Nintendo Switch

Shin’en Announces First Update For FAST RMX

The first update for the fast-paced futuristic racer FAST RMX has already been outlined by developer Shin’en. The update will bring a couple of new features including time attack and online with friends. There’s no exact date for the update so you’ll just have to hang fire to check out the new features. FAST RMX is available now on the Switch eShop.



    1. And that’s not the only pro of the Switch version. If you already planned to get the Switch you should have waited for the new version instead of the old one.


      1. When I bought it there was no announced switch version otherwise I’d have waited…Which is exactly what they don’t want when it comes to smaller games like that. I doubt it sold well on wiiu so hey what you can there then and only then talk about the switch.

        Blah…I’ll probably end up buying it again I have a soft spot for super fast racers.

        Like… Ahem…. Fzero


      2. Redout wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. It felt weird…I dunno how to explain but I got a free $50 eShop credit from nintendo so maybe I’ll grab it


      1. If it’s not on the wiiu how is what I was talking 60fps?

        Put it this way…A game that looks nearly identical is on the wiiu for the same price or it was when it released and it did not have a locked 60fps.

        This could be different, I don’t wanna hook up my wiiu to find it but it sure does look the same from tracks to cars to box art


      2. *SECOND game

        Fast Racing Neo is the sequel to Fast Racing League on the Wii. That said, this is the sequel to Fast Racing Neo, it’s not a port or an update.

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  1. RMX on the game title stands for REMIX. This is neither a port nor a new game. FAST RMX contains FAST NEO levels and new ones and also improvements on graphics, controls and music. FAST RMX is in a way FAST NEO DELUXE or FAST NEO 1.5.


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