UK Retailer GAME Had A Disappointing Christmas

Traditional UK video game retailer GAME announced today that its profits fell spectacularly over the Christmas period. Pre-tax profits were down by over a quarter during the busy Christmas period compared to Christmas 2015. However, all is not lost, as the company has said it has seen strong demand for the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, when both are in stock. They are also looking forward to Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio console which should help boost profits as well.

“We have been pleased with the positive trading performance delivered in the first few weeks of the second half,” GAME boss Martyn Gibbs stated.

“Although we expect industry-wide challenges in our core Xbox and PlayStation categories to continue, we anticipate the overall UK market to remain positive during the rest of 2017, underpinned by the successful launch and continued consumer demand for the Nintendo Switch, the planned launch of Xbox Project Scorpio and a stronger slate of new titles later in the year.”

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  1. These game companies seem to be living Console-to-console. They probably won’t last much longer.

    Back in MY day, you actually got a good deal on your used games, and got used games for more than $5 off. Gamestop is a joke. I got better trade in selling to Amazon once.

    If Game is anything like Gamestop, I doubt either will be alive more than 7 more years.

    1. ||They are just as bad or worse, especially in my territory, well once upon a time, we completely erased them from our presence…||

  2. Doesn’t surprise me. Game pretty much shuns anything Nintendo but when the Switch proves long term its here to stay it’ll be too late for Game.

    As i’ve said on other articles, our local has absolutely no advertising of the Switch in the window and only a small (1 metre wide) display right at the back of the store. Its crazy.

  3. Good. Rip off merchants. Who charges above RRP? They rely on people hesitant to preorder at a competitive price going in store on release dates and thinking they want the game and are happy to pay a bit extra. That and parents at Christmas who don’t know better and don’t want to disappoint their little COD loving tween. Stay competitive or don’t bother.

  4. I find it a bit sad that these game companies might actually die out. I went into a Gamestop a couple of weeks ago. It must’ve been at least half a year since I was in one. There’s something about the shopping experience found at a store that specializes in games that’s unique. I looked around a bit, found some games I never got a chance to try, chatted with the employees for a bit. I can’t go into any other store and get the same experience.

    In the end, the fate of these companies is kind of their own doing. If you fail to adapt to a changing market, you’re guarenteed to fail; but I think I’ll miss them in the end.

    1. ||They used to charge 15 euros for the pre-order of a weapon without getting it back, so the total cost was the weapon + the pre-order fee and they wonder why they deserve to be destroyed…||

  5. That’s because GAME UK sucks. They’re really REALLY bad with customer services and the games are usually overpriced. I pre-ordered my Switch with them and I only find out I was going to get it only by the end of March literally 6 hours before launch, and only because I called them and waited for 50 minutes in the line.

    Official on-line store for nintendo has been way better than them in terms of purchase experience and customer services. Smaller websites are also WAY better, because the games/consoles always end up cheaper…

  6. I haven’t spent any money in GAME for a couple of years. They’re charging ridiculous prices. I buy my games from 365games, or Insane Games on the high-street. Both are much, much cheaper.

    CEX offer far better trade-in prices too.

  7. Well GAME, perhaps if you didn’t keep over-charging for games and consoles and actually competed with Argos, Amazon, and so on, then maybe you wouldn’t be “disappointed” in your sales.
    Just the other day, I was looking at prices for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ShopToNet and Amazon had it for £42, Smyths wanted £42.85, and what did GAME want? £49.99!!
    Absolute rip-off.

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