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Digital Foundry: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Uses Dynamic Resolution Scaling

Digital Foundry has been investigating resolution issues in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and have deduced that the game uses dynamic resolution scaling to maintain its target 30fps frame-rate. The team have also investigated claims that Wi-Fi might be impacting Switch performance, however they’ve switched the Switch to flight mode and they have found that this has no impact on their results. You can read the full article, here.




  1. Resolution is fine, 30fps is fine. This has had no impact on my enjoyment of this game. However the game does lock up sometimes, but this has only happened twice in over 65 hrs. Not a big deal.

    I remember playing Skyrim for the first time and sometimes enemies would just shoot up into the sky like a rocket. I think Nintendo should get credit for making such a big game relatively glitch free.

    1. While you’Re right, you should never, ever have to compare a Nintendo game to a Bethesda game. I mean I love Skyrim, but Bethesdagames are just so overfilled with content, they always are broken at launch and get fixed during the first 2 months. Bethesda knows that and the fans know that as well.

      Nintendo on the other hand have always made games that would shine by how effitient they were developed. And while a perfect framerate might never have been one of the Zelda game’s goals, it was always a very solid experience that made you really forget you would play something that got developed by some team.
      And luckily they even manage to achieve that goal with BotW which is not only their first true 3D open world game but also a port from a completely different architecture.

        1. While I’m really looking forward getting the Switch version, I’m quite afraid of how buggy that’s gonna be at launch. Every new release seems to be another excuse to throw even more new bugs in it ;D

    2. Are you playing on Switch or WiiU? If I may ask! :) The reason I ask, is my WiiU version Locked up for the first time last night. Sadly, typical for any WiiU game. Fortunately the Auto save saved my ass.

      If you are using Switch, … well, hopefully you are on the WiiU. I’d hate to think the WiiU game freeze issues carried over.

      1. The Switch version locks up, too.

        I have the Wii U version and it locked up maybe 3 times in 30 hours… It always recovers and has never crashed.

        1. OK. hmm. I wonder if other switch games will lock up. I’d say 75% of my WiiU games locked up, with varying severity. Like I said. Hopefully Switch mostly fixed the issue and it’s just because Zelda is a WiiU port.

          1. maybe you guys live in some very hot area causing it to overheat or something but my WiiU nor the Switch never ever froze or anything and I really put zillions of hours in my WiiU in general. Or wait, I believe Assassin’s Creed 3 froze once like 5 yrs ago but it was a mediocre port.

            1. Nope. Quite the opposite. Just like not all Switch’s screen-scratch, not all WiiU’s must have had Freezing issues. Everyone I knew had varying degree’s of game freezes, you’re the first I’ve heard that didn’t ever have a WiiU game freeze. You must live in a special environment that negates flaws and defects. :) – And Assassins creed was not a big offender. It was mostly games that used an internet connection, or tried to ping-outside from time to time. Patches were released over 2-3 years that fixed most of the freezing issues, mostly WiiU firmware patches. So it might also depend when you bought your WiiU. Were you a day-1 buyer? If you bought one 2 years in or so, you would have had a lot less freezes.

      2. I’m on the Switch. Yea, the Switch seems to lock up too, but only on Zelda so far. And it only happened twice. It hasn’t happened to me on the other game… As in one game besides Zelda I own on the Switch…lol

        Also I think I should add, I haven’t had any problems with my Switch besides this. No scratches from the dock, no left Joycon issues, no dead pixels, etc.etc.

  2. So now that it’s been 10 days and the switch is showing actual playtime, how much time have guys put into botw I’m at 110 hours lol

      1. “Only 65 hours”

        No need to excuse anything, dude. I mean think about it, Skyward Sword was considered to be a very long Zelda game with about 70 hours if you wanna find most things that game had to offer. SEVENTY. It’s just such a jawdropper how insane they managed to increase the value of a Zelda game with BotW. Especially as it lets you just run across empty meadows and still love the hell out of it. If the devs would’ve known how much ppl can enjoy just that, they might have added some more vast landscapes to SS :)

    1. I have know idea how to check playtime. I looked everywhere in the system settings and the Switch menu and found nothing. Am I missing something?

    2. The Switch is such a precious little gadget. It’s so funny because beyond Zelda, it still does NOTHING to me. But I love how it feels, how quick the menus are designed, how everything works and sometimes just click through menus, news and snapshots because everything’s designed so well.
      Once there might actually be content available, it’s gonna be a wonderful time :)

  3. For some reason the game really stutters to the point of stopping for a second or two to sort of load only on death mountain fighting the huge goblin guys. Might be moblin I’m not sure of their name lol i wonder why it happens fighting even just one

  4. I had a feeling it might use dynamic resolution scaling based on how the game sometimes appeared jaggier than at other times. However, after a while I figured it was just using low-resolution render targets for some full screen effect since it’s very noticeable on the lantern in the Inn in Hateno Village. I guess it actually does both dynamic resolution and uses some really resolution render targets.

    It hasn’t stopped me from playing it for 138 hours but I do wish some of these performance and image quality issues weren’t a thing, most off all with draw distance. I can only imagine how much more grandiose Hyrule would feel if things in the distance casted shadows for example.

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