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Video: Official Sonic Forces – First Modern Sonic Gameplay

The official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube account has uploaded the first high quality footage of Sonic Forces that made its debut yesterday. The short clip takes a look at the modern Sonic design and stage and is full of fast-paced action. Sonic Forces is due to be released this holiday season on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  1. As a sonic adventure fan (y’know the types of fans who are said to be insatiable) this looks very interesting. Hopefully the stories will be slightly darker and have some humans mainly because that’s what I was exposed to as a kid and, since this game’s selling point is nostalgia, it’d be really cool to see that.

    But it’s nice this got released to brighten my day up…especially when my cat was put down today which was terrible :(

    1. ||The First Order salutes your cat, worthy companions even to the Ing as I used to have one too…||

    2. Condolences on losing a family member. :(
      I may be a canine, but losing family is losing family.

      1. We had Daddy cat (my little brother named him) for about 3 years since we started taming him since he used to be feral. I hope we’ve given him a few last good years but it’s been a progression of building trust. In the past he scratched and hissed at us when we walked past but in his final days he was rolling on the floor waiting for a belly rub and stuff like that.

        He was a good cat.

        1. You certainly changed his entire world for the better. My dog is a rescue, but I’ve had her since she was a puppy, now we are best friends.

          People need to stop breeding animals until humans learn how to take care of the ones we have.

          If more people treated animals like you did with Daddy cat, the world would be significantly less fucked up. Until we learn to treat animals with love and respect, we sure the fuck won’t stop killing each other and creeping closer to own own demise.

  2. Ehhhh. Why must they try to push the ‘srs bznuzz grimdark’ nonsense? The premise of these characters is silly to start with, and you can build a feeling of consequence, like in S3&K, with being maudlin. Hopefully, there will be that necessary playful wink to it.

    1. “Why must they try to push the ‘srs bznuzz grimdark’ nonsense?”

      Because some people actually like it…like me? Just because there’s a silly premise doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be taken seriously if it was good…at least that’s what I and a few others think. Don’t get me wrong, you’re allowed to like and dislike what you want and I’m not intentionally attacking you for your views…it’s just that I thought I could shed a tiny bit of light on why sega is possibly catering to “srs bznuzz grimdark nonsense”.

      I seriously hope me explaining to you why sega might be doing this doesn’t result in a massive argument considering one of my pets has just literally been put down right now (the vets came to our house and injected him twice).

    2. Yeah, I’m with the other guy. I seriously opened the article totally prepped to for the same-old-same old, “please let sonic die” footage, but when I saw the darker direction, I was like, “Hmm… This is a game I would consider trying.”

  3. Hopefully this is a stage inside a hub world like Sonic adventure. A simple scroll through selecting stages would be a little disappointing but in either case that first preview looks promising.

  4. I had ( and still have) Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube, there’s something about this game and personal nostalgia that clicks in. But I’m not sure that sonic is a relevant series anymore, somewhere in between it just lost his magic.

    1. I hope by distracting myself with gaming that I can avoid being super depressed over my pet’s death…am I doing the right thing? I have no idea how to handle this correctly.

      1. ||Emotions as far as I understand it can only be processed by allowing them to run their course…||

        ||The rememberance of time will both stay and fade in different directions regarding your cat brother…||

    2. Sonic Forces & Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. What a time to be alive. EDIT: Whoa, okay… Looks like I’ve attracted a few fanboys from both sides. Just relax, guys. Forces & Odyssey are just video games. No biggie. Also, as an avid fan of both franchises, this year may be one of the best years in gaming for me. Honestly, I ought to change my username to “SomarionicTeen” or something. (“Somarionic” is a portmanteau of “Mario” & “Sonic”, by the way.) EDIT #2: Let’s change the topic to something less… war-provoking, like the best kind of pizza. My favorites are good ol’ pepperoni, meat-lovers, and supreme, and I love cheese-stuffed crust! No matter what Mario fanboy or Sonic fanboy say, I’m looking forward to both games. I love both Mario and Sonic.

    3. Sonic 2006 had its gameplay when playing as Silver the Hedgehog; perfected, but they botch gameplay for when you play as Sonic and others. Ruin the franchise by rushing out a game they didn’t spent almost any time polishing the other characters gameplay. I love Sonic Heroes & Adventure s & OG & Generations. Lost World allows you to change Sonic’s speed to your preference, but people didn’t notice it.

  5. This looks like the Sonic and the Black Knight engine. This looks garbage. Absolute garbage. Why must I always get excited for Sonic games only to be let down. Gross title for a Sonic game too.

  6. Does anyone like wisps? I’m disappointed to see them coming back yet again.
    As much as I loved Colors, and liked Lost World, the wisps always felt like an unnecessary addition and broke the pace on several occasions. Instead of wisps, why not give Sonic the means to perform those abilities through his own moveset? Maybe an ability meter to accommodate it, as to not over-power the player. It’d be much more seamless and feel more natural to perform the actions.
    I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited for this when it was first announced. I’ll reserve my judgement, but so far I’m not digging the look of this game. Boost gameplay just doesn’t do it for me. Wisps don’t do it for me. The Classic Sonic gameplay might be the saving grace if it looks good enough. And whatever the “third gameplay type” might be. If it’s Boom Sonic, then… gah.

    And, just to clarify… I’m not saying it looks bad.
    It’s just not appealing to what I’d personally like.

  7. I’m Pissed off because they are bringing back Wisps. In Colors it made sense but in Lost Worlds it was one of the main complaints the game received, They weren’t fun, destroyed the flow of the game, and were too gimmicky, and time consuming. I hate Wisp with a passion and that has destroyed my hype for this game. Also if you go back and play colors you will notice that it has a different boost system then Generations and Unleashed. In Generations and Unleashed you would refill your boost meter by destroying enemies, performing tricks, and such where in Sonic Colors the ONLY WAY to refill your boost meter was with wisps and that caused many sections in colors where you would run out of your boost completely and just have the entire flow and sense of speed destroyed. It looks like by the type of Wisps shown in this Gameplay that they are taking the Sonic Colors boost route so say good by to being able to speed run and boost your way through stages if you are skilled enough because it looks like you will have to depend solely on wisps for filling your boost meter. Thanks Sonic Team for messing up what could have been an amazing game by adding horrible, stupid, hated, gimmicky wisps.

    1. You barely even needed to use Wisps in Lost World. If anything, the biggest complaint about that game were it’s controls. Colors focused on platforming a lot more. You couldn’t just boost through the whole stage.

  8. So getting rings while running full speed still seems unattainable….I personally think rings should be used differently in a more effective way. Also I was hoping for an open world type of sonic game (obviously too much to ask) but this will do. Looks really crisp on the TV.

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