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IHS Says The Nintendo Switch Sold Almost 2.3 Million Consoles Worldwide In March

Sales data continues to pile in for Nintendo, and it continues to show a trend that suggests that the console is selling better than people expected. According to IHS Markit data, the Nintendo Switch sold almost 2.3 million consoles around the world during March, the console’s launch month. As a result, they have upgraded their Switch country level forecasts. This is because Nintendo’s Q1 2017 forecast of 2 million Switch sales worldwide has been “significantly beaten by a minimum of 20%”. Sales of the Switch have been larger than they expected. They also said that “sell-in to the end of March is likely to have amounted to between 2.4 to 2.6 million as Switch continues to be out of stock across major sales territories”.  However, don’t cheer just yet. IHS says that the second phase of the Switch’s launch, the period of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s release, will “give us a better indication of how the console will retain its sales momentum”. They are also curious about how Nintendo’s paid online subscription service will go. As a result, they say that things are looking promising, but it’s still early to say for sure at this time.


17 thoughts on “IHS Says The Nintendo Switch Sold Almost 2.3 Million Consoles Worldwide In March”

    1. Yeah, I made a similar mistake… I decided to fight Ganon, but I guess doing so made me subconsciously go “well, now I’m done… I guess”… I do go back and and play a bit every so often for shrines and stuff… but the goal of being stronger than Ganon is no longer there xD

        1. Ha the funny thing is I was trying to follow the story and collect all the important things before fighting Ganon and that’s exactly how I ran into him lmao . Amazing gam though and despite my misfortune I’m still going to keep playing to find all the shrines and stuff so after 115 hrs or so, I think I can put 100+ more hours into this game :)

            1. Yeah trying to find all the outfits and them completing the whole set is pretty satisfying. That something I hope continues in future Zelda games. I also hope the more traditional dungeons return as well as items like the hook shot and traditional boomerang. I liked the concept of the Shieka Slate but I’d like to see a bit more magic return.

              I think I had about 19 hearts and wore the Heros Tunic and Hylian Pants and Hylian Hood when I fought Ganon. Without spoiling much I found it much harder to fight Lynels than I did to fight Ganon 😵. Lynels still kick my butt and I have to stock up on foods to beat one 😉

              1. You know, i thought of that as well dude. i want to stock up all the foods that i get. Just in case im prepared for anything big that comes in my way. Besides, my fight with Ganon is gonna have to wait, because i don’t know how strong he is now. He did unleashed all darkness in the world. plus, the only thing that needs to return is the hookshot. you know, from the N64 game. besides, i’m trying to find the blue shirt in breath of the wild that link wears in the game and i can’t find it anywhere.

                My code is SW-2570-5738-9890 if you want.

      1. Exactly the same I’m talking about lol. I’m still missing a fairy and a memory (although it shows I need 2 memories) but yeah I realized I don’t need to max out my gear or fill my hearts to max … Oh well the world is beautiful so it’s still worth exploring and find as many secrets as I can. I’m guessing hard mode will make us start over so I’m gonna find where everything is so I can take pictures of the map and use it when I replay the game. I know such things are on the Internet but I like to do as much as I can on my own :p

      1. Lol that’s what I was trying to do… Without spoiling it, I was scaling the castle walls in search of something when I happened to stumble upon the Calamity himself… I thought surely I’ll get crushed but … It was kinda cake…..

        Definatly looking forward to hard mode and hope the story DLC will flesh out some of the ruins and bring them to life.

        Well good thing it doesn’t force a save after beating the game so I’ll just pretend like it didn’t happen lol

      2. That’s the thing… many gamers follow story, once they beat the big bad guy they don’t have a desire to play afterwards since their goal of being stronger was completed

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