Video: Here’s A Look At The Evolution Of Sonic’s 3D Model Over The Years

Sonic the Hedgehog’s model has evolved over the years in many ways, ever since the franchise entered the realm of 3D in the mid-90s. However, for the first time, someone took a moment to show off just how many changes Sonic‘s model has gone through. A+Start has uploaded the newest installment of their Low Poly series, and the episode focuses on Sonic’s model. It begins from Sonic The Fighters and ends at the separate Sonic branch that is Sonic Boom with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Classic Sonic’s model from Sonic Generations is also covered. If you want to see it yourself, we’ve included the video down below.




  1. So, basically, what I get from this is that Sonic creators are fantastic at making models, as all of them are amazing, and if SEGA and Big Red Button could make a Sonic game as good as they are able to make Sonic models, then we would have some pretty amazing games.


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