Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Arriving Thursday

Inti Creates has outlined a huge amount of downloadable content that is coming to the well-received action title Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The DLC will be available in both Europe and the United States on March 9th and there’s a lot to get your head round. There’s brand new songs, a new game mode and additional missions. Here’s what’s available for you:

New Song – Stratosphere – $0.99 / €0.99

Includes a synth recipe for an item that plays the song Stratosphere by Joule and Lola when 1000+ Kudos are obtained. Additionally, the amount of credits and experience points you earn are increased by 150%!

GV1 Song Set #1 – #4 – Each $0.99 / €0.99

  • GV1 Song Set #1 : The song Beyond the Blue and Rouge Shimmer by Lumen
  • GV1 Song Set #2 : The song Azure Door and Pain of the Past by Lumen
  • GV1 Song Set #3 : The song Sakura Efflorescence and A Zip to the Moon by Lumen
  • GV1 Song Set #4 : The song Nebulous Clock and Scorching Journey by Lumen

Additional Mission Packs – Each $1.99 / €1.89

  • Missions – Merak & Carrera
  • Missions – Jota & Elise
  • Missions – Viper & Stratos

【For Experienced Players】

Two special missions are added to Score Attack Mode that pit you against boss characters from Azure Striker Gunvolt 1!

Missions – Ultimate Challenge

【For Azure Striker Gunvolt Super-Pros】

Two extremely difficult missions are added to Score Attack Mode. There may be something good in store for you if you clear them… This is recommended for players who want to experience what Gunvolt and Copen are REALLY made of!

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  1. Well, I’ll say it.
    I think Azure Striker Gunvolt is fun. Both part 1 and 2. I might pick up the DLC.

    1. ||How is the difficulty? Comparing it to ancient weaponry and not today’s pathetic ones…||

      1. It’s good. even better if you want to earn higher achievements. – Do you own a WiiU, or is that classified?

        1. ||If I didn’t own a Wii U then I wouldn’t be able to send you a message through Miiverse…||

          1. It’s ashame the WiiU games are region locked. Also, I have my email issues resolved. I should be able to transmit from my location within the next 24 hours

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