NES Classic Edition Production Now Suspended In Europe

With recent news that Nintendo are suspending production of the NES Mini / NES Classic Edition in the US and Australia, it’s now being reported by an Italian news site that Europe won’t see any more NES Classic Edition’s being stocked for the foreseeable. And again Nintendo are sticking by their word of:

“We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.”

If and when Nintendo announce that they are planning to start up production of the NES Classic Edition again we’ll be sure to let you know.

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  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

    ||Good, 90% focus on the Switch production then…||

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  2. ottospooky says:

    I’ll box mine up and keep it all nice.


  3. (IWKB's) BATMAN says:

    I wish I had one.

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  4. Oh, so the Brits still get it because they’re not Europe? 😝


    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

      ||We do not care about pointless human squabbles, as long as they become our slaves by buying our products…||


  5. Nintendo stops manufacturing NES Classics: Classic Nintendo.


  6. Fire Emblem Elitist says:

    I knew they would do something stupid like this, Now scalpers will be even worse.


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