Digital Nintendo 3DS Games Will Be The Same Price As Physical Copies (Japan)

new_super_mario_bros_cardRetailers will sell Nintendo 3DS game cards and each card will contain a download code, which must be redeemed from the Nintendo eShop to own a downloadable title. New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training cards, which will be released in Japan on July 28th, will be the same price as their physical game cartridges. Perhaps this is why Nintendo will be offering incentives for purchasing full digital games.

76 thoughts on “Digital Nintendo 3DS Games Will Be The Same Price As Physical Copies (Japan)”

  1. Same price, that’s OK. However in Japan they get Club Nintendo points for downloading games, so maybe this feature will also come to the US and so one, to have a reason why you should download it in the first place.

    1. That was great XD And so true!!!! If digital games were, say, $10 – $20 cheaper than retail, it would be much more attractive. I’m sure they wouldn’t be selling at a loss at those prices.

  2. Well seeing as PSN and Xbox Live charge MORE for digital, and rarely put down the prices, im fine with this

    1. Charge more for digital? On the whole, they’re the same price as the store/retail copies if not a bit less.

      I’m curious, what games have you seen them charging more for?

      1. They arent, Mass Effect 3 is still £50 ($90), along with all the new releases. Even Black Ops is still £50

        1. Eh. Not on my PSN/XBL. Guess your region is just getting screwed. :/

          Usually, if the games are available as a download alternative around launch, they’re the same price as the MSRP.

          Sometimes independent retail stores will put down the price of a game or put it on sale, but the MSRP will be different.

          When there is an official price drop on the retail version, it’s usually reflected in the downloadable version here as well.

          For example, using the games you mentioned:

          Mass Effect 3 is still $59.99 on PSN because the SRP is still $59.99. However, most retailers sell it at a lower price. That’s usually due to a supply and demand/inventory reason.

          On the other hand, Black Ops is $49.99 to download on the PSN and it includes the First Strike DLC ($14.99 SRP). This is due to the fact that this game has had an official price drop since the release of Modern Warfare 3.

          Other examples are Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – $39.99 downloadable and Brotherhood $29.99.

          Even Batman: Arkham City that just came out last year, $29.99 on PSN.

          It depends on the publisher of the game and what they have set at the SRP for the time.

          But yeah, either way, downloadable games for games with retail versions start out costing more than they should. I agree.

          1. All i know is at least for the first 4 months of a game coming out it stays at about £50. There are price drops eventually, but theyre still overpriced

      2. They were even selling Rayman Origins for £50…which at retail was sold at a lower price than normal releases

  3. Disadvantages:
    You can’t collect them.
    What if you have multiple 3ds?
    You can’t resell them.
    Same price.

    Can anyone fill this field?

    1. Convenience, space, system share on psn means you can give the game to 4 other people/systems, game wont break (i know that depends on how well a person takes care of their game but accidents can happen)

      1. Also more available, with digital game you will never need to worry about games that stop being produced like Mirror’s Edge and other early titles are hard to find, and same applies to games that run out of stock, both in store and online delivery like Amazon ect

        1. That too, i lost my Metroid Prime 3, dont know where, or how, but its gone :/ if i lost it on my hardrive, i can just redownload it. Theres tons of advantages of digital, i like it. It all depends on if its available, if theres a special edition or deal, and the price. And if i can be bothered going out to get it xD

    2. Its simple… Money conversion.

      I live in a country where hard copies cost 80 dollars…. I log in in the USA Eshop and buy it for 40 bucks….

      For us is GREAT, and we have same region of USA/Canada

  4. You’re kidding me. For one, JUST LET US DOWNLOAD THE GAME OFF THE ESHOP. I don’t want to have to by some stupid code to download a game. Second, you’re keeping them the same price? Why? It should be atleast $5 less for digital.

    1. *Epic Facepalm*
      You do know that you can still buy the game off the eShop too, right?
      This is just an alternative.
      Please do us a favor and inform yourself before saying anything. Thanks!

      1. ^ this

        I think the cards are a good idea. How many times do you think people have into a store and had them say, “sorry, we’re out of stock with that game”, but now they can say, “but with have this card available with you can use to download the game”. Keeps retailers in business, which is great.

  5. ugh this is ever so stupid, digital content should be (and I suposed was) meant to reduce the cost of a normal hard copy production. If there’s no cost reduction then why the hell would be buy digital content in the first place? :O

      1. You go to your local retailer, buy the code, go back home, download it for maybe an hour, and you called that convience……. CRAZY

  6. I would love the digital. One am in jamaica I gotta wait a week or 2 to get the games whenever i buy them on 2. It’s much more convenient than walking in a store. 3. It’s still cheaper for me here in jamaica than to walk in a store to buy the game here.

    My downside is that Nintendo do not accept credit/debit cards from jamaica. I wonder why the hell not. Amazon and ebay etc accept them so why nintendo don’t? They better get with the program and start accepting my card.

    Get N or get oUT!!!

    1. Maybe digital codes will be sold online too, so that might solve your problem.

      Also, on a side note: What part of Jamaica are you from? I have blood in May Pen and Kingston. Couple of other places too, but those are the main areas they are.

      1. I hope they sells the codes online cause of the eshop games I can’t get the codes to buy online…. i gotta go in a retailer still. which totally sucks.

        I live in St. Mary. I hail from kingston tho…. but I now live in st mary and work for the government and married and settle down…. :D

        Get N or get OUT!!!

      1. Nintendo better get with the program or allow amazon to sell the online codes for the games them then. That would be soooo awsome.

  7. I still believe a unified account will be coming (even if a Nintendo rep decided to sweep it under the rug) and that it will keep track of digital purchases made. Once that’s in place, I’ll feel a lot better about buying at least some retail titles digitally.

  8. Well maybe retailors are selling the code for the same price as a physical copy because they still want to make a profit.

  9. Should this honestly be a shock? It was pretty obvious from the start that this would be the case. It’s an alternative for those who don’t have it available in their area. Why would the price be any lower? >_>

      1. It’s a retail game, there’s no reason for it to BE any lower.

        It’d defeat the entire purpose of the retail copies on store shelves.

    1. Yes, that is what I mostly do. A few I’m getting day one though.This is one of them. Hard Copy of course. With digital only we will lose that luxury of second hand deals. I hope this never happens. If it does I will simply replay my game collection and be very picky about download games if I decide to ever buy one. I will buy a lot less if it ever becomes digital

  10. Wait, some people actually go to the store and they buy a card instead of retail game. For the same price.


  11. I have a Xbox 360… I tell you, the digital games cost the same as physical ones. Anyways, they could have offered a bit cheaper the digital ones, because I don’t see and advantage in buying those games without having an account system. If my 3DS gets lots, broken, is stolen, etc… I won’t be able to recover my games.

    1. The 3DS does have an account system and you are even able to redownload previously bought games between Wiis as well. Although I’m not sure if you can stop whoever has your 3DS from freeloading from your account.

      1. it has something associated to your friend code/console number. But if you lose the console you are unable to retrieve your data. Everything is stored in the console

        1. Technically, Nintendo keeps track of all your digital purchases associated to your 3DS serial number. We know this because according to Nintendo, if our 3DS is stolen and file an official police report, they would recover all of your digital goods.

          1. yeah, but if it breaks on you, a police report won’t help you. Then you will have to send in your broken 3DS to Nintendo and have it fixed by them. I don’t like this. I would rather go to the store get a New 3DS go online and re-download my stuff, but Nintendo won’t allow this. PSN is better in this regard, I hope Nintendo will change their tactics.

    1. And that’s why getting the codes in stores is optional. Anyway, more options is better than having one or two since everybody has different tastes.

        1. If your at the store, and they’re out of stock of the retail copies, would you get the code or nothing? Alot of people would get the code…

    1. I have a 32GB SD card. If I waited, I would’ve bought a 64GB SD card which is now the same price as the 32GB SD card when I bought it.

      1. Im buying a 64gb sd for my WiiU, flash memory is soooo much faster and more reliable than a harddrive, cant wait till SDD drives take over HDD’s

  12. For the full two player co-op game, will we need 1 game card or both players have to have their copy of the game?

  13. well this sucks… since they dont have to pay a penny on manufacturing anything, no printing booklets or shipping to any game stores they’re saving a lot of money on that, that makes a digital copy cheaper that a physical one… and still adding the awesome disadvantage of not being able to lend just the game to a friend or borrow it from someone, trade games with friends, etc etc…. loss for me nintento I’ll keep it all just physical ;D

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