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Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Special Edition Now Available To Pre-Order (3DS)

The special edition of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is now available to pre-order from the NISA Online Store. The title is for 3DS and if you need a recap of what the game offers you can check out the launch trailer below. You can pre-order here for £39.99.





  1. That black cylinder on the bottom right with a question mark in the special edition listing… I dont like mystery gifts. In any case, here’s to hoping Marvelous pushes the hardware on Story of Seasons for the Switch. Is it so hard to have a farming simulator with visuals that are impressive?

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  2. As much as I wish I could trust that this game is gonna be good, Natsume hasn’t got the best track record with game development…

    Why couldn’t Marvelous/XSeed have released a special edition for SOS? I would’ve bought it. A shame really. In that retrospect, Natsume is doing something right. Let’s just hope that minecraft moon is better than the others.

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