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Capcom Reconfirms Nintendo Switch Development Commitment

Capcom has previously stated that they fully intend to support the Nintendo Switch and hope that the platform can be a success with their strong library of games. This commitment has been reconfirmed in the company’s latest financial report citing the Nintendo Switch as one of the platforms it’s bringing its array of titles to. Whether these will be original titles built specifically for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be confirmed.


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30 thoughts on “Capcom Reconfirms Nintendo Switch Development Commitment”

  1. Hey Capcom, Pro-tip:

    Front load your major titles with value, then trickle in overpriced DLC on the back end after the player is hooked. You’ve been doing it backwards.

  2. Monster Hunter
    Power Stone
    Breath of Fire
    Port SF5
    Monster Hunter
    Phoenix Wright
    or something
    Power Stone
    Resident evil
    Street Fighter EX

    Just give us something

  3. 1. Ultra Street Fighter II
    2. Resident Evil
    3. Tekken vs. Street Fighter (published and developed by Bandai Namco)
    4. Monster Hunter 5
    5. Mega Man

  4. I’ve been a big capcom fan in the past but their business practice of late is really starting to be annoying.. I’m a huge Street Fighter fan but the latest is a huge jumbled mess (not gameplay wise really, just in every other way). They don’t listen to fans which is not a big deal except when they say they’ll listen to fans… but seriously , when you have an incomplete game and the biggest thing they worry about is overpriced DLC costumes and could care less about adding additional modes or refining the parts that are broken in the gameplay… It just feels like a kick between the legs.

    If Street Fighters business model is the future of Capcom games then I gotta say count me out…😥

      1. Arcade mode would be nice and all but they could fix survival too. I guess my gripe comes more from them ignoring fans complaints and instead milking the ones that are dedicated to the franchise.

        They could add more ways of earning fight money offline with a revamped survival, add arcade mode and a mission based mode sorta like what Soul Caliber has done where you have to meet conditions to unlock the gallery (but in this case fight money)

        As far as gameplay I feel there are no defensive options and the game has become about mashing out good normals.. and fishing for crush counters. There’s no difference in styles regardless of characters like everyone is doing the same things…. There’s no footsies and everyone seems to play a rush down style..

        Then you have some characters like Balrog who can win in 2 combos pretty much and a character like Alex who feels he only has like 2 combos lol. Yet Urien and Balrog style on you all day. Damage I also feel is to high for some characters. When you watch pro players everyone seems to play the same and just do the same things over and over… It’s just about who lands that crush counter first so I feel lessening the damage will keep it more honest and the better players will win instead the one player who lands the first crush counter… If you play a character with good normals that do easy crush counters it’s pretty much in your favor.

        Lol but despite this rant I’m one of the few that actually enjoys SFV and play it all the time! Those are just little tweaks I thing they could make to make the gameplay feel a little more honest but that’s just my thoughts ;)

        1. Definitely some good points there, I’ve still been having fun with the game though. Despite some of the OP characters you mentioned I still think it might be my favorite mainline SF to date, I just really like how fluid the game play is. CvS2 is probably one of the smoothest feeling fighters imo, which is why that game remains as one of my all time favorites. But I think SFV comes pretty close in that regard. Just out of curiosity, who do you main in SFV?

          1. I guess you can say I main Laura in SFV. (One of said OP characters lol) I’m by no means a pro level player but I understand the mechanics and such (performing said mechanics is another thing 🤓)
            I’ve always played Ryu in all other Street Fighters but I just couldn’t “relate” to him this time because I used to play a zoning style because I wasn’t very good at combos, there really is no zoning in SFV lol.

            So I tried other characters and ended liking Luara and I try to play as Alex too but it’s hard to win online with him lol. I also dip into Cammy and Juri but find Laura most fun to play.

            I hope my “rant” didn’t sound like I didn’t like SFV cuz I very much love the game. I think with little tweaks it’ll be just fine so I’m looking forward to the balance patch coming out soon and see how things play out.😉

            1. Yeah I can’t wait to see what the update patch will be bringing. I started out sfv using Ryu as well but once I went through trying out all the characters I ended up really liking Rashid. I’ve become pretty good with him and he’s becoming one of my favorite characters of the series, he’s up there with Blanka for me now, who was always my main previously. I really hope we get Blanka in season 3 though ^-^

              1. Same here, I hope to see all the rest of SF2 cast especially Honda and Blanka. I feel they can be pretty interesting in this game! I want a few from 3rd Strike as well especially Dudly and Remy as I also feel they can be really interesting in SFV. Besides that give me Sakura and Ill be set ;P

  5. Monster Hunter XX or MH5 is a definite Switch title, that franchise is getting big in the west more than ever as of late. Capcom could have cleaned house with an easy $2mil+ sale for MHXX if they had released it during the Switches release, I definitely would have bought it on both the 3DS and Switch day one.

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