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Download Size For New Super Mario Bros. 2 Revealed

Starting this week, Japanese retailers will be selling download cards for two Nintendo 3DS games, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training, which will be released in Japan on July 28th. The cards reveal the download sizes of both titles. New Super Mario Bros. 2 needs 2,950 blocks, which is equivalent to 370 MB, and Demon Training requires 1,600 blocks (200 MB).

263 thoughts on “Download Size For New Super Mario Bros. 2 Revealed”

  1. Buying online and not getting some Nintendium? No thanks. After I’ve played the games I can melt them down and make myself an armour out of Nintendium then I can take over the world because I am indestructible!

  2. I thought it was going to be like 1 or 2gb but thats good it doesn’t take that much memory but i’m still getting the physical copy.

    1. Haha not a chance of being 2GB :p most ps2 HD releases reach about 3 to 4GB, except God of War, their 9GB a piece even on the psp ports 0.o

  3. Actually, if Nintendo allows us to download games multiple times after buying them, it’s stupid to buy the physical copy. If you lose the physical copy, you have to rebuy the whole game. If you lose the SD card with the game saved on it, all you have to do is buy a new SD card. A 16 gigabyte card is about as much as a 3DS game and can hold ~44 copies of NSMB2.

      1. At this point you obtain a police report concerning your missing property and show it to Nintendo. This is why I do look forward to when a unified account system that keeps track of purchases finally comes (yes, despite a Nintendo rep sweeping that under the rug, I still believe it’s coming).

      2. Why do people always that excuse? If you lost your 3DS you cant play games either way -___- im pretty sure you can redownload it

        1. Francisco Alvarado Vega

          Yes you can. When I got a new SD card I was able to re-download all my games. I do not see why it would be any better with retail games.

          1. you can re-download on the same 3DS, but if you lose it and buy a new 3DS then you cannot re-download your games. the digital content is tied to your 3DS. All digital content lost for good, instead of just losing the game that was in the 3DS.

    1. No, it’s not stupid. It’s personal preference. And many people prefer having physical media for many reasons. Besides that, don’t lose your games.

    2. That would be, IF you could use a 16gb card. The regular FAT format, which is the only one compatible with the 3DS, only goes up to 2gb.

      1. Nope?

        The 3DS can read the FAT32 format, therefore the card can go up to 16TB for a sector size of 4,096 bytes. Tho I wouldn’t recommend that because of the big memory loss in that case 512 sector size would be enough and you would still be well above the cards limit. With 512 sector size, you’re limited to having a partition (not card) of up to 2 TB.

        You’re only limited with the single file size of 4 GB minus 1 byte.

  4. Im on a troll! I’m on a troll! Everybody look at me cause I’m shouting at a troll! Yeah! I’m on a motherfucker take a look at me!!!

    1. I know, right?! Somehow, I feel cheated paying $39.00 USD for 400 MB of data…

      Oh well, I’m not a developer, what do I know. I’m sure NSMB2 will be awesome.

  5. There is really no benefit to buying games digitally. I don’t understand this newest craze…
    I’ll probably pick this game up physically, though. First 3DS game I’ve been excited for since MK7. :D

    1. benefit is: no need for gamestop asshole contact
      benefit could be: cheaper cuz no monney for gamestop (like half of the price no?)

        1. Unless it’s Australia, where you have to as it’s pretty much the only place with options to buy. Well, unless you purchase them online.

    2. It is better for Nintendo as they don’t have to spend resources on boxing, transport, etc. Also, if a retailer sell the game for $40 some of that goes to the retailer, so if nintendo sells it for the same price they have all the profit.
      To me is very good because I don’t live in the US and games here cost around $75 ~ $80 so if I download it it will be only $40

    3. well from my viewpoint i use to live on a place that stores are like 5 miles away and u have to take the car keep in mind this is when i was a kid and even if U go to a store or retail its not even there, now this live close to a retail that is 5 blocks away not a problem for mii, but if i would be living away at least my 3ds can accepted credit cards.

  6. I’m from Turkey, and the stores doesn’t have that much 3DS games here… Am I able to download the games from the turkish eShop? (Yes, we do have one, but there isn’t that much to download.)

    1. The Only Pokemon Champ

      My suggestion would be to change where you live in your 3ds
      I live in Pakistan and my 3ds says im in Massechusettez
      This way i can access all the content I want
      And there no region lock, i works
      But if you change your eshop
      You will lose all your current balance
      So i suggest emptying your pockets before making a shift

      1. Ah, k. I will try that. The reason there isn’t that much 3DS games here is because i’m not living in Istanbul, and because Nintendo isn’t that popular here. Playstation is.

        1. nintendo is not popular anymore and they should listent to what patcher said to them:”Nintendo should be a third part develop team”

      1. Melee was a little more than a 1GB, Brawl 6GB, knowing Sakurai and his love for content, easily Super Smash Bros 3d will be either 2 or 4 GB , when the Super Smash bros U will easily be 20 GB

        1. But what about the 4GB and 8GB 3DS game cards? Nintendo didn’t release those yet, but Sakurai may have desire to use them.

        2. Keep in mind that a BIG part of Brawl’s filesize is because of the SSE cutscenes. If SSB4 doesn’t use those kind of cut-scenes, who knows? Maybe it will be less…

        3. Melee was 1.2GB like most GameCube games and Brawl was 4.4GB like 90% of Wii games. I don’t know where you got 6GB from o.O

  7. Nice! I think I’ll definitely download some games. 32 Gig SD cards are going pretty cheap at amazon if I’m not mistaken.

    1. i am the smartest here so listent,dont buy the wiiu because its GPU sucks and its a current generation console

              1. You forgot to use my name. Sigh… Please just log off the computer and go read a book or something.

      1. Fuck off, Sony dick rider. Real gamers play games on all systems including Nintendo and PC. You’re just a fucking troll jacking off Tretton. New Super Mario Bros. 2 has more gold than you!!!!!

        Get N or STFU!!!!!

          1. I already have a life and enjoying it to the fullest. You, Sony dickrider Amir, have absolutely no life at all. Nintendo isn’t playing with me… Nintendo makes the most innovative and unique games and consoles imaginable. If you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up!

                1. They always have -__- its debatablethat they care more, PSN Plus gives me free games,and i mean AAA games

      2. Old? Aren’t most shooters old by your standards? And if I’m not mistaken, don’t those ‘real’ consoles thrive on FPS? If you are going for graphics then might as well go PC, but if you want something that can provide different experiences then I’d recommend a 3DS, Wii U or hell even a Vita. Just because a console doesn’t cater to your ‘real gamer’ needs doesn’t mean someone else wont enjoy it.But then again that’s just me.


          1. Heh. The thing is, there is no such thing as a ‘Real’ console. I don’t think you understand what Nintendo is trying to do. See, consoles are a bit useless. Except for a few exclusives there is no real need to own one, they can easily be replaced with a PC. PC would be the real ‘console’ by your standards, except it’s not confined by console restraints. Nintendo wants to change the way we interact with games and each other, implementing motion controls, touch screens, 3D etc to differentiate themselves from their competition. Instead of trying to make a powerful console, they look for a way to implement something new that can enhance or provide different ways to interact. Instead of adding them as cheap afterthoughts.

          2. The Nintendo Wii U is a REAL console and it’s also an 8th generation console. The reason why Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal the tech specs because both Sony and Microsoft are copying the Big N. Case in Point– Wii U Game Pad controller comparing to an inferior app known as the Xbox SmartGlass.

    1. 370mb? Idk, kinda skepticle now because they didnt use the full 2gb of data available on the game cart. Although it could mean that they are just that good of a developer to fix a great retail game into 370mb of space just like what Bethesda did with Skyrim. We’ll see…

      1. Ps3 bluray disks can hold upto 25GB of data. Crysis 2 is 7.5GB, LESS than Sonic Generations, which is 8.5GB. Problem?

            1. U nation…… you’re making yourself look like a dumbass more so than him….. Seriously, that comment was too obviously trolling to even be real. Why did you have to respond so seriously to it? Why are you trying to eduacate such stupidity? It’s so….. pointless!

          1. Go watch all your Dora the Explorer episodes on your stupid Blu-Ray Player. Stop bitching, and get the fuck off this website if you are gonnna troll. Oh, and turn off fucking caps lock.

          1. Anonpricktroll… you’re the dumbest Sony dick rider who fails at your spelling grammer and jealous of Nintendo’s improved graphics and new gameplay mechanics. You’re not a real gamer. You’re a fucking loser and a troll.

        1. How’s the VITA dead if it’s still has games that are going to come out and it still being sold at retail? Ntm, the 3DS has been out for a longer period of time so it selling more isn’t exactly a huge accomplishment. Besides, they’re all good handhelds, no need to pick sides.

                1. call of duty is the king of the gaming series and zelda is verry poor game with poor graphics and gays

                  1. You’re completely WRONG on all counts. Call of Duty is the most monotonous piece of shit series ever!!! Muddy graphics, same shoot, reload, run, repeat… boring shit! The Legend of Zelda is the franchise game series ever. Great graphics, great play control, different challenges, better gaming experience. I assume you’ve been playing the CDi Zelda game and still losing.

                    1. zelda supports gays like lesbialink,gayganodorf and i cant remember their names either because i never played a zelda before but who cares?

                      1. Sounds to me that you love fucking Justin Bieber in the ass, troll. You’re simply jealous of the Zelda franchise because Nintendo have made millions of copies sold for years.

              1. Sorry, but I can see the millions buying the Wii U. They will buy the Wii U including games like Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders II: Evil Lives, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Project P-100, Cloudberry Kingdom (digital download only), Madden NFL 13, Tekken Tag 2, and the most definitive game for the Wii U– Aliens: Colonial Marines.

                  1. You’re running all out of ideas, anonpricktroll. The Wii U IS AN 8TH GEN CONSOLE… and you’re still sucking Sony’s dick at a fucking loss. And the Wii U CAN handle Unreal Engine 4!!!!!! Just click on this link–


                    “…so if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could.”

                    Mark Reign
                    President of Epic Games

                  2. How bored are you?!?! HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?! My 9-year old brother souns more mature than you when he types. Look 6-year old, I know you look up to your brother and listen to everything he says, but you shouldn’t.

              1. I find this way too ironic. What version of the English language are you using?

                ‘Nintendo is far behind… from losing!’
                0 spelling mistakes.

                ‘u failed at spelling haha goodjob anoyed ignorand’
                4 spelling mistakes.

                I rest my case.

              2. Epic fail, he was right. How can you say he failed at spelling when you are the one still saying “u” “goodjob” “anoyed?” It’s “You” “good job” and “annoyed,” retard.

      1. Sony has no future. Not to mention the fact they have lost $6.4 billion in revenue and lay off 10,000 developers. Nintendo and Microsoft are the future. Sony will be joining Sega’s footsteps.

            1. @TheUNation please just dont feed the troll he is just a guy who wants to have fan by trolling around.Just ignore that idiot

    2. hmm Nintendo is making something new including a controller in every generation but sony remeins with their old controller wich i am bored with that.SEE @JustAnAnnon? Nintendo is great and if you dont like nintendo then go and troll somewhere else!!!

          1. Why don’t you stop feeding this troll? Seriously, check out his avatar, is the same from anonymous and many people still keep feeding, again and again, just ignore him, he must be one of the many sony drone that visit this site covering his face, you probably have an idea of which users I’m talking about.

    3. 370MB is fantastic news!

      Now i know i can fit loads of 3DS games onto my flashcard when the 3DS gets hacked. XD

            1. I hate to tell you this… but Vita isn’t selling very well. Only 2 million units sold worldwide compared to Nintendo 3DS which sold over 18 million units globally.

      1. No, people just think games require loads of GB, they dont. The only games that actually use over 10GB are PC and PS3 exclusives

          1. Not the case, MB/GB get higher due to the console, ps2 games can overall be longer and have more content like ratchet and clank but only reach 3/4GB, but alot of ps3 games get to about 7/8GB, its all to do with the engine theyre running, best engine/more powerful system, the more MB/GB

    4. I’ll never buy digital. It’s like owning air. It’s nothing. It has no value by itself. And if you break your system, or it stops operating, it’s lost forever. Physical copies are much safer and last longer. Plus they can be sold later for some nice cash if you finish the game.
      Digital is just a sales tactic. But because people are too lazy to go to a store, the tactic is working.

      1. A few things:
        #1 You can store the digital copy on an SD card, and it then becomes literally the same thing as having the physical copy, just with different packaging.
        #2 The Wii U and 3DS are said to use the same account system in the future, and what this means is that it will likely be possible to have a record of all of your purchases kept online somewhere, tied to your account, so that if you ever lose a system, all you need is your account information and you’ll be able to download everything you lost on the old system into your new one.
        #3 You’ve got a point on the resale value, but that doesn’t affect its value as a game in any other aspect. It’s not just air, it’s the same data for the same game in the official cartridge. You’re not getting a downgraded version of the software.
        #4 Don’t count out the convenience aspect of not having to leave home to get a game.
        Do you know how many people don’t live near a game store? Or who live so far away from most of them that gas prices would probably kill their monthly funds just trying to get to each store whenever a new game comes out that they want?
        For those people, who live with internet but not near to a store, having the option of digital downloading is a blessing. It’s faster than ordering a physical copy of the game online, too. No need to wait for snail mail to get it to you.

        In short, Digital isn’t a bad thing.
        IT SHOULD NEVER REPLACE PHYSICAL COPIES OR STORES THAT SELL GAMES, but it isn’t a bad thing to have alongside them.

        1. #1 you can store your digital copy but it will only work on your 3DS, buy a new 3DS and you can;t use it. a hard copy works on any 3DS

          #2 as of now it’s not valid at this point.

          #3 clearly the hard copy has more value as i can resell my copy for cash while you cannot do the same with digital copy unless you also sell the 3DS with it.

          #4 i buy most hard copies conveniently online, and if I don’t want to wait I’ll just drive to the store, no big deal

          Hard copies have more value!

    5. I finally decided to create a nickname distinguishing myself from all the other anonymous and some kid decided to steal it. Anyways I’ve always liked digital softwares and this is a welcome feature to the 3DS.

    6. Wtf LMFAO wow ya need to calm down lol flame war in here. Btw how is zelda not as monotonus as cod when the repaste ocarina which was a repaste of link to the past? Anyhows im downloading this game for free :)

      1. Zelda is a padephiles wet dream

        He is a mute little boy.

        He wears womens tights.

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        If you are over 20 years-old and like Zelda, then you are a sick twisted pervert.

        Gay Nintendo perverted fags make me sick.

        1. Graphic whores like you make me sick. U mad because you have no gameplay experience on any Zelda titles. Have fun playing Wonderbook since it’s more your style playing it… you fucking tinkerbell!

    7. Sales mean nothing of value because ppl buy thing for x reasons sometimes having nothing to do with gameplay. For example The beatles became 1 sellers not soley on their music but because ppl bought to decipher puals death clues=conspiracy sales #1factor

      1. More people bought the music because they liked it than to decipher anything, so your theory falls flat.
        Sales mean something substantial whether you like it or not, especially when it comes to a console.
        Games, however, are a different matter.
        A lot of great games don’t get the exposure they deserve, or are released too close to something else that sucks away all the attention from the audience so that the other game doesn’t get the sales it likely deserves.
        That doesn’t happen with consoles, though.
        All of them are advertised out the wazoo and if they are bought, it’s because people know about them and want them.
        The Wii and 3DS are dominating sales in their respective fields for a reason; no matter how much haters dislike it, people want to own and play on those systems, and they want to do it for a competitive price.
        It doesn’t hurt that a lot of people like the interfaces each system uses, too.

    8. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      U do not know what ur saying . Does cod av a unique story line. No. New game play elements and controls. No. Various weapons and content. No(just guns)

    9. @eric sellers wtf? Its not a theory. You can utube beatles managed rise to fame. Yes they were good but after some guy called the radio station about puals death clues ppl bought like crazy sergent pepper and abbey road=1 cuz they had the major clues

      1. It still falls flat because it’s a bad comparison, though.
        There aren’t any fan-pulling theories surrounding Nintendo’s consoles to “fool” people into buying them after they have been out for this long.
        They have their sales for a legitimate reason.
        You would have to be a HUGE Nintendo hater to not acknowledge that.

        1. And, also, someone who hates the music, would not care about deciphering anything, so those who bought it could at least tolerate/enjoy what they were listening to, as far as the beetles thing goes.

    10. @eric also theyre sales had rise in spikes because of christain propaganda and the backmasking theory. People bought like crazy trying to find backward messages..majority xians ironically.

    11. @eric Heck even gizmodo polls showed that the vast majority of users who bought the wii abondon it to collect dust. Also the wii was the cheapest netflix player around hmm. It had shovelware glory. On the plus side it was easy to mod ala psp

      1. Gizmodo polls don’t mean anything.
        When the system is bought, it’s because people want it at the time.
        Take my case, for example; my PS3 is sitting on the floor collecting dust.
        I know at least two dozen others who are in the same situation with their PS3’s.
        That’s not counting all of the many hundreds online I’ve met who are the same way with their PS3, for one reason or another.
        Does that mean the system is useless? Does that mean they don’t want it and that it was a bad purchase?
        No, it doesn’t.
        It just means that they’re tired of the games they have on it and are waiting for something new before picking it up again.
        If they didn’t want it, it would be back at gamestop in the used isle, or online, or in a dump somewhere.
        I guarantee you that, in the case of any of the current systems, whether it be PS3, Wii, 360, 3DS or Vita, there are far more systems still in houses, still being used or waiting to be used, than there are resales.
        The numbers aren’t lying. Systems sell well for a reason; it’s because they appeal to the consumer.

    12. Hey eric id say queen is more talented because their sales were pure talent not from gimmicks well maybe freedys gay.aids and death boost sales?

      1. I wouldn’t know, since I don’t follow music, but whether the sales come from gimmicks or from catering to a certain type of consumer, the result is still the same; people buy what they WANT.

    13. Eric how can you not follow music? You must have a favorite band from thousands of genera including video game music. Heck my favorite game musics include contra,megaman,mario 64 dock bay,mario galaxy garden,ff x intro, simple and clean to name a few

      1. Oh, i love video game music! I was just talking about mainstream bands and specific artists that aren’t usually directly involved in music made exclusively for video games.
        I don’t remember musician’s names, but I remember their music.
        Xenoblade has my attention right now for one song in particular.
        Look up the Gaur Plains music on youtube.

        1. To be honest, im like that now xD i still like bands ect but i mainly listen to VGM, and stuff like Two Steps From Hell, and Anime music haha (check out Mirai Nikki’s opening and ending theme, pure awesome)

          1. Mirai Nikki was a fucking awesome anime and the first theme was brilliant. I love listening to japenese music, its so beautiful and well composed. My dad makes anime music CDs all the time. I listen to japenese music more then I do American at times

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