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LEGO City Undercover Load Times Comparison Video Between Nintendo Switch And Wii U

A number of LEGO City Undercover players weren’t too pleased with the original game’s load times on Wii U. However, the upcoming Nintendo Switch remaster improves upon that aspect by reducing the time you have to wait when entering certain areas or before watching cutscenes. Check out the video below for some side-by-side comparisons between both versions. LEGO City Undercover is set to arrive this Tuesday, April 4, on Nintendo Switch.



  1. It’s disappointing to see the developers of the game did not take advantage of the Switch hardware to improve the load times by much. It looks like they went for the straight port and the small improvement is simply from the natural extra power of the console itself.

    Pretty disappointing if you ask me, but I never played the original, so if I decide to get this game for the Switch, at least it is ‘slightly’ better.


    1. It’s possible this is the best they can do with the engine they designed. After all, it’s not like the Wii U’s hardware was to blame for the load times in the original. Breath of Wild kind of proves that.


  2. You have to focus on the positive. Now you can take Lego City’s load-times with you, on the go. Now it’s possible to wait for games to load on your commute to work.
    This must truly be the future we are living in.

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