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Video: Minecraft Switch Split Screen Gameplay

The release of Minecraft for the Switch is just around the corner, and if you want to feast your eyes on some more gameplay ahead of its launch, there’s some brand new footage from Snorth93 showcasing the game’s split screen. You can check it out below:

Thanks, Snorth93

7 thoughts on “Video: Minecraft Switch Split Screen Gameplay”

  1. Horizontal splitscreen is better for a 4:3 ratio, vertical for 16:9. Especially on the Switch’s small screen, that splitscreen doesn’t seem so optimal.

    That being said, being able to play a game like Minecraft 2player coop on the go seems like a pretty cool thing.
    maybe I’m alone but I’m praying for a Super Mario 3D World 2 (maybe under a better name) on the Switch. One day when they need to publish something in the shadow of odyssey. But imagine having a coop-Mario game available on that system.

    1. I’d imagine parents with more than 1 child seeing that their kids can share the game on the go with only one system could make it a selling point

      1. They weren’t comparable to games like Sunshine or odyssey and not even galaxy but perfect replacements for the New Super Mario Bros Series. Especially after NSMBU turned out to be kinda boring and unimaginative.
        3D World came out of nowhere (after NIntendo didn’t even care to give it proper marketing love) and totally impressed me. So much fun with ppl who aren’t even into videogames. And unlike NSMB and although it’s in 3D it was way less confusing. Such a well designed piece of game.

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