Wii U eShop Purchase Options Explained

When the Wii U ships this year, its eShop will be available from day one. Nintendo confirmed that users will be able to purchase both digital retail games and smaller-sized titles from the Wii U eShop. According to Wii U Daily, Nintendo explained the Wii U eShop purchase options, – listed below – which are identical to the the Nintendo 3DS’s options.

  • Purchase directly from the Wii U eShop with a credit or debit card.
  • Purchase via a download code that you acquired.
  • Pre-paid download cards, which can be purchased from video game stores and online.


      1. it’s spelt two not too. Look it up in dictionary if you can’t tell the differences between “to”, “too” and “two”.


      2. It actually depends on whether he meant “me too” or
        If he meant “I will buy two” in which he would be correct in the first instance which makes most sense to me.


      3. but he didn’t use the word “me too” in that sentence, so it could be intrepided differently from what he meant.


      1. Neither. I only ever order online if the site has Paypal; it’s just much easier to use and no-one can steal your card details and shit. I hope we can use it in the eShop.


  1. I am gonna choose Pre-Paid Cards and i have a Strong Feeling maybe those cards are going to have a NFC Chip or Mark inside them. So when you get the card near the NFC reader on the GamePad, its scans them and the Money will be Instantly on your account. That would be Awesome and better than getting a Card that you scratch off and type a code just to get the money. That’s my way of thinking lol.


  2. If I want to purchase Cloudberry Kingdom or Trine 2: Director’s Cut for the Wii U on either SD Card or external hard drive, I’m all game! The purchase options are very simple and reliable.


  3. I hope that they accept laser(it’s the irish debit card) hopefully by the time I get the wii u my bank will have issued me the visa debit card which is soooooo much better for making online purchases


    1. not really he support wii u, unlike aelous and anon like to be trolls here even though this is not Sony PlayStation site this is Nintendo site and U know who the real troll is, plus those fools bash Nintendo fans like wii fuck there moms or something.


  4. What i think would be awesome, is using the Miiverse app for your phone, buying one of those cards, typing it in on the app, which turns on the console amd starts downloading it for when you get home. That would make me jizz.


      1. i remember that u can use you phone with miiverse and buy a game with your phone and gets download to your wii u console, and when u get home its completed download.
        that would be cool to do in 2013


  5. i wish that u could just get a card that can be reloaded with some amount of money so if i wanted 5.99 then i could just get that much on the card then rgistwer that amount on the eshop


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