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Some Users Reporting Issues With Nintendo Switch Pro Controller D-Pad

It would appear as though a small number of users are having issues with the d-pad on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The issue seems to stem around the fact that it’s not registering input controls correctly. Reports have arisen over on NeoGAF and Reddit that something is not right. Have you experienced any issues with your Pro Controller’s d-pad?



      1. What media? “Some users reporting” seems to look a lot like with “some users reporting”, and not so much with “Everybody is having problems NIntenDOOMED Sega does what Nintendon’t!!!!”

  1. One user reported the issue, even in the thread you can read from other users is not a common issue…. And you make an article about this… Whats the point?

    1. Thats gaming journalism for you, it’s a crap load of shit, you need whatever you can get to stay relavent. You’d figure it be like regular journalism or any other type but nope I find gaming journalism to be the worst. You have basically have kids playing the job

    1. ||Yes, 0.000012% are reporting problems, we must decrease our problems to 0.0000001% at least…||

  2. I do actually have this issue. It’s very minor but the Dpad seems so stiff that it often registers as the wrong button. Most commonly when I want to open my weapons in Zelda it sometimes brings up Runes instead. It’s far from game breaking but it does get annoying. It’s probably worse if you’re trying to play a platformer, but I don’t have any on Switch.

    1. As you can read in the comments, fanboys don’t acknowledge Nintendo flaws. So it’s obviously you, not the controller.

      (#Sarcasm, I believe you) Now keep your problems to yourself so Nintendo fans don’t start spewing their hate at you.

      I would personally report this to Nintendo and get your controller swapped out. What people don’t realize, is for every person who speaks up, there are many more suffering in silence. it takes a few people to rise above the horde of modern Nintendo fans to bring these problems out in the open so they can be fixed or addressed.

      seriously. call Nintendo customer service. Just tell them the D Pad isn’t registering the correct direction consistently and tell them you’d like a new controller. they will probably ask you to return your old one, but you can play BotW with your Joycons while you wait, right?

      1. “As you can read in the comments, fanboys don’t acknowledge Nintendo flaws. So it’s obviously you, not the controller.”

        Now you’re just overtly lying.

        The trend here (and anyone can see it by scrolling) isn’t to say that NOBODY must be having problems. It’s to say that so few are reporting problems that it isn’t a newsworthy item. I’ve worked in the warranty field before. All products have a small number of units with manufacturing errors. Every, single, one. It’s only newsworthy when it’s significantly above industry standard. Where you can spot bias in journalism, is when failure rates are standard or below standard and they get covered as though it’s a regular happening. See: the claim that Switches get scratched just by undocking them.

        1. You must be new here.

          If you read through articles where switch problems are identified, people pretty much say what I said they were saying.

          You’re right, it’s not crystal clear on this post, so sorry for the confusion. Hang around this group long enough, and you’ll see what I’ve said is true.

          No need to apologise, it’s an honest mistake and easy to make from only going by one Post’s comments. I’ll be more clear next time for the new folks visiting this blog. :)

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Like that amsterdamagecontrol guy. He likes to pretend that the dock scratching the Switch issue doesn’t exist & is simply an owner slamming his Switch into the dock like some lunatic madman because HE doesn’t have this issue with his. Talk about self centered people, eh? lol

    2. I get the same thing in Zelda.

      People who play fighting games a lot – where precise inputs matter – should be familiar with the fact that this happens on every single D-pad.
      If you apply force to the rightside direction, from below, it might register as diagonal right-up, or even up entirely. Precise input on a d-pad takes practice, and I’m assuming whomever raised this complaint didn’t.

      The Xbox 360 d-pad has a special place in my heart for being constructed in such a way you might accidentally hit up if you press down in the wrong manner.
      Again where fighting games are concerned, hitting up (jump) when you don’t mean to is tantamount to suicide.

      Back on subject though, I also played Blaster Master, Bomberman R and several ACA Neo Geo games using the same pro controller and had no problem doing what I meant to do in the direction I wanted.

      1. So about the issue itself, I’m pretty sure that Zelda is programmed in such a way that
        any up-input, including diagonal up-right ↗, brings up runes. And that this trumfs the right-input for weapons.

        Iow, if they patch Zelda to bring up Weapons on up-right ↗ rather than runes, everyone should be happy.
        Swapping weapons is more common and more essential in the moment anyway.

    3. This! Pressing right on the Dpad seems to bring up the stuff from pressing up up sometimes… I have this to.

  3. There will always be issues with any product… I’m not a fanboy and can easily admit that the quality of Nintendo’s products have degraded over time. Cheaper plastics for each iteration, just compare the Game Boy to the 3DS or the Gamecube to the subsequent consoles. Cheaper and more brittle plastics, though I can still enjoy their consoles.

  4. Lol my GameCube cover open button got stuck back in 2002..

    Can I get a news article about it?

    Nah I’m just joshing,but it did stick a bit though lol

  5. I was registering target lock problems against the boss in Naboris. If the Joy-Con isn’t the culptrit certainly is the fu**ing Fubayashi!!! :grrr:

  6. i actually have experienced this problem. in botw i keep pressing the right button on the d-pad to bring up my weapons menu but it keeps bringing up the runes menu. i really hope this doesn’t keep happening because the switch pro controller is a fabulous controller.

  7. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I haven’t gotten a Switch Pro Controller yet. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I’ll wait til this issue is resolved then.

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