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Nintendo Has Flagged A YouTuber For 1-2-Switch Sounds

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been out a week yet, but a new generation of Nintendo hardware doesn’t mean that the company’s copyright policies have changed. In fact, YouTuber Josh “The Bit Block” Thomas has informed Kotaku that a 1-2-Switch video he did got flagged with two Content ID notifications. The first one is expected, a “music track from the game”. However, the second one is due to “a man saying “Ready… Fire!” from the Quick Draw mini game”. This means that even sound effects are being targeted by YouTube’s Content ID system, and considering how strict Nintendo is about fan content, it is certainly not out of the question that Nintendo is behind it.

A combination of Content ID system and Nintendo’s affiliate program, with the latter splitting up the video’s profits between the YouTuber and Nintendo, makes things difficult for YouTubers who upload Nintendo content. In fact, Josh Thomas said in an email to Kotaku that “the work around here involves nearly completely muting the game music in the background, or flipping and altering the color in any trailer footage used. It all makes for a complicated process and in the end I feel forces me (and others) to create purposely inferior video content for no real reason. To clarify this video in question (among hundreds of others in the past) is actually well within fair use, the video shows us physically demonstrating 1-2-Switch, adding our own silly commentary on camera and is edited quite a bit. It isn’t merely a matter of gameplay being uploaded without any kind of transformative work put into it.”

Thomas says he still loves Nintendo, but he’s frustrated. He says that “essentially what I’m saying is, Nintendo, please stop hurting me. Please stop trying to stop me from celebrating you as a company.”



    1. I take it you don’t do YouTube videos? Did you heard the one about you losing royalty earnings from your YouTube channel if it makes money and has Nintendo products in it? So anything related to LP’s with Nintendo content is flagged unless you give them money for it (a piece of your royalty earnings). That’s how much Nintendo loves their fans. Anything LP related by Nintendo is a flag. I thought Sony was horrible with their fans, but Nintendo is the biggest fan hater to their install base.

        1. I mean, look at the price points. Switch isn’t worth 300. The pro controller is 60 at best. The joy cons are 80 for 2 and 50 for one. This is USA dollars and understand it’s more money elsewhere. 1,2 switch is a tech demo at 50. WTF

          1. Yeah, they are clearly overpriced. Remember when the original 3DS came out? That was outrageous.

            There is always the possibility of a price cut takes place further down the road — we never know.

            1. The shit was 250😂😂😂 People actually brought it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and then they got mad when they’re wasn’t any games 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I’m done.

            1. Nah, man. 300 for only 32GB flash that you get at discount because it’s a low storage and you’re buying at bulk in the first place? No. You told fans go buy a case, think about a screen protector now that your dock is cutting up your screen, and get a memory card so you can digital download things down the road. Did I forgot to mention that you’ll sooner or later have to buy that 80 dollar joy controller if you really wanna play with friends? I’m 100% sure you’ll need 2 joy cons for a lot of games. And let’s no forget, the idea that the system is basically barebones. It doesn’t even have music or sound in the background. System is not worth 300. 250 is where it should have been.

                1. If you’re gonna go 300, 64 would have been decent. And if you’re gonna do 32, at least do 275. This system doesn’t even have a game, bro. Why didn’t they even do a bundle? At least 1 system with more memory at a higher point. I know flash is mad money still, but it shouldn’t be so expensive when this is a company getting them at bulk. That’s the only reason I can see the system being hi. The tablet isn’t glass either. The whole system is plastic.

                  1. Alright, I understand. But I still don’t think it’s overpriced. Just the accessories. And a bundle would be nice too, but I’m pretty sure that would raise the price regardless. It’d save $10 on Zelda I guess.($350) I suppose they’ll probably make a higher storage option later on.

                    1. The controller is 80, the dock is 90, and the tab is 130? Does that math make sense to you? It doesn’t to me. The tab is most likely 150 or so. The controller is about 30 or 40 dollars. The dock is like 10 dollars to make. That’s 250. See what I mean

                  2. If you actually do some research to back your comment I would have been fine. Nintendo clearly stated that they wanted to make a profit on the system vs what companies usually do (Like a printer) and sell it at a slight loss and make the money back when it comes to accessories and games.

                    Nintendo is a company, not a distributor. They need to make money and make the shareholders happy. Nintendo has a lot of the money in the bank (Like 9b or something like that) but they cant go into that alone.

                    300 for a small tablet is reasonably priced considering there is quite a bit of copper, manufacturing and tech that went into it. Not including what they need to make back from what they spent for an engineer to design and test all of these options. That’s usually why prices of something will drop so drastically after a year or so, they returned a profit on what they spent on designing the system. After the huge downfall of the Wii-U they needed to make up some money.

                    On memory they probably only wanted some basic games as well as the OS installed onto it. 64 would not have made much of a difference besides you would have installed a few more games on it. They have cartridges for the bulk of the space which was there initial idea from the console. Since an SD card is cheaper and more efficient for the user to decide.

                    A bundle would have effected sales and profits. As stated before they where trying to make a profit on the console, not just get them off the shelves.

                    On the side where you stated about copyright. They are trying to keep from ruining the experience. A lot of people will just watch somebody play a game then actually purchase the game, this is what they are trying to deter. Making a profit on the video is the only way they can recuperate that lost income. It may seem petty but look at the actual profits from just doing this? A video gets a million hits so they will get what? probably $500? If 20 of them decided not to buy the game because they watched a video that’s a loss of 60 per game equaling to a loss of $700. If you subtract the $500 from the video.

                    They could also make a profit from distributing what the console/software/game looks like and play with as well but that’s on Nintendo to make that decision and see whether or not its profitable or not.

                    Not to be naggy just wanting to clear some things up before you state something that’s just not fully backed by any true information and just an opinion.

                    1. Sounds like a lot of damage control, and you’re telling me to do research but what you stated was opinion and completely opinion with no fact or articles behind it.

                      Nintendo said their system is sold at profit since the Wii, but stop damaging controlling a system that doesn’t cost 300. Sony is the maker of their profit, doesn’t mean they selling at gains or a lost. They can choose to sell it at a gain, that’s fine, but not at 300. It cost at least 200 to make that shit with all the specs they buy at bulk. You know the more parts they get, the more discount they get. That’s fact. The battery life is crap for a 300 tablet you are telling me I can take with me everywhere but won’t get me passed 3 hrs of life. And selling controllers at 80 dollars and a dock at 90? You saying the joy con is 80 bucks then? And you telling me the plastic behind the dock is 90 dollars. Please think about your comment back, because anything will make you sound like a moron. It’s plastic and a small square in the dock. That’s 10 to 15 to make. The joy con controllers are using all ready cheap tech that’s been put since 06 since it’s mainly Wii tech and HD rumble. So does that mean it should be 80 a joy controller when the Wii controllers that do almost the same thing is 40🤔. 300 for no system that comes with a game but you’ll charge 50 for a tech demo? And you’re actually telling me that people watch a video and will say, I’m not gonna buy that game? I guess I should have saw Zelda in an LP and never played or experienced it. If you think that’s why Nintendo did the LP money shit, you’re really controlling damage at Nintendo’s finest. Dudes have been after the dollar since Wii hit and they will do whatever possible to get pennies even if it means killing their install base in the process just to reach the casual fan. Sony cares two shits about their fans, but at least they give the install base what they want cause they know that’s how they make money. Nintendo doesn’t care as long as they make money.

                      300 system: barebones system menu, no music in system memory, no UI, friend codes, Dock cutting screens on the tablet, the tablet dying fast, the controller losing connection, no game with the system, online connection issues, This is at 300🤔 GTFOH.

                    2. There was definitely some Opinion in there. Nintendo wanting to sell there console for a profit was a fact. Of course the system does not cost $300 to manufacture. Just because the materials only cost $150 to make the console does not mean selling it for $200 consists of profit. You have to pay for (again) The engineering behind it.

                      I assumed you would have done a simple google search to verify my reply. Instead of posting 15 articles onto this page. Instead you let your anger reply instead of reading my reply.

                      Now for some opinions to your recent reply. The tablet seems to last a good 4 – 4 1/2 hours. Which is plenty long enough considering almost anywhere you go you will be able to charge it. Even if you cant, you wont be sitting at a bus stop for 4 hours.

                      The controller

                      An Xbox One controller is $60 except you get one and more plastic with it. Switch controllers contain two Bluetooth modules one for each controller. Motion detection on the right controller I believe with a camera. and HD Rumble which is surprisingly good and gives you a feel of tugging or even pushing alongside a NFC Reader for Amiibos and other things.

                      I am unsure of what the replacement dock costs. I thought it was 29.99 which is a basic price for a docking station with a hub built in. If it is priced at $90 for a dock. I do agree is way overpriced.

                      A simple reply would have done instead of getting pissy and basically calling me a moron. It’s simple. State what your side has and wait for a reply, if you disagree, make a reply of why you disagree.

        2. I’m legit worried I won’t be able to make Nintendo videos…, even positive ones. I don’t think I can create content supporting Nintendo games if they are going to shoot it down…

          fuck. maybe I need to buy a PS4… x.x

          1. I would. I have my ps4 and I use the shit for everything. Netflix , YouTube, the internet, and I party chat with my friend when we watch TV shows. For me, it works. You can share play games and someone can share play a game you down own and let you play the whole game from beginning to end. Only things that suck is that the ps4 is Sony and they don’t like their customers either. PSN isn’t the best and their free games monthly suck. Better than nothing though. And the ps4 controller dies way to fast despite the joy cons having the same exact MHz in battery. And all the games they have on ps4 is just beast.

          2. People love the PS4 — it’s not the best selling console this generation without a reason. I like it myself, although I like my Xbox One better. For its exclusives, for backwards compatibility — which is amazing — and for subjective reasons.

            But I strongly recommend that you pick up a PS4 if you can afford one. It won’t add much to your choices, but you’ll be able to get Sony exclusives, which are great franchises.

            1. I really like my Xbox1 also. And with Mass effect coming soon, I’m really excited for that.

            2. It’s funny because the other day I turned on my Xbox One to play breath of the wild and then I laughed at myself because I turned on the Xbox one out of habit. and I was like “oh wait I need to turn on my Wii U!” XD

            3. Not a fan of Xbox 1 because games are at a halt with the limited amount content being released, but that backwards compatibility shit is so maddening that Sony charges you to play old ps3 games with a sub that is laggy as shit. Xbox controller is just so much better to me too.

              1. Yeah, I usually buy multiplat games for the Xbox One just because the controller is light-years better than the dualshock 4.

                I’ve been replaying Bioshock Infinite through backwards compatibility as I have the disc for the 360. Game play is sleek: no dips in frame rate, no lags — just an awesome experience.

                1. I have the HD remake on ps4 and it’s just a master piece. One of the best series hands down. Still, the DS4 is so wack compared to the DS3 and the x1 control

  1. Typical Nintendo BS. Instead of taking advantage of free publicity, Nintendo prefers to create this kind of situation. Now “Ready, fire” became a Nintendo Intelectual Property. No one can ever say again “Ready, fire”, but Nintendo.

    Nintendo is becoming soaked in stupidity, gee.

  2. This is the only copyright thing they do that makes me scratch my head. For fan games they have every right to do what they do.

    1. Right. I mean, if a fan game is basically making money off a Nintendo do IP… I get it, even if I don’t agree with it. but this kinda stuff just makes people want to say “Fine, market it yourself.”

      1. But no, dude. If I’m making a video about a chair or a table, should the producer of that chair or table get money? If I make a video about me being angry at a guy at the store and I have a voice recording if him, should he get money? If I show a picture of a Nintendo store and rant about it and make money off YouTube doing that, should Nintendo or the store get the money? You get what I mean?

        1. I get that streaming a game and monitizing it should not be without rules, but if you show clips or tutorials or a 3 second sound byte, I think Nintendo goes into overkill mode. Basically not wanting anyone discussing their stuff. I understand why they have the option to stop people from abusing Thier IP or making money on material they didn’t create, but from everything I’ve seen and read, Nintendo is just plain oppressive about it.

          1. That’s Bs to me, cause, if I make a video about a chair that is produced from Ikea, should I give the money to Ikea? If I make a video about a song, should I give money to the artist if I didn’t use his or her beat? Should I give money to Sony or Xbox if I did an LP on the Xbox system, unboxing it and going through the menu? Nintendo thinks I should, would you? Fuck no

  3. More accurately, Youtube’s auto system flagged him. Nintendo did nothing. This has been a problem for years and it hurts both content uploaders and the reputation of the companies perceived to be harassing YouTubers when in actual fact the company did nothing.
    A 4Kids rep actually said they’re fans of YGOTAS

  4. For Nintendo based YouTube videos, it doesn’t pay to show anything but your game collections. That’s why, even if I made videos for YouTube, I wouldn’t be able to upload ANY of my personal videos that I already have. Because I always add game music to the backgrounds in order to drown out that hissing sound that my camcorder always has in the audio. YouTube is NOT a fun site to participate in, as far as uploading videos goes.

    1. Idk if you follow Andy and Son of a Glitch, but he mention the exact same thing you said. He really dislikes YouTube and says he’s lost a lot of money because of YouTube does things these days.

  5. This wasn’t Nintendo people, it was the automatic youtube system. It listens for copyrighted audio and automatically flags them. Youtube needs to fix their crap.

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