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Analyst Company Macquarie Predicts Impressive Sales For Nintendo Ahead Of Annual Financial Report

It’s fair to say that Nintendo are having a good year with the launch of their new console going down a storm with consumers and investors alike.

Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal has recently tweeted predictions ahead of Nintendo’s annual financial report which takes place on April 27. He’s passing on predictions from analyst company Macquarie which can be seen below. What’s interesting here is the mention of Monster Hunter 5, a title yet to be announced. Mochizuki also mentions that Switch sales could jump from 11 million to 14.5 million units in quarter 3 of this year going into 2018.

Please bear in mind that these are predictions only and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

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  3. I’m loving Zelda, but I’m a bit surprised at the success of the Switch. Since Zelda is really the only game worth having a Switch for at the moment. And for me, there’s no new games I care about until Super Mario Odyssey releases. So (after I’m finished with Zelda) I’ll be playing my PS3 and PS4 for months before Super Mario Odyssey comes out.

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