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Nintendo Direct Gameplay Accidentally Reveals Four More ARMS Fighters

Nintendo revealed several features from their upcoming Switch fighter during last night’s presentation. However, it seems they accidentally revealed a bit more than they intended to. Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that when Nintendo showed off some of ARMS’ menus, several unannounced characters could be partially seen. It was a NeoGAF user who first spotted them. While we don’t get a good look at any of these fighters, it’s good to know the game is getting more content.





    1. ||We aren’t called Leave Luck to Heaven to deal with insignificant random chances…||

  1. I’m more interested in buying the game knowing that there might be more than four characters. Arms looked fun, but only for characters in a fighting game was a major turn off for me, so this is nice.

  2. Too me, those characters look like Ribbon Girl and Machanica and Master Mummy. … I could be wrong as I hear my vision is not so keen. But that’s what it looks like to me

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