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Nintendo Officially Recognizes Zelda: Breath Of The Wild As The Game With “More Perfect Scores Than Any Game In Metacritic History”

Nintendo has unveiled another accolades trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with a description that invites viewers to “experience the game with more perfect scores than any game in Metacritic history.” In this particular promo, the publisher specifically mentions how you can play it on Nintendo Switch but doesn’t acknowledge the fact that it’s also available on Wii U. You can check out the new accolades trailer for the Nintendo Switch version below:


  1. It’s a good game. Playing it again the second time and tried to make a rush for the castle. Couldn’t quite take the moat but got some great gear.
    It’s a game you wish you could play for the first time, again.

    1. Spoiler:


      No seriously, spoiler:

      Korok Forest. In the woods north on the map. Once you are in try to follow the lanterns and be patient. You need to have at least 13 hearts to grab it, once you’ve reached its location.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

          Now, now. I don’t like PETA either but let’s leave the insults regarding them, and their blind supporters, to that one article where they whined about a cow getting milked.

  2. No point advertising it for Wii U since it’s already discontinued. The only reason it was still released there was for people who already owned one. The Switch is the system people you can actually buy new in stores.

  3. The game is a great game, but it isn’t perfect like a lot of people are making it out to be.
    The game’s story is interesting but it does feel a bit messy, especially with the personalities of the characters such as Zelda being very sporadic during the cutscenes, one minute she hates Link with a passion, next she want’s Link in her “Royal Chambers”.

    The gameplay is fun but I do have to say the rain mechanics does give it challenge but really does annoy me from time to time. However, the weapon breaking mechanic actually doesn’t bother me as it makes me think on my toes rather than just relying on my swords alone. I do feel they need to change up the stamina system though as a lot of people have complained about it but I feel like it’s a welcome addition.

    Graphics wise the game is amazing on both Wii U and Switch and the art style of the game really does show that Nintendo vibe just coming through. I actually love the graphics in this Zelda as I felt that Twilight Princess was too dark and dull, in terms of the colour scheme, but with Breath of the Wild, it’s stunning.

    Dungeons are sometimes either way too easy or way too hard and REQUIRE you to have certain items or you can’t complete them fully, which kind of sucks and some of those god damn gyro puzzles really ticked me off so many times due to the pretty weird gyros in the controllers. But, finding out you can just flop the board upside down by holding your controller face down was pretty neat.

    The Maze Dungeons have to be the easiest dungeons to beat when you get two stamina rings. You just need to climb over the walls, find the entry into the center of the maze and there you go, done.

    Enemies can sometimes one shot you like those god damn fecking Centaries that have a bow that can One shot you no matter were you are and it’s just freaking annoying. The game does give you hints as the enemies will either have different markings, different coloured skin or just have more weapons, but sometimes even the “weaker” enemies suddenly become beasts when they get on a horse.

    Overall I found the game amazing, but not worth a 9/10 or 10/10.
    I’d give it a 7/10 as well which is pretty good score in my opinion, but of course I’d get some backlash for it but that’s okay, we all need to express our opinions :)

      1. No, why are you calling me Jim Sterling?
        I personally think the game is good but not a complete master piece.
        In my review score on my Website, this score of a 7/10 would be a “Loved It” from me because I did.

        Why are Nintendo fans so offended by scores below 8 or 9? It doesn’t mean it’s a completely terrible game. But if you love this game and you think it’s worth a 9/10 or a 10/10 then you do that because it’s you’re opinion, you think the game is deserving of a higher praise. Heck, Zelda got a much higher score than Snake Pass from me which Snake Pass got a “Liked It” which is around 6/10.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

          Careful. You speak too logical for the fanboys of this game. *shrug* But as you said, it’s their opinion & they are welcome to it.

      1. And your comment making it very obviously that you are a casual gamer but of course I’d get some backlash for it but that’s okay, we all need to express our opinions :)

        1. I’ve played nearly over 150+ hours into Zelda and it’s actually the first Zelda game I’ve actually fell in love with while the other Zelda games never really caught my attention.

          I still don’t know why Nintendo fans are just willing to get salty over an opinion really, but we all need to express our opinions :)

          1. GamerCade (@GamerCade2017)

            Ok bitches and GamerCade (@GamerCade2017) i will deactivate My trolling Mode for a Real comment and yes this is my Thanos vasiliou the troller im the same person
            “”Troll Mode Deactivated””

            You still dont know why nintendo fans are salt on you?
            Well are you ready to learn why they are? are you realy ready?

            Spoil alert bad english comming not my prio language im greek sorry i could explain it even much deeper in my language

            (1 reason)because you are a casual gamer who pretends the professional gamer
            (2 reason)You making this review as a bait mostly for clicks on your website because the best easy way to start a webside or to get clicks is to put low score on a legendary game like many others sites already done with different games

            But it is time to explain you exacly why you are a casual gamer and the first reason for the critism you get
            Here i started: also this is not my opinion this is reality and reality is beyond opinions

            First you mention the first Negative on the game “The game’s story is interesting but it does feel a bit messy”
            This is how you deeply failed to understand the situation of the game. and for Zelda while this is not a a video
            these are Memories from Link also Memories are not something that have a strait line connection you have to figure out and make image what zelda feeling for this situation also i will not mention the whole story now some people already make a good attempt to explain it to you like John “Thomas Wallace”
            So..You want to make a review? make it right and dont failing for following the story

            Second: Dungeons REQUIRE you to have certain items i am also failing to understand what you mean here like what items are required? and even if this is the case it was your fault to get inside a dungeon without been prepared.. (dont worry i kick many people like you from my raid in world of warcraft you are not the only noob around here) Also Gyro controllers are not bad they are just difficult to mastered

            Third: Make your focus extra strong here on your Third failed attempt because here is how i will exposed and why i called you casal gamer
            You mention as negative for the game “Maze Dungeons”
            “”Dude”” i will get more serious now cause this is your biggest failure attempt to put a negative point for “The maze dungeon” Because you just Point as negative the only reasson why Zelda tops all the scores from professional reviewers all around the wrodl and that is the Freedom for the game.
            You go Inside the Maze and you have 2 ways first Way you climb second way you do it normaly but you choose
            to mention the climb way? while this is the casual way and nintendo put it there for some kids who will get lost forever.But here is the problem yyou choose this as a negative and that makes the Maze very easy. Did you know that was your fault to climb the walls? i mean When you watch a horror movie you go to your friend and you are saying “Hey this Horror movie was not scary like all you claim..and i had the lights open and the sound close so that makes the movie less scary” You realise how is your fault to choose this way to finish the Maze?
            or even you never done that and you just mention it (i doupt) is a bad mention as negative because the climb is there for casuals who cant finish the pazzle.

            Fourth: another failed attempt to mention a respectably Negative is The “Enemies can sometimes one shot you”….what should i say? one word…again…Casual…and why i call you Casual you still dont get it right?
            There is even a tip on the loading screen that telling you, if enemies are tough you need to stay away from them and go back when you are prepared. One shot to me never happend since only one time because i didn’t knew. but you go half as-s prepared to a strong enemy who requires some skills to kill him normaly and some
            fairies<– in your bags
            Hey did you knew you can kill Lynel with "Stealth"? without even notice where you are? there are people who make this happened so these people who make a review of how easy Lynel is? ofc why you make a review of how easy Maze dungeon is for climbing the walls?(casual?)
            "enemies suddenly become beasts when they get on a horse" one arrow and they are off..they are so beasts yea..

            In the end i will explain you the difference between you The casual reviewer and The Proffecional reviewers
            The casual reviewer (you) will mention a negative on the game of how easy it becomes when you master all the abilities from The divine beasts.
            In the other hand the proffecional reviewers who knows how to make a review the will not even Mention this because they all know this is worthless to be mentioning it while this belongs on the "gaming style category"
            What is this category who every proffecional knows? well i just said it already "gaming style" that means you play as you like what ever style you like. and again..what that means? well you can disable the god damn abilities and not use them if they make the game so easy.
            The pro reviewers will not mention things like "Maze can be easy if you climb" because is your choice to ruin your gameplay the will not even Mention things like that cause well is freedom do what ever you like you can choose the easy way or the hard way but you make a negative point for the easy way because it exist? casual
            Zelda is around 97/100 on metacritic this is the official score or 96/100 soon i dont know if people like you make reviews well maybe will go even lower.
            Zelda is 97/100 and all pro sites put these scores and they deliver the reason why they put 9+
            While you put the very negative bad score 7/10 and you miserably failed to explain why you put 7/10
            Also 7/10 is a very bad score this is a gaming area not a movie area or a school area 7/10 you should know how the score for games work on gaming area and not putting score of "what you thinking" because you will get burned from all the fans but this is what you want right? click baits for your site? lI just finish the first reasson why nintendo fans making negative comments on you
            The second reasson is the click bait that you make for zelda with obvious wholes on your review and i dont need to proove again how this works while there are sites who put on the last of us 5/10 or the on mans sky 10/10 and some sites like you put on zelda 7/10 or 6/10 to get attention but i just exposed how your review was bad

            """Troll Mode activated"""

              1. my trolls are 99% fake but after i saw this person who tried to sound like a proffecional reviewer (i had to get serious) and mentioning the strong points on zelda like the freedom to be something bad and support the 7/10 like that he didn’t even understand the story or the emotions zelda had or reactions of her. Almost all the things he mention are all irrelevant as negative points for Botw tragic..i guess he will not even read the comment but i will repeat it on hes website..and the funny thing is he is wondering why he have backlash LMAO

      2. Yet I completed the game over 4 times, played over 100+ Hours of the game, almost completed all the shrines and got the Master Sword in less than a 3 days… So I’m a casual? How does that make sense if I constantly played the game like crazy?

        If you disagree with my score than that’s fine, I personally don’t believe it’s completely perfect but I do believe it’s an amazing game. Hell, it’s even got onto my Nominees list for Game of the Year over on my blog. If it wasn’t thanks to the issues, I would have given this game a 9/10 but due to the issues in the game I couldn’t help by give it a 7/10 which is a really good score.

        I just found some of the characters to be a bit bland but I enjoyed the environments, I loved roaming around Hyrule and beating Calamity Ganon 4 times a was just too much fun.

        Just saying, you should actually think before you act as I’ve been playing video games since the SNES era. Hell, I actually did a course in Games Development at College which was fun and I’m going on to do a Animation Degree at College.

        1. The problem isnt your score, it is the fact that prople dont rate games logically. You start throwing perfect scores around and then it is assumed the game is “perfect” even though improvements can always be made.

          I don’t necessarily agree with you because there is too many things that were done so very well and with the ability to defeat enemies or puzzles in multiple ways depending on when you arrive there and how the game can give you a personal experience, i dont know, anything under a 9 doesnt seem right and with the way ratings are valued currently a “perfect” score is probably what it deserves. Its a triumph

          1. I think the biggest question I would have would be, if BotW gets a 7/10, what exactly is getting his 9’s and 10’s?

            It immediately suggests that either he has major biases in his evaluations, as you’d be VERY hard pressed to find any game ever worth three whole points over BotW, or he’s just underscoring everything reserving 9’s and 10’s for hypothetical imaginary games.

        2. I think the problem is that people look at game ratings in different ways, and not every reviewer uses the same rating system. First of all, I have a tendency to look at game scores in the same way I look at school grades. In most schools (U.S.), a grade of 7/10 would indicate a low C or a D, meaning either average or below average. I think a lot of people may subconsciously look at them in the same way. This probably isn’t an effective way of looking at game scores, since anything below 6/10 in school typically indicates a complete failure, but I, personally, am at a point in my life where I don’t have a ton of free time, so I have to be selective about the games I play. I simply don’t want to “waste” time on anything that’s less than a 7.

          Second, I think people commonly make the mistake of thinking that a score of 10/10 means “perfect”. As of now, the idea of a perfect game is impossible to even define, let alone actually achieve. If 10/10 indicates a perfect game, then logic dictates that no game should ever get that score. For me, and I truly believe this should be the standard across the industry, a score of 10/10 should indicate that a game is so good in multiple areas, that any flaws it has are completely negated, and the game never actually “feels” flawed. Then, every other rating should flow from that. Look for all the good in the game first, then look at how badly the flaws affect the game. Based solely on the points you raised in your comment, I’d say 8/10 would be more appropriate.

    1. GamerCade (@GamerCade2017) | There is a reason Zelda hates Link the one time and wants him in the Champions team the other time. And it’s explained thoroughly. But, you obviously missed it.

    2. I think calling Zelda’s portrayal “sporadic” is bullshit. You’re over exaggerating what’s actually happening so let me explain something.

      Warning spoilers ahead. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      Zelda is a teenage princess who metaphorically feels the weight of the world on her shoulders and is well aware that she has great expectations to meet. She also shows pride in wanting to be able to take on these challenge on her own and be independent. Link just follows her around a lot of the time on the Kings orders (it is implied at least), hence the “Stop following me!” she says in one scene. She continuously fails to meet her objectives, which disappoints her (as is natural) and when Calamity Ganon strikes, her world starts falling to pieces, and she goes along with it as the weight of her failures and her greatest one, in her mind: not being able to stop the Calamity, finally takes hold. She breaks down crying. Regardless of the voice acting, the way she reacts to things are natural for her age.

      Let us also not forget the best part. The fact she is portrayed as nerdy in at least one memory.

  4. This game definitely deserves the praise. It’s been a month since it’s release, and I’m STILL playing it. I don’t think I’ve ever played a Zelda game that long before. I’m trying to do as many side missions and shrines as I possibly can before going after Ganon. Because I know that once I defeat Ganon, I won’t care about playing anymore. I have too many games backed up, awaiting to be played.

    Sadly, my Switch will be collecting dust (if I didn’t keep it covered) clear until this holiday season after Zelda is over with. Because there’s no more games I care about (at the moment) until Super Mario Odyssey releases. Hopefully more GOOD games release in the future than there is this year.

    1. But of course if you give the game less than 8/10, you get backlash (which is to be expected).
      I personally think the game is amazing, but not worth a full 10/10 rating it keeps getting. However, the game is close to being nearly perfect but I feel like it needs to be polished a little more.

      1. “the game is close to being nearly perfect” so why aren’t you giving it a 9? You’re complaining about the backlash, but that your score differs so much from the content of your review, it suggests you’re going out of your way to create the backlash for the attention.

    2. Actually, there are a lot of good games coming out this year, such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Minecraft, Arms, and Sonic Forces.

        1. I wish they could find a balance between the two formulas somehow. While BOTW brought a lot of great new things to the series, there are things from previous entries that I really miss.

  5. The idiot up there saying it is an amazing game and playing over 100 hours and completed it over 4 times and says it deserves a 7…

    You make no fucking sense, no one in their freaking mind plays something as much as you have when giving it a 7… the hell you come up with that logic?

    I swear some people are dumb.

    1. It’s their opinion. They gave their reasoning. Attacking someone over their opinion is pretty childish. Just because you think the game is absolutely amazing doesn’t mean everyone else will.

    2. look man, the dungeons and story are shit, he boss fights are shit, and theres only 2 actual bosses in the overworld, hinox and stone talus. The big open world is amazing, but by Zelda standards for bosses and dungeons, its shit.

      1. ” story are shit,”

        The story is better developed than most Zelda games.

        ” by Zelda standards for bosses and dungeons, its shit.”

        Comparing it to most previous Zeldas makes no sense, since it wasn’t trying to do things that way. I could use the same rational to say that OoT is shit because the puzzles and mysteries are too easy to solve, and the game is too linear by NES Zelda standards.

  6. 9/10… The game is a true masterpiece unlike so many games now that really are not… The game at the moment is a bit easy (waiting for hard mode), the devine beasts are easy and the story is abit short … I like the open air aspect but dear god don’t let it become standard, i get so bored roaming doing minial things for hours and hours, just want to start game play it and finish it sorta 12-24 hours max and then new game + or unlock stuff that makes me want to play again… Zelda is fantastic but it needs to change formula again for the next outing :)

  7. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    I’m torn between giving the game a 7 or 8. I love a lot of things about it but there are a few things I hate. I won’t bother listing them, though, since someone is gonna bitch about my opinion no matter what. *shrug* On to the next article!

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