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Playtonic Share Yooka-Laylee’s Donkey Kong Inspired Rap

Donkey Kong 64 is famous for its incredible DK Rap, the Kongs all rapping about their powers and abilities. However, it looks like Yooka and Laylee are trying to get in on the rapping game too. To celebrate the upcoming revival of Rare style platformers, Playtonic has released a Yooka-Laylee rap inspired by Donkey Kong 64. Check it out below.

22 thoughts on “Playtonic Share Yooka-Laylee’s Donkey Kong Inspired Rap”

    1. Playtonic, directed by ex Rare members, sucks way less than Rare actually is.

      Gotta give them a chance to make a comeback. I love everything I saw from that game so far. OK the rap might be a hairline too far, but still.

    1. It not just removing the lines (didn’t even know Jontron had a cameo in the game)

      It’s folding to the SJW nutmegs at Neogaf

      They showed how gutless they are by this action

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