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The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Coming To Nintendo Switch March 17th

Nicalis, Inc. has tweeted that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ finally has a release date for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released on March 17th and as you can see in the tweet below, the cartridges are currently being produced in the factory along with the game cases.


  1. This is a really twisted game, with a lot of dark, and sometimes disturbing humor. I really like it. It’s very much a “pick up and play” game with randoming and repetition necessary to increase your skills. The more you play, the more you unlock, the better you get, and the harder it gets.

    I like it, but I’m not sure it will be for everyone here.
    You basically work your way through 6-9 mini dungeons, Picking up new weapons and gear along the way, often discovering new stuff almost every play through. There is so much shit to unlock, it keeps the game fresh. Still, it is priced a bit higher on the switch, but that’s the status quo.

      1. I’m not going to buy cheap game mechanics just because there is useless gore.

        At least mask them with nice graphics.
        This is 20x better:

        They should learm from classics. Gore for the sake of it it’s just mediocrity, and those developers are less than mediocre.
        Eventually in the future they will make something beautiful, but for now it’s just ‘skip’.

        1. The game is actually highly reviewed and everyone that played it always say positive things about the gameplay. Just because you have a personal phobia of gore does not make a game mediocre or the developers.

          1. I haven’t a personal phobia about gore. I like Silent Hill II. Even Phantasmagoria, that had mediocre gameplay, was worthed it. But this is shovelware, and they aren’t going to fool me. It can fool multiple people, it’s ok to me since they aren’t forcing me to pay for this. ^^
            Though it’s true if they want me to eat gore I need at least a good game, because it’s not my taste.
            This sells ‘just’ for gore. Just thinking that this sells more than Xenoblade Chronicles X makes me shiver.
            It’s shameful. I don’t know why Monolith persist in developing complex games when they can just put some gore on a 80s game that anyone would be pleased to eat.
            People changed for worse, that’s the problem, and now like eating s***.
            Shovel Knight? Fine. Minecraft? I can understand it. But this… please… not even for 5$.

  2. Cool for those into physical releases and of course people who havent played it. Maybe that idea of making cartridges of mobile games will be a draw to some. Makes it seem more “real” in some sense, and helps for those crying about storage

  3. I already see the game. Don’t get it. I thought it was more like a 2D Adventure like Zelda with Gore/humor and more things. It’s a shame :(

    but at least they include a manual?

  4. I can see my first statement was correct the game is definitely not for everyone. Some of you will find it very addicting others will be offended by its content it’s a very polarizing game for sure.

    Also if you are religious in nature the game’s top-level story can be a bit offensive. I pretty much let most things slide because it’s only a game.

    I think it’s really fun I bought it for my 3DS and my Xbox and everyone will just have to make their own decision!

      1. I agree that’s why I ended up buying it from my Xbox one because the 3DS version wasn’t getting all the content :-(

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