Nintendo Launches Countermeasures To Tackle Cheating In Fire Emblem Heroes

Anyone still playing Fire Emblem Heroes may have discovered a vaguely intimidating message from Nintendo in their game. Complaining that they’ve detected improper use from some players, the developer claims it is launching countermeasures to address the problem. While they don’t mention what these troublesome players have been doing, they do refer to the User Agreement and the game’s Code of Conduct. Check out the full message below.

Thank you for playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

Since the release of the game, we’ve detected improper use from some players. Countermeasures are being employed to address this, including temporarily limiting access to certain features.

Players who are subject tot these countermeasures will receive a notification in the “To you” section of the game’s notifications.

We asks all our players to abide by the User Agreement, including the Code of Conduct, as they continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes.



  1. ||Next time High Command should use the word Decimation, it’s better…||

      1. I have to use Takumi or I don’t win. He was my first 5* character after like 3 rounds of full summons. Then it took another 3+ rounds to get Lucina.

        At this point in time, I’ve earned every free orb the game has offered (all story modes 100%, all paralogues 100%, and all orb earning quests) and I only rolled 4 characters at 5*. I have a co-worker that has rolled 8, and she hasn’t started lunatic on main story mode. It’s pretty messed up the way this RNG works.

        I’m sorry if you meet my crew, but I need to be able to win feathers just as badly as everyone else. If it didn’t cost 20k to upgrade, I wouldn’t use him and get others. But if my only 5 star characters are ones I roll, then I will use what I get.
        I did manage 2 5* characters on Friday, both new. So currently leveling them up at the moment. So it seems I will have another bad RNG round tomorrow when I hit 20 orbs again.

        1. I’m much worse with no 5* and near end game, oh and no Takumi. You don’t need him to win, nor do you need him off a team to beat said team. He’s just annoying.

          At this point I’ll get to end game and likely quit, maybe do events once in a while.

  2. The hacks don’t work, as my friend in uni tried it and nothing happened, he just had to install app after app after app. It’s better to be a none cheater in this instance. yes free orbs sound cool but at the risk of losing your account it’s not worth it.

    I beat all the story and paralouges so far all difficulties, it’s not that hard just some people are impatient

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