s success was unprecedented; even exceeding expectations within the first two hours of it launching. Coming directly from Wu, check out the points below which he raised at the Game Developers Conference:

  • before Pokemon GO’s launch, he & his team sat down to look at the player base/growth
  • they came up with an estimate of the kind of network traffic they expected
  • they used a “ludicrous” estimate of five times that number
  • Wu handed those figures over to Google to prepare for launch
  • in the first two countries it launched, the game exceeded its network traffic estimates for the entire world
  • this happened in a couple of hours and it was trending well on the way towards that five times
  • peak traffic was near 50 times more than they had initially estimated

Are you still playing Pokemon Go?

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