Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Fan-Made Lego Set Appears On Lego Ideas Webpage

Lego gives members of the public the chance to submit their dream sets to Lego themselves via the Lego Ideas webpage. A Zelda Fan has done just that. You can now show your support for an awesome-looking fan-made Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Lego set by checking out the page here. With enough votes and support we could well see this on shelves in the future (if Nintendo gave the green light, of course).

Coming from the creator Jacob Mohler:

 My set is 281 bricks and includes three minifigures: the legendary hero, Link, the wise heroine, Zelda, and the benevolent King Rhoam (as well as a noble steed to tame!).  The kit is made of five models, the Guardian ruins, Malice protecting a treasure chest, a log and cooking pot, and fully posable Stone Talus and Guardian figures.  These varied models give the possibility to recreate gameplay familiar to Zelda fans new and old.  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is critically acclaimed and beloved to many, and I truly believe it deserves to be immortalized as a Lego set.  It is dangerous to go alone, but with your vote, we can make Lego Zelda a reality!




  1. With all respect to the creator, this looks really really bad. Why Talus? Couldn’t it be something more diverse than a one-color enemy? Why cooking pot? So many bad decisions…

  2. No offence but this looks ugly, really ugly. I am a huge fan of both lego and Zelda but even if this was made into a real set I’d turn my nose up at it!
    What even happened to that guardian?! It seems to have lost any charm it had in the game.
    Anyway its not like these projects ever go anywhere, there have been loads like this (but usually waaayyy better) in the past and Lego can never get the ip licence from Nintendo.

  3. Hoo boy. Where do I begin?

    This looks awful. Just plain awful. This person NEEDED to use actual bricks because the Digital Design projects are never picked up. Lego bricks are expensive but if this person expected to be confirmed by Lego designers, he/she needed to presented the set professionally.

    Even if the person managed to use real life bricks it would still look bad. There are too many minibuilds in this set to make it seem professional. What this person needed to do was make one giant guardian instead of a miniature version. Even if it doesn’t look good Lego will still (if the set receives 10,000 votes by the way) consider choosing the set and making it look better. That happens with every project. The Lego Yellow Submarine first looked like this:

    and it eventually led to look like this:

    Sorry for this long rant but I’m getting tired of news articles that have no knowledge of Lego showing random Idea projects that look really bad. Lego might end their K’nex and Megabloks deals if stuff like this doesn’t appear all the time. And I mean nothing personal to the builder him or herself because I believe they are really nice people who want Lego Zelda to be a thing.

  4. I agree with almost all of that except the mini builds part. Adventure Time is now on shelves, and it literally consists of just minibuilds

  5. For those of you complaining about how the sets look, may I remind you THIS IS CLEARLY AN IDEA AND NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT (if it does get made)!?

    It’s like you’ve never heard of a prototype before!

  6. 80% of the time entries on Lego Ideas just end up being stepping stones towards more successful designs and builds. This is the first of many BotW sets that will go up, no doubts there. It’s not great, but it definitely has some good ideas to rebound off of in future redesigns by the creator and other creators.

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