Nintendo Cancelled A 3DS Remake Of The Original SNES Star Fox

Star Fox fans will remember the remake of Star Fox 64 that released soon after the 3DS’s release. However, it looks like we almost got another Star Fox remake on the handheld. During a Reddit AMA, Dylan Cuthbert discussed a 3DS remake of the original SNES Star Fox that Q-Games pitched to Nintendo. Cuthbert was a major force in the creation of Star Fox, pioneering the 3D technology that allowed such a complex game to run on the Super Nintendo. According to him, it was Nintendo who shot down the 3DS remake. Check out the full AMA here.

We did a old-school re-make demo like this of the original StarFox for the 3DS back after we did the remake of StarFox 64 and showed it to Nintendo but they weren’t interested unfortunately.



  1. Starfox 64 is 20 years old and since then only STarfox Adventures and Asault are the only orginals. What they do run out of ideas?

  2. The original Star Fox seems to be shunned by NCL for reasons I cannot fathom. It is one of the few SNES games that cannot be found on Virtual Console or having a remake. Further, I find the game more enjoyable than any other entry in the series.

    1. Bryan. that’s because the game uses the Super FX chip, and the company that made the chip (which is NOT Nintendo) went bankrupt so the copyright of the chip went to nowheresville so Nintendo is not able to release Star Fox or any other game that has the chip (Uniracers) on VC.

      I’m pretty sad about it, as Star Fox is the best game in the series. I’d have paid top dollar just to be able to play it again ‘on the go.’

    2. I don’t think it’s so much as shunned as simply difficult to emulate on virtual console because of the special chip it required. It’s the same reason every VC version of Yoshi’s Island is the GBA version, not the SNES version.

  3. Whenever I read something related to Star Fox, mixed emotions take over my mind. On the one hand, Star Fox has been one of the most fun and sweet franchises I’ve ever touched during my whole life. On the other hand, I feel so sad by realizing that, after its pinnacle — Adventures and Assault –, Nintendo managed to kill it, and finally placed it six-feet under by forcing an awkward control scheme on Zero, a miserably failed attempt to revamp something that should not start again, but evolve from the Gamecube titles.

    Nintendo lacks logic. But I won’t get started with it again.

  4. Haven’t played the newest Star fox. What I would like to have is a new starfox with on foot and plane battles. I mean they created a bigger world with starfox adventures, never got to play assault so I can’t comment on that. I honestly don’t even know WT most of the story for starfox even is lol I just know andross is a giant flying head for some reason. I don’t feel the series has really progressed in story. Most people may just want an arcade shooter thats why I don’t think the series will ever go where I would like to see it go but still would like to see a more expanded game or a reboot

    1. You’re thinking about Star Fox 64 3D, which is a reboot of the SNES original. Despite it being a reboot, it is an entirely different game. This article is talking about the original SNES game.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!} says:

    But we did get a remake of the original SNES Star Fox game. It was technically Star Fox Zero which was a remake of Star Fox 64 which itself was a remake of the SNES original. So by order of progression, Star Fox Zero was that remake. It wasn’t a 3DS remake but a remake none the less.

  6. I think all the games are pretty much based on the original as gameplay doesn’t change much. Zero changed things up a bit thankfully, but people hated it.

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