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Super Bomberman R Sales Indicate That It’s The Best Selling In Its Franchise In Nearly 20 Years

Famitsu are reporting that sales of Super Bomberman R in Japan were above and beyond compared to other Bomberman titles. Check out the graph to see how it fared against its previous iterations:


With the Nintendo Switch title, Super Bomberman R, boasting a healthy sales total (so far) of just shy of 40,000 units, there’s no denying that Nintendo launching the game meant only good things for Konami too. Bomberman Touch was the second best seller with a total of around 8,000 units being shifted.

Konami has said in the past that they will revive other franchises if Super Bomberman R performed well. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see another; Castlevania anyone?

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      1. Since 2010, Ultra on the PS3/360 was the last game.

        A 3DS game was in development, but it was cancelled.

    1. That and the fact that it’s back on Nintendo probably helps. The hardcore Nintendo fans are the ones who bought the Switch at launch, and they are probably also the demographic that had the fondest memories of Bomberman.

  1. How can have this serie survived with 8000 copies per game?
    I thought it was selling more because it was a known game. I remember it on magazines when I was young.
    I certainly had never picked it up but I’m surprised that almost no one did it.

  2. In French it says physical releases. Downloads would put the game much higher than 8000 and the new Bomberman is benefitting from a barren multiplayer game wasteland on Nintendo Switch, even at that crazy price.

  3. I wonder how much profit they made with all those Bomberman games. And if they did make any profit it must have a really cheap development cost

  4. Well I hope people don’t go back to not giving a shit about Bomberman….
    I hope it’s sales are not a case of users not having many options on the Switch and I hope people bought it because it was a good game (The reviews are mixed though)

  5. This is a nice surprise. I honestly didn’t think it’d sell well because of the high price tag.

  6. It’s a little rough but still mostly fun locally. Haven’t tried online but I’ve heard it’s rough.

  7. I don’t understand how your takeaway from that graph is that Bomberman R is the best selling 20 years when all of the titles listed there were released less than 20 years ago.

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