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Third-Party Wii U Launch Games Will Run At 1080p

Nintendo confirmed that its Wii U launch games will run at 720p. However, third-party Wii U games that will be released this holiday will be running at 1080p. During a recent Wii U Experience,  Nintendo representatives stated that the Wii U versions of Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III will run natively at 1080p.

282 thoughts on “Third-Party Wii U Launch Games Will Run At 1080p”

    1. Well… Nice if you care much about visuals… But how is the gameplay? There is where it’s really at.

      1. Super nicee because the visuals are awesome and Batman Arkham City and Assasin’s Creed with obviously have great gameplay! They are both top notch games.

      2. it was confirmed by ubisoft that assassins creed 3 will be running at 60 fps as well. and having a high frame rate really does add to the gameplay. tbh the main reason i play games more on my pc is purely because games run a lot smoother than if i played them on the xbox

      3. The numbered Assassin’s creed games have some pretty good gameplay, and I’m pretty sure 3 will have some nice improvements.

    1. It does make the games look alot nicer, but 60fps is where its at, Bioshock has a weird option where you can boost the frame rate, you get slight screen tear, or whatever its called, but you can really tell the difference, runs alot quicker and smoother, and make the game look better

          1. NO maybe its because ur ass is hurt cuz u have been leting nintendo fuck u and millions of other gamers after the gamecube. Face it, there consoles are shit… they just throw a bunch shit load of gimmicks to an outdated hardware and call it next gen.

            1. No, maybe its because you like Sony and Microsoft to butt rape you for 10 years just so you could get your hands on the PS4oring and the Xbox Paper Weight.

              Face it fan boy, Nintendo will always be one better then the other companies.

            2. Why do you go on a Nintendo Fan website and then trash talk on Nintendo? You can trash talk on Nintendo on a Sony fanbase.

              1. Right! I was thinking the same. If Joke didn’t feel that Nintendo was a threat he wouldn’t be here stinching up our air with his shit breath.

              1. This is a fact… Wii u won’t stand a chance when actual next gen systems are released…It’s the wii all over again… The wii had the same graphics that a GameCube offered back then… And the wiiu is offering graphics that a ps3 and 360 can handle… What’s the difference tho? Nintendo puts a shitload of gimmicks into them and call it next gen! Who would just buy a Wii u just so that you can play games on a tablet rather than on a classic controller? It’s silly… Nintendo hasn’t shown to us how the wiiu is a next gen system. And it’s sad how nintendo said they are trying to aim the console at the core audience… And now they say that they are going with the same strategy that they went with the wii… Only better…

                1. How fucking far do actually think the graphics are going to get? The current generation graphics are just fine the way the way they are. For example, UE4 is almost exactly the same as UE3, just making the particles better. In the end, it is not much of a big improvement. Plus, no matter how people want to put it, gaming will always be about the gameplay, not graphics. If it was all about the graphics, then people would just put the game in and stare at the screen not doing anything. Graphics should be a bonus, not the main focus of a game.

                  1. Take WrestleMania on the Xbox (original) for instance. The graphics were incredibly stunning… but the play control sucks big time and doesn’t delivers the overall fun factor playing that game. So what have learned if nothing else?

                2. It’s the Wii all over? So it’ll sell at least 30 million copies more than its competition? Good to know.

                  No matter how much you trolls try, you’ll never be able to say that Nintendo lost this generation and back it up with facts. It doesn’t matter if people bought their Wiis and then sold them to other people. It doesn’t even matter if they just let them gather dust for 6 years. The fact still remains that they bought the system.

                  Sony is in deep **** financially, something I really hope they get out of because they make good games. You’re gonna counter this by saying Nintendo are losing money as well aren’t you? Well they’re not so please don’t. They didn’t meet their budget expectations, which is considered a loss.

                  As for MS, they’re pushing Kinect and SmartGlass. Those things you call gimmickste Wii U, well MS were awfully quick to snatch them up and use them for their own.

                  Now even after this whole post you’re gonna call me a gay fanboy who’s taking it up the ***, aren’t you? Well here are some facts for you. I’m a gamer. I own three systems and two portables from this generation. Why? Because I don’t live in my moms basement and can actually afford it.

                  Now please, crawl back under the bridge you came from and please don’t ever bother us again.

          1. What does that have to do? Sure the wii sold more units… Overall… But look at it now… Its doing horrible. The wii is dead. Sony and Microsoft made more profit with the PS3 and 360 than Nintendo did with the wii…

            1. Well… Sure as hell the system is dead. There’s only a market for so many consoles. Most people that thinks about getting a Wii propably already own one. The other ones propably wait for the Wii U.

            2. Why do you think the Wii is dead? Nintendo is coming out with a new console. No need to make anymore Wii games. Just because the Wii didnt last as long as the Xbox or PS3 doesnt make it an AWFUL, HORRIBLE, console…

        1. Tell me more about how it feels to be biased. Everyone and their mothers knows that the Wii U will actually be successful by now. Nintendo has had these people who tells them they’re doomed so many times before, but they’ve always ended up pretty well.

    1. Just like the Wii failed? And like the DS failed? And like the 3DS failed?
      And like how everything Nintendo’s made has failed, save the virtual boy and maybe the GBA Micro?
      Everybody and their mother claims Nintendo will fail, but they haven’t yet.

      1. I would consiDer the GameCube a failureby Nintendo standards. And I’m not so sure about the people saying the wii u is going to be as big as the wii. The wii was something new that people couldn’t wait to try out and even people who didn’t like video games bought it. The wii u seems like a cool idea to us avid gamers, but I don’t think it will come even close to selling as good as the wii. I hope it will as I’m going to be in line the first day it comes out and I don’t want Nintendo to pull a pricedrop on me again.

    1. I ve just saw some comments saying that sony will start sega’s road or something like that.Is it true?

      1. Problem the same type of people who say the same thing about Nintendo. Although its more plausable, i doubt its true, i like my Playstation and its games

        1. i first owned a ps3 a pc and xbox360 but after the red ring i bought a wii and i started to like it

          1. I still like the wii, its a solid console with good games, wiiu will be much better, but i still love my ps3 :) too poor to have a pc xD but im not fussed abiut graphics, although i wish i had Steam

            1. I have a pc because i like to put new graphic card of next generation and another bullcraps but i don’t care about graphics,i just wanna my console or my pc be on the next generation:)

                1. I hear some people saying that the wiiU is not a next generation console,they are very wrong and Nintendo didn’t even reveal the specifics

      2. I hope not.
        I like my PS3 and it has some good games on it.
        I would not want to have to switch to playing on an X-Box for multiplat games that are also on the PS3.
        Unless they came to the Wii U.
        That would salve the wound, but it would still leave a scar.

      3. People who say this don’t seem to realize why Sega failed in the hardware business… It wasn’t because of one simple bad console…it was because they were pretty much flooding the market with hardware… Like the 32x and Sega cd when everyone new saturn was coming out and immediately stop supporting them and moved on to another system 1-2 years after launch… That pisses customers and developers off…so bosomy isn’t going in that direction right this minute anyway

    2. To be honest, I do not see a point in comparing the WiiU graphics with the PS3 or/and the Xbox360 and pointing out that it’s better. It’s been six whole years since the other two got released, so isn’t it the very least to expect the WiiU to be better than them? I just don’t understand why people keep acting like it’s something fantastically awesome for Nintendo to have a system coming up which hopefully has better specs than two six years old systems. It gives me the impression that those people don’t even consider the WiiU as next-gen, since they keep comparing it with the current generation the whole time. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to compare it with the other two up-coming next-gen systems? I think it would.

      1. It’s fanboys comparing it to current Gen systems, it’s fanboys saying it’s not as strong as current Gen, it’s fanboys who are written post, articles and blogs saying that it isn’t going to surpass the xbox 360 or ps3 graphics, even Micrsoft claimed it was just an xbox360. So who r u referring to? Nintendo has said many times they’re not directly competing against Sony/’s Gametrailers, IGN, Gamespot, Xplay and others sites full of fanboys that are overly concerned that their favorite systems will be surpassed and fear Nintendo wining another generation. Plus u can’t compare what isn’t out yet! So until those systems get released that what we’re faced with….and it nice to see Nintendo all U haters up!!!

  1. Interesting news. But, I am more cynical to this from a representative: when they mean “run” at 1080p; will it actually be upscaled to 1080p, like most games? Or will the native resolution for the Wii U multiplat be 1080p and not the Sub-HD resolution?

    1. “During a recent Wii U Experience, Nintendo representatives stated that the Wii U versions of Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III will run natively at 1080p.”

      That quote is up there in the article.

      1. That part of the article was edited in. It said nothing about it being native 1080 at the time of his post.

    2. The Wii U can run games natively at 1080p, it is in the specs listed on nintendo’s site for the wii U. so the games that are made in 1080p will run at 1080p, the 720 p games will stay at 720p

  2. I’m sure ports running at 1080p will just be upscaled. as for nintendo they probably don’t want to reveal the full graphical power of the wiiu at launch so that’s why we won’t be getting 1080p from them sooner.

      1. That was an edit, there is absolutely nothing saying such before that. Nor is it cost effective to have it run at such.

          1. I’m watching this video in the source right now and there is absolutely no mention of them running at 1080p. Looks to be an edit to me so far.

            Even then, I’m not listening to Nintendo reps over the developers of those games who know what they’re talking about. The direct feed rip of those games proves this wrong as well, have fun convincing me they have entirely new builds that suddenly run at that resolution and FPS.

            1. nobody ever said it was in the video

              “it looks to you like” and “it is” are 2 fundamentally different things so please spare me with the bullcrap

              the article and the source say natively, whether that’s correct is another story and entirely not the point
              end of discussion

              also i don’t give 2 cents about your opinion so why on earth should i waste my time and try to convince you of something i don’t even know for sure? sorry but that right there is a job for people like you

              1. There is no credible source or anything linking to a quote from there, thus this article is BULLSHIT until proven otherwise. :)

                I’m not seeing any quotes, nothing. It’s the same article as this reposted with shorter comments.

                1. again: not the point
                  i reiterated that both articles said natively since i thought croxynd might have missed it and nothing more

          2. Scribblenauts Unlimited 1080p 60 fps FSAA
            New Super Mario Bros. U 720p 60 fps AA
            Nintendo Land 720p 60 fps
            Ninja Gaiden 3 720p 60 fps v-sync
            Batman 720p 30 fps v-sync
            Project P-100 720p 60 fps
            Rayman Legends 720p 60 fps
            Mass Effect 3 720p 60 fps
            Pikmin 3 720p 60 fps
            Zombi U 720p 30 fps
            Lego City: Undercover 720p
            Trine 2: Director’s Cut 720p FXAA
            *E3 builds.

            gg pal.

              1. You can find the exact feed info I posted at NeoGAF and numerous sites. You’re a Nintendo fanboy in denial of the bitter truth. I have the facts, you have the “he said, she said”. Back your shit up, or shut the fuck up. Don’t waste my time until you do.

                1. those “facts” you just quoted are the same sourcless crap you just proclaimed as not being credible
                  unless we have definitive confirmation from the developers (which we don’t) nothing at all is confirmed
                  as sorry as i am to break it down to you this way but the mere circumstance of other sites repeating the same bullshit as the first site setting it in motion doesn’t make it a fact

                  see how right i was with my conclusion about how it was your job to convince other people of things you aren’t even sure about yourself? nailed it

                  have a nice day

                  1. I gave you a source, find the data I posted with a simple search. Your laziness will not hide facts.

                    Everything posted was fact, you don’t like what’s posted because it isn’t what you were hoping for. Nintendo fanboy behavior at it’s finest.

                    Like I said, you’re a waste of time and your typing skills are vomit inducing.

                    1. i know the sources you posted and i know what they say
                      concerning batman: AC and AC3 none of these qualify as facts as none of these stem from a developer

                      any other source can be considered unreliable, considering how well known it is that “representatives” talk bullshit as often as not

                      yo momma is fat <- fact

                      see how easy it is for me to produce facts when i use your method? it's astonishingly simple

                      wasting your apparently abundant spare time is always a pleasure

                    2. also it’s really not my fault if you haven’t mastered your own language and are struggling to understand posts from someone who isn’t even a native speaker ;)

  3. Guess I’ll be buying a mix of New Super Mario Bros. U and Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition at launch. Really wanna try out a game in 1080p and since I haven’t bought Arkham City before and I’ll be getting exclusive controls as well as all the DLC in one package, I say this is one good game from day one with New Super Mario Bros. U. :)

    1. Or you can get both Batman games with all DLC now on Steam for less than $20 and use the money you save on Pikmin 3 or Assassin’s Creed III.

      1. But some people don’t have computers that are powerful enough. I know I ended up buying two games on the Steam sale that I couldn’t play because of how graphically heavy they were.

  4. But, Aeolus said AC3 wouldmt run at 1080p and 60fps? Unless….you dont think he was wrong, do you?

      1. I don’t know shit about games? Care to try prove this?

        Wii U will be getting upscaled 1080p, just like PS3/360 games.

        And if you guys are seriously fooling yourself into thinking AC3 is going to be doing both NATIVELY, I feel sorry for you, and I have to tell you that isn’t going to happen.

            1. Sorry, My iPad screwed me over. I meant to say that I will suck balls.

              (Yes, I can pretend to be Aeolus as well)

    1. Technically, he wasn’t wrong – at the time. At the time that information was said, it based off the E3 direct feed videos. Of course the devs have time to polish their games up to look nice. He never lied, nor was wrong. Things just changed over time.

      inb4 Aleous cocksucker/faggot/any non-sequential thing this post brings.

          1. If you’re going to copy me, at least attempt to copy my manner of speech to be more believable. I mean really, this is pathetic.

    2. Well… This is news isn’t it? It’s not like anyone KNEW this before it was posted right now…

      1. well that’s what he gets for stating it as a fact when he has no way of knowing, like most of the bullshit he spews



    1. Well seeing as 56970p doesnt exist, im guessing p stands for penis. Im sorry that nintendo wont satisfy your homosexual needs.

  6. Wii u will be the first and best full HD console. Cant wait to play nintendo first party in HD plus great third party games.

        1. The PS3 can do full 1080p, and proven many times. Therefore it is not the first, and nobody will know if this will even be the best. Stop being a dimwitted fanboy.

            1. Owning additional consoles isn’t going to make you less of one. Just saying.

              And coming up with “it’s going to be the best” is fanboy talk.

              1. Its my opinion. I think nintendos first party games are better than sonys and most people wouldnt disagree unless their drones.

                1. In my opinion it’s going to be another Gamecube sales and popularity-wise. The fad is dead and they’re spending their time trying to convince people that it isn’t an add on.

                  If they actually have to explain what this device is to people rather than instantly getting their message across, they’ve already failed.

                  1. They have more press conferences coming up. Why do you think they havent announced everything? I mean come on its pretty obvious, they dont want sony and microsoft to copy them.

                    1. One press conference should have been enough. Like I said, if they have to keep explaining this product, it’s just plain going to tank in sales and only the fanboys or blind buyers will be powering it.

                      Sony and MS have better things to do with their new consoles, Wii U isn’t likely to be a threat in the long run, just like Gamecube and just like the Wii. The latter of which was only a big marketing scam for casuals.

                    2. Why would you announce everything in one press conference. They dont want sony and microsoft to copy them. Dont you get that? They are going to release really good games to combat the other consoles and if you dont know that you are kiddin yourself.

                    3. I cant stand the way people say casual and hardcore games. Its a load of bullshit. If you like a game you buy it.

                2. Also, as of this gen, no not really. Many first party games from Sony have smashed the Wii’s generation. Uncharted Series, Heavy Rain, GoW, etc.

                  Nintendo only delivered a bunch of late Gamecube games with lens flare and the Nintendorks will call them amazing and so bloody innovative.

                  Wii has SMG 1/2, Xenoblade…maybe SS but Skyrim was a better game in the genre anyway.

                  Anything else?

                  1. Im not really into skyrim. Dont really like elder scrolls. I prefer SS. Your telling me that uncharted, Heavy Rain, GoW smashed mario, zelda etc in sales?

                    1. Your telling me that Uncharted and Skyrim are better quality than zelda and mario? Dont tell anyone else that story lol.

                  2. Uncharted is about generic character named drake that is rip off of Indiana jones with plots that directly steal from it.Drake is corny.Let me predict what Uncharted 4 is going to be.

                    1.Cutscenes that last to long.
                    2. Pseudo-cutscene/platforming [climbing up a rope omgz or pulling myself up)
                    3.Quick Time Event
                    4.Generic Shooting.I could thousands of more interesting shooting gameplays.
                    5.Characters that clique or just forgettable.
                    6.Honestly if you watch commentaries on Uncharted they sound like there sleeping.
                    7.Played the game and thought it was movie
                    that happen to have gameplay in it.
                    8.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN EASY.That it’s boring.
                    Honestly the only ones who care about this game so much are ps3 fanboys.

                    The game where you can literally win just by pushing square over and over again.

                    1.To Easy
                    2.To many quick time events.
                    3.PS2>PS3 version because it was still fresh.
                    4.Nothing has changed just better graphics and more blood.
                    5.Hit square you will win.
                    6.Nothing new they could have named it GOW2 remake and I would not be able to tell the difference.Well….there would have been a better ending than 3.
                    7.Bad script.
                    8.I literally let my little brother play who is 13 and he never died once.Not counting quick time events.

                    Heavy Rain is good imo.No problem with that.

            1. I’m not even sure what the hell you’re trying to say here.

              There are a number of games on the PS3 that can do 1080p natively. I’m tired of posting this list and the associated resolutions, I’ll let your ignorance bleed for everyone to watch though.

                1. It’s disturbing how once you get FUKKEN OWNED you only resort to talking shit. I bet your keyboard is fired up in your asshurt, and thank heavens you’re not in my physical presence so I could send you on a stretcher for being so incredibly stupid, kid.

                      1. Because obviously rumors are facts and those “10,000” lay offs has yet to have been confirmed. I’ll let you figure out why.

                        1. It because they’ve already confirmed it, you stupid cunt! Sony CEO Kaz Hirai did fire 10,000 employees and have lost $6.4 billion. If figured that you’re dumb as fuck because you haven’t clicked on a fucking link. Sucks to be a Sony drone… doesn’t it, dick-in-the-booty Amir “Aeolus” Stuart?

              1. Most of games of PS360 are 546p and the games you call 1080p are upscale from 720p. It’s sucks being a fanboy sometimes, isn’t?

                  1. Except the fact that the Wii U will have games running on both 720p HD and in true native 1080p HD, compatible Wii games and accessories, better online interface, video chat, Near Field Communication.

            1. we will see… it depends, because the ps4 and nextxbox may release in a time frame where graphics can get better than 1080p. but i doubt it

        1. To be honest, id prefer the framerate be 60fps than have 1080p, but 1080p is always nice, itll just take a while before develipers get used to the WiiU, their approaching it the same way they do with the ps3/360, but by the sound of if, its built and works alot differently

            1. Yep, but even with the games that are just 720p, theyre staying at 60fps. Youd be surprised how much of a simple improvement can really boost the games visuals

      1. @sickr when the nintendo 3ds will be released you should see if the desgine is flawed as the 3ds.If yes then warn everyone on your blogsite..If not then it’s ok


        Why are nintendo so fucking retarded ? the wii u is current gen , dosnt support 750494p , Where is the support for 100 wii U pads ?? only 2 ? thats pathetic , dosnt even have real life graphics , cheap ass controller , costs $9000000000 , MY PS3 IS MORE POWERFUL !!! SO SUCK A FAT ONE FANBOYS !!

        1. Umm… no console will even do such a thing like that. Not even the PlayStation 3, before you just wave out. The PlayStation 3 can’t even support 100 controllers of its own.

          Can you do me a calm and composed favour? Stop blowing things out of proportion.

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        1. Common sense already denies this. They’re reallllllllllly going to spend extra cash in graphics on these launch ports to have it run at native resolutions and FPS that almost no existing console games run at right now?

          Ooooo, boy. Seems legit.

            1. Keep fooling yourself, you’re getting upscaled 1080p ACIII/Batman running in at best 30-60 fps and you’re going to love it.

                1. Lies? The proof is in the pudding. That was the only site claiming this, nothing else. Because it’s an edit with no actual source or quotes whatsoever.

              1. In a pre-alpha stage of both games, you’re right. HOWEVER… Both Assassin’s Creed III and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will run in true native 1080p and in 60fps. Ubisoft and WB Games Montreal have already confimed it. Don’t deny it, Amir.

      5. Come November, 1/2 of the xbox360 and ps3 fanboys would have sold or traded in the consoles to get a Wii U. Why waste money buying games for consoles ala xbox 360 480p native upscale 720/1080 P resolution or ps3 720 p native upscaled to 1080 P that are last gen; when you can buy the same games on a next gen Wii U 1080 P/1080i native that can play all multiplats and next gen unreal 4 and CryEngine 3 designed games with ease. Nintendo fans have common sense High humble IQs and not bashful. Thus we patiently waited for Batman arkham city (all DLC ) included with extras armored edition. BUY A Wii U it’s a better wiser purchase.

        1. I’ll take your advice, Gamer… and I’m sure that thousands (perhaps millions) of them will rush to the store and purchase the Wii U immediately before the shelves are bare bone cleared.

        2. List of amazing exclusives on the PC and not ports:

          …Guess there isn’t any. No reason to actually build one then.

          Buying a Wii is the stupidest choice ever, you have to be on some sort of illegal substance. I guess you like gaming on shitty decade old hardware though. With the same IPs over and over again.

              1. I like wii and ps3 games so your comment is pointless. You still havent denied that you are a drone. You bash everything nintendo related.

                    1. Except it is. Zelda SS was a casual mess overrated to hell by fanboys.

                      Better than Skyrim? [laughter] No.

                      1. Stop talking this casual bullshit. You think its better cos you are a drone. I dont wanna play skyrim and i own a ps3. It doesnt mean its not a good game. At least i dont talk shit about it. You probably think Skyrim is better than ocarina of time you stupid drone.

                        1. Drone is the only word in your limited vocabular. Sing a new tune, you sad Nintendork.

                          1. The fact that you think I only like nintendo proves that you have no brain cells. As for the “drone” part, you still havent denied that you are one. You know what that means dont you?

                      2. Personally, I thought Uncharted 2 and 3 were more enjoyable and of better quality than Skyward Sword (especially taking into consideration that game breaking glitch. Ouch!).

                        That doesn’t make me a drone though, it makes me have my own personal opinion.

                        Note: I enjoyed Skyward Sword VERY much. I love the Zelda series. I have been playing it probably before most people on this site were even born.

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        4. Dude. Aeolous. However the fuck you spell it. Watch that demo of Wii U golf and if you don’t think that’s the coolest fucking way to play a golf game, why do you play games? “That golf game is shit because it doesn’t natively perform at 1080p and run 60fps.” <—- don't be that guy, aeolous. Play the fucking awesome golf game, and try and bitch about Nintendo's gameplay for once. Ocarina of Time wasn't developed by Sony, and it's the best fucking game ever. Microsoft didn't make it either. Who made the best game ever then? Oh, you know, the number one video game maker, Nintendo. Number one. That means best. Which means better than Sony and Microsoft. Which means Sony and Microsoft are worse. I'm saying this repeatedly because you have the thickest, most dense skull of anyone on this planet. STFU and play the fucking golf game. "Oh but it's too casual" Then go live in an alternate world where innovative gameplay doesn't exist you son of a bitch.

          1. “Ocarina of Time wasn’t developed by Sony, and it’s the best fucking game ever.”

            Wow. First of all: that your opinion, not a fact. Stop trying to make people think your opinion is the be-all end-all fact. Yes, it got great reviews, but so have plenty, PLENTY of other games. And other games have sold better and logged more play time. Again, your opinion is just your opinion.

            Second: stop being such a whiny fanboy. So he doesn’t live to suck Nintendo’s junk like you do? Who cares? How does that affect you and your life?

            Answer: it doesn’t. So do yourself a favor and keep your “zomg fuckhead, Nintendo is derp best! Herp!” comments to yourself. Cursing at him and calling him names doesn’t make your opinion fact, but what it DOES do is make you look terribly ass-hurt and fanboy-ish.

              1. Ladies and gentleman, this is the typical fanboy mentality: provide them with clear logic and reason, and they get ass hurt, can’t provide any subsequent reasoning to counter, so they act like a 5 year old child with special needs.

                Hey Mr. Sickr, exactly WHY was I warned and this tool runs rampant, insulting anyone who doesn’t tongue Nintendo’s arse blindly like he does?

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          1. And so what? Nobody seems to remember that PS360 has a lot of games that don’t run on HD (and when run, most are upscaling). At least Wii U games are truly and natively HD.

            1. That’s not the point. The point is that everyone else *is* running at 1080p, and taking advantage of that, but the company that made the damn console isn’t. That’s stupid and laughable. You can reason it any way you’d like, but it’s still laughable. Especially since AC3 and Batman, fr example, look 5 times more graphically superior to any of the first party games being released, so Nintendo can’t even use the excuse of “oh, we’re just making more graphically intensive games, so we’re running at a lower resolution to compensate.”

              1. You seem to forget some things. Nintendo games are running with 60 FPS at 720p, thing that any gamer wasn’t used to do beyond PC gamer. It’s not a big deal run at 1080p once the games in 720p are running at 60 FPS with AA on.

              2. i would just like to say that maybe they’re heavily using the gamepad as whereas 3rd parties are just using the pad for maps or anything that doesnt affect performance as much as rendering two actual things seperately…maybe im wrong but it still makes sence.. :)

        6. This is a good start for Wii U to have 1080p right out the door (although I wish Nintendo would have taken the time to make their games 1080p as well). I have a big list of Wii U games I am going to get at launch:
          1. New Super Mario Bros. U
          2. Assassin’s Creed III
          3. Batman Arkham City-Armored Edition
          4. Mass Effect 3
          6. Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge
          7. Darksiders II
          8. Pikmin III
          9. Rayman Legends
          10. ZombiU

          1. I’m betting you’re probably a teenager, and likely will NOT be getting all those games.

            I make nearly 6 figures a year and could not afford all of that at launch. There’s no way you can.

            1. What’s wrong with you? I have 29 years old and I still want to buy all games that Tyler want. Off course not on same day but, he said: “I am going to get at launch”… probably “when” this games were lauched (despite the fact that these games are predictable to came out at Wii U launch, I doubt that).

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