Eurogamer: Nintendo To Release SNES Mini This Year

Sources close to Eurogamer have revealed that the Kyoto based company is working on a Super Nintendo Mini. The device will apparently be available to consumers this Christmas and will no doubt be a smash hit if sales of the NES Mini are anything to go by. The SNES Mini will be another plug and play system just like the NES Mini and will feature a wide array of popular titles.


Thanks to Ellis and Dennis



  1. This seems like a cool idea, but it is kind of weird. I thought that Nintendo stopped production of the NES Classic Edition so it wouldn’t compete with the Switch’s Virtual Console once it comes out, but I guess not.

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    1. I don’t think so. After looking into the situation more, I’m thinking that the only purpose of the NES Classic was to get Nintendo on the minds of consumers. It got everybody talking about Nintendo just in time for them to show off a brand new console.

      This article makes some good points.

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      1. Yeah, I agree with Ridley. Nintendo didn’t have a holiday 2016 product. The NES Classic was really just to hold them over until the Switch came out. Now that the Switch is out and doing well, it’s no coincidence they’re pulling the plug.

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    1. N64 mini would be awesome (if for no other reason than getting me an official controller I could plug into the Wii/Wii U Virtual Console), but I think they’d have a hard time filling it up with games.

      Even if they went with every game on the Wii U Virtual Console (which you have to think is all the games they currently have licenses to use) that’s only 21. It also wouldn’t necessarily be the 21 people would want. You’re not getting any of the games by Rare, so that’s Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Blast Corps, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini and Banjo Kazooie out right there and the WCW/WWF games people really loved won’t work because of licenses with the individual wrestlers.

      All that said, I’d totally still buy it… if they made more than 100 of them this time.

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      1. Lol good point we need more of those bonafide classics from other developers. But still an auto cop for me as well.


  2. I can’t believe this just yet. It sounds a bit too plausible, if that makes any sense. Everybody expects an SNES Classic at this point, so it’s easy to say that one’s definitely coming this year and pass it off as a rumor.

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      1. Nintendo are being a bit a little snobbish if they cant stop modders they stop it all together bit stuck up if you ask me.


  3. This is kinda goofy. You still can’t find the NES mini and it is already discontinued. I am all for the SNES model but their business model is whack. It seems they are losing out on missed oppertunities here.

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  4. Couple this with them ending NES Classic production, and you have some sense out of the latter. Still not too pleased with them cutting that off less than a year after launch while it was plagued with stock issues since day 1.

    If this is legit, I expect better treatment of its handling than with the previous Classic.

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    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

      I don’t expect better treatment, sadly, so we’ll see.


  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    Sadly this thing will probably have only about 5 games, out of 30 or more, that I’ll actually want. But if it’s the right kind of 5 games, I guess I could sacrifice some money for just those 5. Anyway, if I don’t get one, I’ll still be checking out the line up of games on it. Who knows. Maybe one of the games it’ll have will be that one game I had fun with when I was very little but sadly can’t remember the damn name of. I do have bits & pieces of some parts of the game in my head so I should be able to recognize it, if it’s on there, by using Google Images.


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