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Video: Honest Game Trailers – Breath Of The Wild

The team at Smosh Games have put together a brand new “honest game trailer” this time featuring the latest iteration in the Zelda series – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.  The team have created a series of honest trailers on various games in the past, using a comedic way to tell the truth about the game they feature. You can take a look at their latest video below:


24 thoughts on “Video: Honest Game Trailers – Breath Of The Wild”

  1. Well done Honest Trailers. Very rare to see them positive. Deadpool got some love, and… I forget. Very rare to find them be both Honest and positive, because Honestly negativity is more honest. ;D

    But not even the most Jaded of us can talk smack against Zelda BotW.

      1. Dude, I’m playing the WiiU version and besides a hand full of times I ~think~ the frame rate might have dropped, it’s amazing. What exactly are you going on about? Do you own the WiiU copy, or just repeating something you read in an article?

        As far as the ending, this game is certainly about the journey. And I’ve visited the castle once (and promptly left) and it was exciting as hell.

        So, I appreciate your attempt at negativity, but you don’t make any sense.

        1. I do own a Wii U copy. I was just accepting the challenge of talking smack by listing my two biggest problems with the game. This game otherwise deserves mountains of praise.

          Just as a note, the game being about the journey does not make the ending any less bad. Actually, the journey being so incredible is likely one of the factors as to why the ending is so terribly unsatisfying.

          I do wish I had your ability to not notice the difference between 30fps and 20fps.

    1. They didn’t finish the game either, they admit it in the trailer, saying they hope it ends well. :)

      I don’t know how far in you are, but I didn’t see anything that would be a spoiler for anyone that’s owned the game for a couple weeks and has met the 4 champions.

        1. I need to check my logged time. I’m sure I’ve put in a lot, but I need to check! I’ve met all 4 champions (the fourth most recently), and am now going on a long sweep of the map. I’m trying to work out a system to know where I have properly explored, marking where there are stronger bosses wandering the country side so I can go back and battle them later, food farming spots. I’m still finding new things. It’s just insane how much there is to explore and do. And I’ve barely even skimmed the water.

          I set foot on Hyrule castle area. I left pretty soon after. And that’s all I’ll say about that. ;D

          I’m really glad Zelda turned out to be what it is after the huge let-down with Mass Effect. x.x

    1. So you didn’t watch this one EH? They are positive when something deserves it. So maybe you haven’t seen enough of them.

  2. Hahaha! Best funny review. Americans are best on this (then they fall miserably on a Binding of Isaac, highs and lows I presume). ^^
    Actually it revealed many things others reviewers aren’t touching by far. A review that would make me buy that game. Well, I have it already. 9 out of 10 (to the review).

  3. Lol…..that was funny and right on point.

    They absolutely nailed why this game is so brilliant.

    And calling Link Zelda at the end? Hilarious. My 7 year old son is convinced Link is Zelda. Then again he is also convinced Master Chief is called Halo.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!}

      Does he also ask if Metroid crawls? lol

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!}

    lol “Link. Can. Finally. Jump. Like half an inch. Baby steps, guys.” xD While I’m happy to finally be jumping as Link in an actual Zelda game, why is his jump so pathetic!? I can see the memes, though. “Hylian men can’t jump!” Too bad they didn’t lay into some of the game’s flaws, though, because they are there. :/

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