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Fire Emblem Heroes Made More Money Than Super Mario Run Despite Smaller Download Numbers

While Fire Emblem has surged in popularity over the last few years, the recently released mobile game has proved that nothing can beat Nintendo’s famous plumber. However, despite Heroes’ failing to achieve even 10% of Super Mario Run’s download numbers, it actually earned higher revenue.

16 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Made More Money Than Super Mario Run Despite Smaller Download Numbers”

  1. I prefer Mario Run more than Heroes funnily enough, despite preferring Fire Emblem on actual consoles over Mario.

    I think the fixed price and having access to everything is much better than the gacha-esque payment approach.

  2. People just don’t like buying games and instead will pay microtransactions.

    What I do like about Fire Emblem Heroes is that is the only free to play game (that I know of) with no ads, which is amazing.

    1. There are others out there. Tapped Out and Quest For Stuff do not offer ads and very heavily use microtransactions.

      I love Heroes. If you can withstand the urge to spend money, these games are still fun. You just have to accept the fact that you will never get 100% of the content. I’m fine with it. I already rolled Takumi, Leo, Camilla, Klein, and several others. It’s all about how you spend the orbs.

  3. Yet I haven’t payed for anything ok Heroes, while I purchased Mario because I found it to be well made. Heroes is getting long in the tooth now, but the completionist in me will likely play Mario longer due to collectables.

  4. This was pretty obvious. Micro transactions simply generate more revenue than premium price points. Plus Mario is a $10 mobile game. People simply aren’t willing to pay that much.

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