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GameStop Says That The Switch Is Still In High Demand & Selling Out In Hours

The Switch is still massively popular right now, even though the console has been out for nearly 2 months. In fact, Eric Bright, GameStop‘s senior director of merchandising, explained just how well the Switch is doing at GameStop. He said, bluntly, that “it’s exceeding our expectations. We knew it would be a high demand product, but our Switch allocations are selling out not in days, but in hours…the demand is so high that consumers have to react quickly to be able to get their hands on them. Right now we’re not seeing sales going down at all, and I would expect that to continue for quite some time.”


17 thoughts on “GameStop Says That The Switch Is Still In High Demand & Selling Out In Hours”

      1. Tell me what the difference is? How about instead of worrying about wording, think about the things that actually matter. Like shortages for example. Not everyone who wants a switch can get one, therefore it’s a damn shortage. Boohoo I said shortage get over it. Quit being so butthurt

    1. People dont think its true but Nintendo really is keeping the Switch in low stock, you telling me the Switch is completely sold out on Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Walmart all the time? Oh yeah the Switch is SOOO popular. No its only one of those stores that usually gets them and when they do then they would love to order alot like 50+ but 5 of my local Gamestops only had 3, 1, 2, 1 and 2 (respectively) after restocking. like really? Whats the point of stocking ONE Switch lol whoops we’re sold out again. PS4 wasnt this bad.

  1. i like how the article opens with “even though the console has been out for nearly 2 months.” i understand what they’re saying, but considering that the switch is gone literally the instant retail shop doors are open, i’d say the Switch has been available for a total of a mere collected hours lol.

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