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Dragon Quest XI To Eclipse Sales Of Pokemon Sun & Moon And Final Fantasy XV Combined According To Exec

Former Famitsu chief editor Hirokazu Hamamura, who is now the president & CEO of Enterbrain, Famitsu’s publisher and brand company of Kadokawa Corporation firmly believes that Dragon Quest XI will perform abnormally well. So well in fact that he recently said at a  Tokyo developer’s seminar that the sales will go above and beyond that of Pokemon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy XV combined. Hamamura also added “the ‘destructive force’ that is Dragon Quest software (sales) is on a completely different level. There will likely be people who buy both PS4 and 3DS versions as well,”.

With strong and positive predictions that the title will perform well, it’ll be interesting to see the sales figures during the launch period for Dragon Quest XI.





  1. I love the series but come on I can’t see this happening at all, not in a million years.

    There’s a difference between being optimistic and being overly optimistic and that difference is clearly evident here.

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  2. Yeah… I can see a multiplat Dragon Quest easily beating Pokemon, maybe both Pokemon and FF… in Japan. Internationally, I can’t see it beating either Pokemon nor FF.


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