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League Of Evil Announced For Nintendo Switch

Although details are thin, Retalaika Games announced today via Twitter that League Of Evil will be making its way to Nintendo Switch with more announcements coming later this week.

League Of Evil started as an iOS game and was received well by critics with a respectable score of 86 and is now on Steam. The game is a retro-style platformer action game where you have to use acrobatic skills to clear levels filled with enemies and traps.


7 thoughts on “League Of Evil Announced For Nintendo Switch”

  1. It’s start getting ridiculous. Instead of throwing out game after game that pretends to be some NES/SNES era-thing, Nintendo could finally care to release real NES/SNES games on the Switch. I’d rather buy A Link to the Past or Yoshi’s Island than this game.

  2. }{ I played this game several years ago… It’s really quite solid, but at the same time it has had it’s time… The last thing anyone wants (even me) for the Switch, is for it to become clogged with mobile ports… }{

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