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Fake Money Scamming Nintendo Switch Emulator Is Making Its Rounds On The Web

It’s inevitable that emulators get produced and shared online with pretty much every console out there. MotherBoard have reported today that it was the Nintendo Switch‘s turn with the emulator in question scamming people for their money by producing link after link for someone who’s wanting to download it. Simply called ‘Switch Emulator’, the fake emulator is being called out on multiple forums and many members of the community are warning others to stay well away.

Note: I have specifically not linked any of this post to the emulator website directly.



    1. What’s you PayPal? I want this so badly even though I can get this on my Wii U, Wii, PSP, PSP Vita, Android phone, iPhone and windows/msc computer.

  1. Its honestly a shame … emulation period, of new systems I cam understand old ones because people believe in “preservation” but new systems. … smh.

    Besides. .. did anyone really think wed get an emulator within the first month?

    1. Why put preservation in quotes? lol

      Also, a GBA emulator actually existed before the GBA was released lol Of course the Switch is a much more complex system than that so obviously someone wouldn’t be able to cook up even a completely LLE version based on the Tegra X1 in the time since the Switch was announced.

  2. Does anyone really NEED a switch emulator just yet?

    I mean… what are you going to emulate? ;D

          1. I have a certain….pony that needs to be dealt with…Been trying to say to him that he’s on the wrong path but he will not listen and calling nintendo “shitendo” or “shitendo bitch”. would you mind trying to talk to him? his youtube name is “#godhatesyou#ps5mastererace”. no, I’m not joking, that is his youtube name and have a list of over 200 videos from other people saying “how shitendo sucks”.

            1. I wont say any console is the master race that’s just blatant autistic delusion of an over obsessed fanboy.

              Plus you can’t force somebody to change their minds to like something they don’t, Some people like Xbox, others like sony & Nintendo. While there are a few that don’t game and actually “GO OUT AND SOCIALIZE BEYOND A COMPUTER SCREEN”

                1. ignore him he’s doing it to get a reaction if you blank him out he will eventually get bored and look for attention elsewhere, the same goes for people who use their fake personas or idolize Fanbases/products too heart a bit too seriously, so my advise is just ignore them and get on with your life.

  3. It wasn’t until last year that they had a functional WiiU emulator, and these morons out here are looking for an emulator for a system which we don’t even have the cpu specs for yet!? It must be retarded gullible kids searching for a switch emulator lol:D

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