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Scammer Sells Wii Inside Of Nintendo Switch Box

Not even Bowser himself would commit such a crime. With Switch shortages continuing, some Nintendo fans are still desperate to get their hands on the company’s latest console. However, the Switch hype has attracted a few scammers looking to make some quick cash. When one fan saw a new Switch listed on Amazon for only $260, they quickly jumped on the deal. However, the scammer took the money and sent over a Wii instead. While the Wii is a great console in its own right, it wasn’t really what the customer wanted. Luckily they managed to get a full refund.





    1. Your fellow Nintentard needs to be destroyed by fire for being so foolish to buy something that was obviously a scam to somebody who has half a brain. That moron deserves what happened to him. And to top it off Amazon, PayPal or somebody had to reimburse him the money for his foolish mistake.

      The Church of Sasori is disgusted by this.. Casual trash..

  1. Lol I’ve seen these listings on Amazon. They had the pro controller for the switch for 25 dollars from third party sellers brand new. It’s stupid tho you can just claim a refund if it’s fake and that’s it.

  2. Especially one you can homebrew and play nearly every retro game imaginable (NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Sega CD, Neo Geo Pocket Color, CPS1, CPS2, a few N64 and PS1 titles, etc.) as well as any Gamecube or Wii game, with Gamecube Controller support.

    Oh, and this BS site won’t let me use my facebook account!

  3. Wow, if you’re going to report a story, at least do it correctly.

    This “Switch-that-was-a-Wii” wasn’t purchased from a scam seller on Amazon, it was purchased from Amazon Warehouse Deals, which is the “scratch and dent / returned items / traded-in items” selling arm of Amazon. Someone bought a Switch and returned it back to Amazon for some reason, obviously swapping out the Switch for a Wii before returning it. They sent the box back to Amazon, someone didn’t check it out correctly when it came back to Amazon and they sold it as a non-new item, in either Like New or Good condition. The buyer (who I know personally, so I know the story first-hand) opened up the box, found that he had a Wii instead of a Switch and reported the issue to Amazon, who returned the “Switch” and refunded all of his money.

    So, as I explained, this wasn’t some scammy third-party Amazon vendor (which there are plenty of on there, though not in this case), this was an Amazon mistake, through and through, even though there’s a third party involved in dealing with returns. That’s what makes this much worse, since Amazon didn’t catch this in the return process from the scamming Amazon customer and not refund the money when they tried this bait-and-switch on the return.

  4. So about a week and a half ago when no big retailers were stocking any Nintendo Switches. I started to go around and buy Nintendo Switches as the started to show up in store during the latest GameStop restock…

    The Church of Sasori was able to snag 7 consoles (5 grey and 2 blue/red) and I sold them at a profit on eBay Lol. I only have 1 more left to sell! And I made about $75 to $100 profit on each console after eBay/shipping/PayPal fees.. The Nintentards are idiots and would pay just about anything for a glorified Leapfrog tablet with gay cartoon graphics.. money in my pocket bitches!

    Church of Sasori..

    1. ||While you’re increasing our sold units in the end, this is what our slaves are doing…||

    2. I’m sorry to say this but church of sasori has a point, Survival of the fittest, and while i don’t agree with scalpers at all! people need to be faster to get what they need before they get to them.

  5. Why would you put anything at all in the box when trying to scam? Is there some legal loophole that lets the buyer get a refund from Paypal without the seller having to return the money?
    Or is it a new scam strategy? I’ve already experienced this pattern twice this year on eBay: You buy something (from a professional seller) but receive an inferior/different item than described. You report that to the seller and get an apology. The seller then sends you the correct item.
    If enough people just accept the inferior product, the seller can make a fortune!
    Is this by accident or a scam strategy?

    1. This is Amazon, which doesn’t use PayPal.
      For eBay customers likely don’t want to deal with the hassle or return shipping so they leave it as is. Plus the most recent policies don’t benefit customers much.

  6. “Falls of chair laughing” Serves him/her right for buying into a scalpers trap.

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