Now that both versions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are available comparisons have inevitably been showcased between the two. One such comparison provided by YouTuber MasterOfHyrule shows that the Wii U version is quicker at loading the many shrines dotted around the vast world and also continuing on after a death.

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  1. I believe it! I’m surprised how amazing it’s running on my Wii U. I was almost positive Nintendo was going to fuck it up after chopping the game two pieces so that they could port it to the switch.

    I’m glad to see there may be a couple of advantages playing the game on its native Hardware. there are so many things in the game I can see that were removed from the Wii U version. I guarantee if the Wii U version had all of its original gameplay functionality it would have seriously hurt the switch launch which is obviously why Nintendo gimped the game.

    After playing all night long I can say that the game is probably going to be my new favorite Zelda installment.

    I really hope Nintendo didn’t put the higher difficulty sitting behind a paywall because I’m definitely going to want to play this game through again.

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  2. The wiiU version takes 30+ extra seconds to load up. Once the Switch is loaded up then waking from sleep mode is instant. Dont get that option with wiiU. The one second difference between load times after death and loading shrines can be excused because of the higher quality of sound. I do miss having the gamepad map, however getting pretty good without the on-screen hud.

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  3. The game is most likely better optimized for the Wii U as it’s a Wii U game ported to switch. I’d it was developed for the switch and ported to Wii U, we’d be seeing the opposite. No big deal. Future games will likely run better.

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    • I’m the person most likely to agree with you here, and for the most part, I do.
      That said, I think it was really bastardized to the point advantages one way or the other are mostly neglegable at this point.

      So, I’d just tell people to get it for whichever system you have, IMO of course.


    • It’s the same game. Get it for switch if portability is really important to you or if you are buying a switch anyway.

      But I wouldn’t buy a switch JUST to play Zelda. I’d make sure you have a couple more reasons than that.

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  4. but is he plating off carts and disk?

    could he be plating both downloaded, if both are downloaded to the maion memory, or he is using a hard drive for the wii u, and a sd card for the switch, and not a very good sd card loading times could end up the same.


  5. I don’t think it matters. Switch owners shouldn’t feel slighted, and WiiU owners get a small bone thrown to them. At the end of the day, I really believe it’s the same game.


  6. I noticed one of the shrines (Shae Loya) is broken as the arrow switch doesn’t stay enabled like in youtube tutorials, probably from patch 1.1 or a repeating bug. Hoping Ninty fix it soon


  7. I don’t understand why the Switch version has to load at all? The things that many people were saying about cartridges Vs discs are turning out to be false. Two of which were that cartridges were cheaper to manufacture, therefore would be cheaper to purchase. FALSE! And the second being, cartridges don’t have to load like discs. FALSE AGAIN!

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    • I don’t think anybody said cartridges would be cheaper and, if the are, that cost savings would go to the dev, not to you. They can definitely be cheaper than SD cards though because they don’t need to use an controller that does wear leveling for writes. Even if they decided to include some writeable area in the cartridges, it still wouldn’t need a controller because it would standardized to the point that the console could handle it.

      The thing about cartridges not having to load only used to be true because early cartridges used mask ROM that was treated like an extension of RAM. Newer cartridges use a type of read-only flash memory and can have much higher bandwidth than discs and use much less power (drive has no moving parts) but are still way slower than memory so they’re treated like a lower tier of memory. However, even if the cartridges had the same bandwidth as the top speed the Wii U drive gets (22MB/s) it would still be quicker because it’s far less latent. 3DS game cards were several thousand times less latent than optical disks so they have much better random access performance which is good for open world games. Random access performance is so bad on optical discs that Bethesda actually had to put duplicate data on the Oblivion disc for PS3 to cut down on random access reads as much as possible.

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