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Here’s The English Version Of The Nintendo Switch eShop Trailer For KAMIKO

To celebrate the upcoming launch of KAMIKO on Nintendo Switch, developer Flyhigh Works has unveiled the English version of its Nintendo eShop trailer; you can check it out below. The game, which was originally released in Japan, is set to arrive in North America and Europe tomorrow, April 27, for $4.99 / €4.99. KAMIKO is described as a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs. Players fight as priestesses called KAMIKO and battle against demons while solving puzzles to make their way through stages, each of which has magically sealed gates that need to be unlocked in order to reach its boss.



  1. It got an 8 at NintendoWorldReport. 3 reviews with the lowest at 8. I think that some people just like to give out random numbers. There are no excuses.
    There is no more need to put efforts in a game. Put one music, three effects an 8-bit graphics and you are set to go. 1 hour game. Yay!

    I would have understood a 7 for the ‘execution’ and the low price but 8 it’s already a great game. Meh.
    It’s nice, not great!


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