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Blaster Master Zero Pro Controller Support Coming Today

Good news for those of you who want to be able to play the well received Blaster Master Zero with your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as Inti Creates have confirmed that the patch is landing today in various regions. The update should download next time you fire up the retro themed title on your Switch console.


    1. I’m playing it on 3DS, and it is great! The platforming is spot on. The map function adds a much needed feature. And the top down sections are just forgiving enough to keep the game from getting annoying.
      So yes, it’s rather worth it in my opinion.

  1. Finally! Everytime I turn the game while docked I naturally grab my pro controller only for it to shut off right when the game starts. Then​ I have to go grab the joycons from the Switch after I just got comfy. This problem seems way more 1st world when I type it out.

    1. Same, I exclusively use the pro controller on the Switch (why would I user the joy-con grip when I have the pro controller) so when I got Blaster Master I was disappointed I couldn’t use it, so I dedicated all the time to Zelda while the pro controller support was added.

      The time has finally come.

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